Best Sleeping bags: The Ultimate Buyers Guide for Campers

Buying a sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of camping equipment. If you don’t buy the right one. Your camping trip may be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

This post is pretty thorough, but here is the short version of my recommendations for camping sleeping bags. Sleeping bags come in different shapes and sizes. And will protect against different temperature. Here are the 4 Top Picks:

Why I Choose the sleeping bags

After tons of research and evaluation. These where my top picks. There is a sleeping bag in the list for the entire family.

The fist sleeping bag on the list. Is the best sleeping bag. It is good for all seasons. The mummy design lets you sleep comfortably for maximum warmth. The bag is light weight, great for portability. It is versatile for men or women.

The second bag on my pick list is the family bag. The oversize bag. is the size of a Queen size. Or a double sleeping bag. Great for snuggling up. This bag is actually wider and longer, than a queen mattress. Make your camping trip comfortable.

Can’t forget about the kids. The Conway sleeping bag provides the warmth and durability that your kids need for a good night sleep. This sleeping bag is rated for all 4 seasons. So you can rest assure that your kids are bundled up nice and cozy.

If you are on a budget. But still need a good quality sleeping bag. My 4th pick is your best choice.

What You Need to Know about Sleeping Bags

There are four different kinds of sleeping bags. The differences are based off of size & shape. And the ability to keep you warm up to a certain temperature. First lets explore the different styles of sleeping bags. The feature of each sleeping bag.

The first one is the Contour. And it’s named the contour because of the contour shape. The shape of the contour sleeping bag extends around your head. Which allows your head to be on a nice soft warm sleeping bag.

The difference in how this sleeping bag is made. The back is contoured instead of it being straight across. This allows for plenty of room. For your pillow and head to sit nice and comfy on the sleeping bag.

Rectangle Fit Sleeping bag

Again the shape has everything to do with the fit of this sleeping bag. The design of this sleeping bag is made so that you fit inside of the sleeping bag. Just as you would a traditional sleeping bag.

Meaning you are vertical. And it has more horizontal space than a normal size sleeping bag. Great for Big guys. Or if you don’t want to feel claustrophobic, and like the extra space.

There is a cloth layer that covers you for light nights of sleeping. This is attached at the left upper quadrant of the sleeping bag. Then on the right side of the sleeping bag. There is another cover, that is attached from the top. And goes to the bottom of the sleeping bag.

Now if you cover both sides of the sleeping bag. You are going to get the maximum warmth. That the sleeping bag was designed to produce.

Hybrid Sleeping Bags

The hybrid, as you can tell by the name. Is a cross between a Rectangle sleeping bag and a mummy sleeping bag. Which gives you the most room and is very warm. The part of the bag, where your head is. Surrounds your head. Just like a mummy.

Mummy the Most Well Known Sleeping bag

This style of sleeping bag is the warmest sleeping bag. The portion of the bag where your head rests is adjustable. You could in theory enclose yourself inside the bag. This is the most luxurious sleeping bag. You will never be cold in this style of bag.

Features of the Top Sleeping Bags

Zipper – As you can tell by what you have read so far. Not all sleeping bags are built the same. Most bags have easy access. There is a zipper to close you inside the bag. New modern designs help prevent the zipper from getting caught in the material.

Straps – Some sleeping bags after they are rolled up. Have cloth straps that are attached to the bag. And you wrap them around the bag to tie the sleeping bag. So that it is ready to carry and for storage. This style can take a little getting used to.

Bands – Then there are sleeping bags that are quick and easy to pack. This kind of sleeping bag has two straps, that are fastened in a circle. And stretch like a rubber band. But with a lot more durability. You stretch the bands over the sleeping bag when it is rolled up. And this holds the bag in place. These straps are found on more modern style sleeping bags. And they are great!

Compression Bag – Back in the day you would have to roll up your sleeping bag. And it was always tricky, due to the sheen of fabric. It never seemed to end up even on both sides. Well those days are gone!

With the latest technology. And the kind of materials used. Now you can shove your sleeping bag into a compression bag. This compression bags holds the sleeping bag. And has strong chord to hold the sleeping bag inside.

Camping Sleeping Bags Built to Guard Against Climate

When your considering getting a sleeping bag. You need to think about what the weather is going to be at any given time. If you live more towards the north well then you might need a warmer sleeping bag. Than someone who lives in San Antonio.

Lucky for you there is a variety of choices. When it comes to the warmth of the sleeping bag. Remember this is the most important tool. That is going to make or break your camping trip.

If you are not dry and warm you are not going to enjoy your stay. So why not make your camping experience a memorable one. And get the right sleeping bag for a cozy restful sleep.

Temperatures – Sleeping bags have a rating of cold – warm. And this is measured in Fahrenheit.

  • 24 degrees & below
  • 25 – 39 degrees
  • 40 – 49 degrees
  • 50 degrees – & Up

Construction – The more layers of material the warmer and better insulated the sleeping bag is. There are sleeping bags that are vary versatile. For use if you had no tent, and just wanted to lay outside. With multiple layers. This is more of an all weather sleeping bag. And can be used in warm, hot and cold climates.

The downside of this sleeping bag. Is you have to add or subtract layers to the sleeping bag. To get the correct level of warmth. It’s not so hassle free.

There might be a better way, to stay outside in a sleeping bag. And that is if the sleeping bag is made of special polyester materials. Combined with the latest technology to keep your body heat inside the sleeping bag.

Back in the day you had one size of sleeping bag. If you were big and tall then you were sol. But the more modern day sleeping bags take into consideration that someone might be taller than 5 feet.

Big & Tall – There are Hybrid sleeping bags. These bags are designed for the big and tall person in mind. But then also incorporates that mummy style of sleeping bag so that you can get the most warmth and a good night sleep. (Click to see Current Price Hybrid Big & Tall Mummy Bag on Amazon).

Luxuries – Who would of thought! You can get a sleeping bag with memory foam in it. The memory foam keeps you nice and comfortable. And it also adds an additional layer of insulation between you, and what ever you are laying on. The best thing is it’s built in.

Queen Size – Double your fun with a queen size sleeping bag. This family sleeping bag is almost big enough to fit the whole family. But seriously this sleeping bag touts 94 X 62 inches. A queen size bed is 60 X 80.

Materials – Sleeping bags are usually polyester on the outside. The inside can be layered with flannel. The insulation can be down. This is the same thing ducks use. Ducks are in the water when its 32 degrees out.

Some sleeping bags have additional comfort memory foam. This also acts as insulation from cold surfaces. Some of the bags will be lined with a cotton cover to insure your warmth.

What Sleeping Bag Should You Use?

There are different sleeping bags for different climates. Do you know what sleeping bag you should be using?

Cold – In cold weather which 24 degrees or below is considered a cold climate. An all weather or 4 season sleeping bag is for temperatures from 24 degrees and below. This is the best sleeping bag.

Chilly – 25 – 39 degrees constitutes chilly weather. In chilly weather a flannel sleeping bag can keep you warm, if it is insulated with polyester.

Mild – A climate that is considered mild is between 40 – 49 degrees. This is my kind of camping weather. You can get by comfortably sleeping in a Rectangle sleeping bag. Where you have some layers.

Warm – Warm weather camping can be a little muggy. And you want a material to keep the moisture away from you. These bags are designed with heat in mind. They use a polyester material to keep you cool.

Memory Foam Tent Floor & Sleeping Mattress

If you don’t want the hassle of lugging cots around. Then your in for a treat. The memory foam floor. Which also doubles as a sleeping mattress. This is the perfect addition for your tent. Don’t leave home without it! (Click to see current price on Amazon).