Portable Solar Power Station Buyers Guide

There are a numbers of factors to consider when buying a solar power station for camping. So before you rush out and buy the first one you see. Think about your purchase and how it can make your camping experience better and more comfortable.

After doing my due diligence and researching many different solar stations I chose the Goal Zero Yetti 400(Link to check the price on Survival Frog), For a camping power solution. For me it’s the perfect blend between price and quality. It has many of the features of the high – end portable power stations with 110V solar powered units. It exceeds with an additional solar panel. And it is so quiet and small easy to carry.

There are similar power stations that are about $100.00 cheaper. But the main difference is the solar panel. Yes they will both charge electric devices. You can charge the Yetti power station from the wall, or with a solar panel. After it is charged it is small & very portable. Which makes it easy to take with you camping.

What to Look For in a Solar Power Station

Obviously you want a power station to power up your electrical gadgets. But what other features should you look for? Here are some things to consider.

  • Panel Design – Does the power station come with a solar panel and is it designed for air flow in mind. What amount of power can the panel convert from the sun. You want a Solar panel with a stand for maximum energy absorption.
  • Powering options – You want a power station that can provide you with more than one kind of receptacle/Ports. Like USB, AC & 12 v.
  • Operating Power – Make sure you get a power station with power. One that is capable of powering something as small as your cell phone. But also enough power that it could operate a refrigerator.
  • Portability – Remember you want the perfect size of solar power station. One that is big enough to generate enough power. And small enough to pack in the car and easy to carry to the campsite.
  • Noise reduction – When your camping you want the best of both worlds. The power you need to make you comfortable. But you also want the quiet relaxing atmosphere that camping envelops. Make sure your power station is quiet. Unlike gas operated generates. And with the solar generator there are no unwanted fumes.
  • Battery Detail Panel – You want to be able to know at a glance how much power is left in the battery.
  • Battery Type – there are different deep cycle battery’s. But the best is the AGM Led acid Battery. Because they are the most economical and have been in the battery industry for decades.

Top Portable Generator Brands to Consider

  • Honda EU2200I(Link to Amazon) – Gets my vote for being the number 1 gasoline generator for camping. This generator is the quietest at 48 – 57 dBA. Now that’s quiet, however you still have to deal with gasoline. Which may be fine for some people.
  • Alphaworks – Is a small portable gasoline generator. This generator has less ports to charge your electronics. The noise level is 67 describable.
  • Generac – This seems to be an easy to use gas generator. However there have been reports that the noise cancelling foam used to quiet the generator. Causes less airflow and shuts itself off to save the engine.
  • Westinghouse – Portable gas Generator seems to have all the bells and whistles, but it is a big generator more for use with an RV.
  • Champion -Portable Generator I have used the 3500 champion generator and it works great. But it is extremely loud. This is a smaller generator but I haven’t used this generator before.
  • Jakery portable power station(Link to Amazon) – A Solar power station that is 1000 W. This one has all the extras. Even the reviews are superb. This is a high end priced power stationion. Which for me I would never consider. But there are lots of people who only buy high end equipment.

About Solar Power Stations

What are the pros and cons of solar power generators?

To have a solar generator you need a battery, charger, Solar panel(s) and a solar inverter. The Solar charger has 2 jobs. First job is to convert electricity from the solar panels to the voltage that is needed for the battery.

And the 2nd job of the Solar charger is to control the amount of electric power going to the battery. So it doesn’t over charge the battery. And speaking of the battery what does the battery do? The battery simply stores the electric energy, as voltage.

Then there is the inverter. Which changes the electric current from the kind that is 12v and makes it able to work in a house. Which would be 110 to 140 volts. But this is not to say that all generators can provide that much electrical output. It depends on the inverter.

There are 2 functions for the inverter the first one is take ac current and change it to DC current. This is what we just discussed. The second job of the inverter is to step up the voltage. From 12 V – 24 V or 48 Volts. What ever is required for the household. Meaning 110 Volts or 240 like you find for a washing machine.

The Top 3 Advantage of a Portable Solar Generator

  1. Almost zero noise in operation – A BIG plus when your camping.
  2. Unless the sun goes down forever. You will always have power with a solar Generator.
  3. There is zero exhaust fumes, so with a solar generator you are using GREEN energy.


There are even more powerful solar Stations like the Yetti 3000 Power Station that has all the bells and whistles. Including Wifi, who doesn’t want wifi when there camping. But the price tag is a little steep for my budget. This portable solar generator is truly the king of generators. It even has the capability to charge faster.

After checking out many different generators. In my opinion a portable solar generator is the way to go. Especially if you are primarily using it for camping. They are the quietest, the most fuel efficient, and have less fumes. Well actually zero fumes. My pick for the best solar generator is the Goal Zero Yetti.