Best Camping Wagon: My Top Pick

When your thinking about getting a wagon. There are a number of things to consider. You want it to be big enough to carry a lot of stuff. Rugged enough to carry the load. And yet it needs to be portable too. So that you can pack it to take camping.

There are a lot of wagons out there. But let me just cut to the chase and tell you about the best all purpose wagon. The MacSports WTCX-100 click to see the Current price on Amazon.

Now that I have made that bold statement, let me explain why.

Not all wagons are built the same. The reason I like this so much is the load capacity. It is large. In fact this is the extended model. There is so many things that you can carry inside it. All at one time.

The MacSports WTCX -100 has 30% more room. And a heavy duty steel frame. That is powder coated. Which makes carrying the load easy. With a weight capacity of 150 lbs.

This wagon is extended to a full size of (L x W x H) 52.25″ x 19.95′ x 20 inches. To get everything in the wagon you need to take.

An adjustable handle that is fully functional. It is telescoping and locks in to place. Which makes pulling the wagon a breeze. The wheels are durable to withstand the great outdoors. And makes transporting to and from the campsite smooth sailing.

The large fabric interior is a durable material. That looks like cloth but is made out of a denier Polyester fabric. Made to withstand the UV light and is mildew resistant.

To make cleanup simple. This material is strong enough for all the gear you need to take. But is versatile and makes the wagon lite for easy transport. It only weighs 25 lbs.

And everyone knows you always have some kind of beverage. The Mac Sports WTCX -100 even has two cup holders at the front of the wagon. That’s just one of the cool features that comes with it.

Another cool feature of the Mac Sports WTCX -100. It folds up when not in use. Which makes it easy to carry. Easy to take to the camp. And easy to store when not in use.

There is a cover that comes with the wagon. So that when it is folded up. You can keep the cover on it. So that it’s nice and tidy for storing.

Now you know why I can say this is the best wagon out there. Because it is rugged, Durable, Easy portability, And easy to store. Now you know!

There if for Some reason you are concerned about the size. There is a smaller version of the wagon. It’s called the Mac Sport Heavy Dut Click to see the current price on Amazon.

It has some of the same features. As you can see that the wheels are bigger. They call it an all terrain wheel. This style of wheel works good in the sand. The handle adjusts like the extended wagon.

And this wagon also folds for easy portability and storage. But the biggest difference is the size. Which this wagon size is: 36.2″ x 21.4″ x 24.6″ 

Even though this is a lite wagon it weighs in at 24.5 lbs. It will carry up to 150 lbs.

This is considerably less loading area than the MAcSports WTCX -100. But all in all this too is a quality built heavy duty wagon.

Check out the Big Wheels Great for taking your stuff to the beach!

A Look at the Two Wagons side by side

SpecMAc Sports WTCX -100Mac Sport Heavy Duty
Load Capacity150 lbs150 lbs
Extra FeaturesCup Holders And
30% more interior Room
All Terrain wheels
Size52.25″ x 19.95′ x 20 inches36.2″ x 21.4″ x 24.6″ inches
Weight25 lbs24.5 lbs

Mac Sports WTCX -100 has 30% More Room

Mac Sport WTCX
Mac Sport Heavy Duty

If you go to the beach a lot the Mac Sport Heavy Duty has Big wheels. But for camping the best pick overall is the Mac Sport WTCX.


When you go camping, or to the beach or take your kids to play soccer. Unless you have more than two hands. Your going to need a wagon. Now there are a lot to choose from. But if your going to get a wagon. Why not get one that is rugged, holds the most gear, and is budget friendly.