Recommended Cots, Sleeping Pads, Pillows for Tent Camping

I started camping a long time ago and found that without a nice comfortable bed. Camping was no fun. That is until I decided to buy a cot and a pad. This definitely changed everything when it came to a good night sleep.

Now I’m really happy I made the decision to get a new tent setup. It basically consists of:

  • First off a nice comfortable pillow makes sleeping in a tent so much better. I have one pillow that I use only for camping. I’m strange that way.
  • The Cot (Available on Amazon) That I choose is really durable, and does a great job of supporting me while I Sleep.
  • A static V sleeping pad for EXTRA support for your back and is comfortable. Actually it supports you know matter if you sleep on your sides or stomach. Your in for a treat.

That’s my setup for making my tent a home away from home. It’s nothing fancy but it get the job done. I’m happy with it. There are other products that can make your time in the tent comfortable. So I will give you a list off what I found to be the best for tent camping.

Recommended Setup for Camping with 4 or More People in a Tent

Camping with two people is a lot more easy to get situated in a tent. Providing you have ample room in your tent. But it could be a different story if you have more than 2 people in the tent.

You need to get organized ahead of time. So that the minute the tents up. You can begin making it nice for the family to enjoy.

Once you have figured what is the best way to setup your tent. The first time it might take some time. But then the next time you go camping it will be a piece of cake.

The first thing is to make sure the tent is big enough. You can get a tent that fits more people. If you are going to have a lot of things to put inside the tent. This way after everything is in the tent. You can still have enough room to get around. Tents I Recommend due to construction, weather proof & Easy setup are in camping essentials.

You need to figure out ahead of time, the best way to place your cots or padding for sleeping bags. For example you and your significant other will be in one area of the tents. And the kids in a different area. Think about whats best for you.

If someone is consistently having to leave, to get out to go to the bathroom. Then that person should be located close to the door. This way there not climbing over anyone in the dark. Trust me it will be a lot safer. And less mishaps will occur.

Once you have the road map on where you are placing everyone. You are going to want to have insulation on the floor or have everyone off the floor. The tent floor is very hard, cold and damp.

There are some really cool Camping floor pads that are made of memory foam and work well for supporting your back if you are going to be laying on the floor instead of using a cot. Availablie on Amazon.

A Good choice for mom and dad. Is to have one corner of the tent. You can get a sleeping bag that actually fits two people. And it’s nice and cozy. An air mattress or pad for under the sleeping bag. See the Queen sleeping bag in the camping essentials.

Where to Put the Kids in the Tent?

What works really well for the kids. Is to have there only little night stations. Everyone needs there own little space in the tent. I would recommend if the kids are sleeping on the floor that they have a pad underneath them to keep the cold off of them.

Or even better is a nice comfortable cot. This way they are going to stay warm as they are not going to be on the floor.

As you just read there are two ways of keeping your body away from the cold ground. There are pads that are specifically designed to insulate against the cold. This keeps you warm from the coldness of the floor.

The better choice is a cot. For multiple reasons. You are off the ground. Away from the cold floor. Also you are definitely going to get a better sleep. And wake up not so grouchy. Then also a cot is versatile. You can also sit on the cot when your in the tent.

You can get cots with organizers and storage built in. Which works well for the kids. So that they keep their stuff nice and neat, and off the floor of the tent. So that in the middle of the night someone doesn’t end up stepping on it.

The Space Saver

If you really want the kids to have there own space in the tent. Undoubtedly the coolest camping bed out there. Is the Disc O Bed Available on Amazon And it is a space saver in the tent.

Another reason I recommend a cot. When you have an air mattress and it’s cold out. Then the air inside the mattress becomes cold with the temperature of the floor. So if you are not using a cot you are going to need a lot of blankets to insulate against the cold air.

Also with the use of a cot. There is space under the cot for storage.

But If you would rather sleep on the floor. I would recommend insulating the floor. There is a really cool floor that you can see in the camping essentials here.

No matter where you sleep your going to need lots of sheets, pillows, blankets and Sleeping bags.

Choosing a Cot for Your Tent

I spent hours researching camping cots. I wanted one that was durable. And it had to be sturdy. But at the same time, I needed it to be light weight, so I could carry it. Also it had to be comfortable and budget friendly. I wanted it to be wide, but not to wide, because it needed to fit neatly into the tent. Without taking up to much space. This is the one I came up with.