Best Camping Gadgets

A lot of products you take camping are luxuries. And Some are necessities. Like tools that make life a little more easy. Other products are specialized products. That you need to have with you, just in case there is that unexpected situation. And you need to be prepared for the unexpected.

Here is a list of Camping tools & survival Gear that you may not have considered.

Camping Tool

  • Your Always are going to need some rope. To hang a tarp or secure the tent.
  • The Digger Folding Shovel W/Pick on Survival Frog. This is a 3 in one shovel And it’s light weight. There is a saw on one side, and a pick on the other. Great for cleaning out the fire pit.
  • Tough Tesla Lighter Waterproof. Back in the day you had to mess around with matches to start the fire. And hope that it wasn’t windy. Now there are spectacular lighters that are almost hurricane proof.
  • Zombinator Survival Hatchet. Don’t leave home without one! Is it a hatchet, a lighter, a wrench, or a seat belt cutter? NO it’s much more.

Safety First

  • Sportsman 400 First Aid Kit. This is a must have safety item. A first aid kit is something you hope you never need to use. But boy am I glad to have it when the unexpected happens.
  • Sidekick Weather Alert Radio on Survival Frog. You never know when the weather will take a turn for the worst. Stay informed with a weather radio. My mind is more at ease knowing I have a weather radio close by.
  • Ultra Soft Layered Cotton Mask. A Year ago I would have never guest that I would need a mask to stay safe. Not just at the camp but in publick.

Lighting the Way

Pocket Light Collapsible Lantern. A lantern for inside the tent and outside the tent. This lantern is more than just a Solar lantern it can also charge your phone.

Tact Flashlight rechargeable. Your always going to need a handy flashlight. It never fails, If your like me you have to get up to go to the bathroom and it’s always dark.

Extra Camping Gadgets

  • Quadrapro Solar Battery Pack. This is one of my most important gadgets to date. And this battery pack keeps a phone charged up. No matter where you are. The sun can charge your phone, iPad it’s easy to use just plug in the USB from the phone to the battery pack.
  • Quick heat rechargeable Hand Warmer. For me there is nothing worse then waking up with cold hands. They just seem to stay cold all day long.
  • Jasmine S35 Camping Guitar on Reverb. I love to play my Jasmine guitar in front of the campfire. And every now and then I have some friends sing along.
  • Water Bottles on Amazon. Help you stay green. And keep your water cool at the same time.

These are just a few of the gadgets that I recommend because you will need them at some point in time when you are camping. There is a lot more gear. And even a camping list that if you are new to camping you may also want to take a look at here in the post what to bring camping in a tent.

Some other things to consider is food and water. I recommend getting an extra water carrier. You can never have enough water. And I recommend a 3.5 gallon water container. Because it is compact for storing. It holds a lot of water, and it is very budget friendly.

When you are out hiking there are two things that you need to really be aware of. And that is staying hydrated and keeping your energy level up.

There are some really cool products out there that make it easy. When your hiking your not going to want to carry a heavy load. This is one of the main reasons I recommend some of these nutritional products for hikers. Called the Backpackers Pantry. And the best thing is it’s all healthy nutrition. To keep your energy level optimized.

Camping Chairs with Gadgets Attached

It’s really incredible, the outdoor chairs that are available. There is a chair for every situation imaginable.

Whether your going to the beach or going fishing there is a camping chair for you. When you are at the beach there are special chairs. They sit low to the ground. So that you can fully enjoy the sand.

Some of the coolest chairs have additional features. Such as a built in cup holder. Or a table that swings up when your in need of a place to hold your plate.

And that table that is on the side arm has a built in cup holder. The perfect Chair for fishing. When you need to be able to use your hands. You can still enjoy a nice cool drink.

After you have finished your sandwich. The table can then fold back down out of the way. While still attached to the chair.

Then if you are going to be in the sun for any length of time. They have a camping chair with a canopy attached. To keep the sun off of you. This chair works for camping or if your out at the ball game. Either way you are going to be nice and cool in the shade.

There are also chairs with side pockets. Great for holding all your what not’s. You can get all kinds of camping chairs. They can be Soft chairs or if your like me and need a little more support for your back. There is a hard chair too.

I tell you the chairs are amazing. You can see a complete array of Camping Chairs on Amazon. Where they also have a lot of outdoor furniture.

If these gadgets are something that you are interested in. Then you may also like the gadgets in the Survival Gear.

Best Portable Radio

See what the best radio for your camping safety and fun. These radio’s are solar powered, have an additional batter bank to charge your electronics. And a built in weather radio to keep you informed. Click the link What is the Best portable radio for camping.