What is the Best Portable Radio for Camping? (Top 3)

Anytime you go camping your going to want to take a portable radio. So you can hear weather reports that you need to be aware of. But what is the best portable radio for camping?

I wondered too! What is the best portable radio for camping: FosPower Solar hand crank portable radio is the clear winner. After doing some research the Top pick for portable camping radio’s out of dozens to choose from was the Fospower. Then Sidekick Weather Alert radio with Bluetooth. And Next the runner up PPLEE Portable Radio.

Find out why these three radio’s are the top portable radio’s. And the differences, why its said FosPower Solar radio is the best portable radio for camping.

3 Top Picks for Camping Radio’s

There are three radio’s that are at the forefront of camping radio’s. When checked against numerous other portable weather radio’s. Here are the Top 3 picks for the best camping radio’s.

  1. Sidekick Weather Alert radio with Bluetooth
  2. FosPower Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio
  3. PPLEE Portable Hand Crank Portable Radio

Maybe you have been looking for a portable radio. Then take a look at the features of the tops 3 hand crank radios.

FosPower Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

Several Top ranking Camping websites agree that the FosPower Radio is the Best Camping radio. For several reasons but most important is that not only is this a weather radio. FosPower also acts as a self contained power bank and is perfect for keeping your electronics charged. It is one of the top portable radio, but also is more of a budget friendly portable radio.

Other positive ranking factors that make this the Best radio you must own. And is ideal for camping. First off there are several AM & FM Channels that can be received. Also important is the outstanding sound. All packed in to a compact durable cover. Easy to pack & use at the campsite.

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  • FosPower is built to last with a tough rugged outer case.
  • Equipped to get severe weather notifications from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association.
  • AM FM radio Plus a power bank. So that you can keep your electronics charged.
  • The Radio has a crank handle and solar panel that is regenerative.
  • 2 lights on the radio. One is a 1W LED flashlight and then a reading light that is also LED. The Flashlight works well in emergency situations.

What are the Pro’s & Cons of the FosPower Radio


  1. Solar Powered
  2. Battery Bank to charge your electronics.
  3. Telescoping Antenna adjusts for clear reception.
  4. Constructed of durable material that is waterproof. (Sturdy Hand Crank)
  5. 2 Lights (Flashlight & Reading)
  6. Loud Sounding Alarm
  7. Easy to use
  8. small & compact. Easy to pack in backpack.
  9. Powered by Hand Crank or charge with AAA batteries.


  1. Some people complain of the length of time for the solar charge.
  2. Flood light automatically is powered on when solar panel is adjusted up.

FosPower Portable Radio Specs

  • Batteries: AAA
  • Band: AM FM, & NOAA
  • Dimensions: 6.2×2 9.×2.1
  • Weight: 10.9 OZ
  • Highlights: Battery bank, loud Alarm, two sources of light, Waterproof, compact durable.

FosPower Hand Crank Solar Radio

The FosPower Radio is the perfect camping radio. It has everything to keep you safer in an emergency. With a lot of extra’s too. The ability to keep all your electronics charged, & with weather alerts from the NOAA. Stay tuned in weather emergency or simply using AM/FM radio. A telescoping antenna for crystal clear reception. Always have a flashlight when you need one. This is the budget friendly camping radio.

What to Look for in a Portable Radio

  • Excellent reception
  • Volume Between 80 – 84 dB.
  • Encoding feature to alert you at the time of an Emergency.
  • Rugged to withstand the wear and tear of camping.
  • Small & light weight for portability.
  • Display to visualize what frequency you are on.
  • Warranty

PPLEE Portable Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

A Close Runner Up to the FosPower Radio is the PPLEE. Which is also a hand crank portable weather radio. What makes this a good choose for camping? A light weight compact solar panel radio with a crank handle keeps you in the “know”. When you have an emergency.


  • Listen to emergency situation from the NOAA, on the weather radio.
  • Adjustable antenna for a clear reception to lots of channels.
  • 2 Light sources (5 Watt Flashlight & a Reading light) Very Bright.
  • Generate Power with a hand crank & Solar Panel.
  • Power bank and USB receptacle to charge all your electronics.
  • SOS Light and loud Alarm.
  • Loud Radio
  • Charge the radio with solar power or hand crank.
  • Also loud sound for AM & FM Radio to listen to music.
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  • Independent 7 band NOAA, with AM & FM Radio and Shortwave.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Small easy to take anywhere.
  • Charges Cell phone for emergency’s.
  • Uses Solar power to generate power (Never be at a loss of power).
  • Weather Radio for Emergency’s.
  • Has Alarm and SOS Light.
  • Chorded Electric.


  • Weak reception prone to a buzzing noise.


  • Batteries AAA
  • Band: AM FM, SW, & NOAA
  • Dimensions: 7X4 5X3.5
  • Weight: 1lb.
  • Highlights: 5 power sources, USB Charger, 7 independent NOAA tunability, Adjustable antenna.

PPLEE Overall

Overall the PPLEE Solar hand crank radio is a good choice. You can stay tuned in to the latest unforeseen emergencies & weather alerts. You will always have a handy way to charge your electronics. PPLEE is compact enough to take in a backpack anywhere your going. Or relax at the campsite listening to music. A small Emergency Radio with big features.

Sidekick Weather Alert Radio With Bluetooth

Picture Survival Frog

Eaton makes a top notch Emergency weather radio. With Bluetooth technology. Which means you can play your favorite music. Create power when you need it with a hand crank. And a lot more take a look at the highlights. And with more comes a hefty price. I would not spend that much on a radio, but there are a lot of people that would. You get a lot for the price.


  • AM/FM Radio & NOAA.
  • Solar Power & Hand crank power.
  • Plug into USB charger; Charge your electronics.
  • Digital Tuner (Display) with an alarm clock.
  • LED Flashlight.
  • Retractable antenna for great sound.
  • Headphone jack.
  • Red emergency beacon.
  • Ambient light with a dimmer.
  • USB cable is included.

Sidekick is the perfect sidekick to take camping. Stay tuned in to all the weather alerts and updates. You can use the solar panel or the crank handle for power. And either listen to the radio or use Bluetooth to play your favorite playlist. The Sidekick even has an alarm clock. Set a reminder or if you need to get up and moving in the morning your all set. You can see more about the sidekick in the Camping Essentials Best Gadgets.


  • Perfect for Listening to music & to know what the latest weather is.
  • Quality built and rugged.
  • Ability to stream music via Bluetooth
  • Charge with solar or hand crank
  • Red Emergency light
  • Alarm Clock
  • USB Charge cable included


Not Waterproof

Sidekick Radio Specs

  • Batteries: Rechargeable lithium 2600mah
  • Band: AM FM, NOAA
  • Dimensions: 5X8 W 7.1 X H 2.3 D
  • Weight: 1lb 6 OZ.
  • Highlights: Red emergency Beacon, NOAA Alerts, Alarm clock, USB lithium battery charger, Bluetooth, Solar charge, and crank charger. Compact for portability & has a flashlight.


The top three compact portable weather radio’s are all good radio’s for camping. The sidekick portable radio has a lot of great reviews from campers that have already purchased this radio.

This radio offers more compared to the other two radios, But also cost more because of the technology and it’s capabilities. Verses the FosPower Solar & the PPLEE portable radio’s. The FosPower Solar Radio is the budget friendly model that offers a lot more than just AM & FM.

Then there is the PPLEE is right next inline with the Sidekick and the Fospower. These are the top 3 Camping radio’s, Make an informed decision on which one meets your needs.

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