RV Camping VS Tent Camping: 20 Pros and Cons

A lot of people start out with a tent when they go camping. And beleive that if you are not in the woods camping with a tent then your not campong. And other people would disagree 100%. So today lets look at RV Camping VS Tent Camping and break it all down with 20 Pros and cons.

RV camping is one of the best ways to go see the outdoors. There are traditional RV’s such as; pop ups, trailer campers, Rv 5th wheels and even driving campers. 3 specific types of campers. The class C, the class A and the toy hauler. All make camping very convenient.

Let’s start with RV camping

Pop up VS Tent Camping

Now a days a tents can be set up in 5 min or less. Where as a popup RV may take a little longer but it usually offers more amenities.

The popup offers a fridge to keep your meals fresh. There are cabinets to store your dry goods.

Popups have dining area’s so you can sit and eat in the comfort of the popup. The tent is primarily used for sleeping.

A lot of popup RV’s have a cooktop to make it easy to get meals prepared.

And last but not least there are two beds in the popup one on each end of the popup.

One con to the popup is while your inside eating. Your not soaking in the great outdoors. Since you are in a tent. Where as if you take a tent camping you are going to be eating outside.

Another thing to think about is a tent offers more sleeping space.

Some of the starter popup campers can sleep up to 6 people.

Your tent can be carried easily where as a RV Popup ways 1600 lbs or more.

When your bringing the convenience of home with you. It costs quite a bit more. A popup can start as low as $13,995.

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Tent Camping VS RV Trailer

This is where it gets exciting! When you go camping with a tent there is something to be said about being self sufficient. Anything you need you have to bring. And there is a lot more work involved in getting everything together so you will have an enjoyable camp trip.

When you are trailering meaning taking everything with you inside the trailer. Which is attached to your vehicle. You are bringing the luxuries of home with you.

One con of having a RV trailer is you usually need a pickup to tow the trailer. And depending on the size of the trailer will determine on the size of truck you will need.

But the pros usually out weigh the cons.

Right off the bat an RV Trailor has indoor pluming. You can take showers and use the bathroom without leaving the comfort of your campsite.

Camping trailers come in all different sizes and models. But for the most part they all have a kitchen. Which is another pro. You have a 2 or 3 burner cooktop stove.

An oven and lots of storage for cutlery, cookware and dishes. What’s nice is you simply leave all the cookware and dishes in the trailer. Another pro is the microwave. All the amenities of home at your fingertips.

A lot of people wood call this glamping. But it is simply a different way of camping. Your not “roughing it” anymore. But your still in the great outdoors.

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Camping Kitchen Table and More

RV Trailers have a built in kitchen table/ Dinette that often converts into a bed. The Sofa usually jack knifes into a bed. Then the camper usually has it’s own queen size bed in a bedroom.

One pro to an RV trailer VS a tent is in one word “luxuries”.

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The Pros of RV Camping VS Tent Camping

In this article I will cover the Class C RV and the Class A. They are both similar in features. Although the class C usually sleeps 6 – 8 people. And the Class A is usually for Couples.

In both RV stiles the set up may be as quick as a tent. You simply pull into your site. lower jacks and Hook up the sewer hose. And your ready to camp. Here’s a related article How to set up a RV Campsite.

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When you have a driving camper like class A or Class C, You take everything with you. Including your car if you are on a long camping trip and you plan on seeing local attractions.

Like the trailer the RV class C and A have a kitchen, some have microwave convection ovens. This allows you to cook almost anything without heating up the inside of the vehicle.

The RV’s come with a refrigerator. Usually the refrigerator will run off of propane and or electric. Which is another plus.

RV’s come with a generator. So if you are in a remote location you will still have electricity and power. Another pro is the RV indoor toilet and shower. All the conveniences of home at your finger tips. Your not going to get in tent camping.

The class C usually sleeps the most. A pro to sleeping in the class C and class A is when the humidity is unbearable. You can simply turn on the Airconditioning. VS in the tent if your lucky you brought a fan with you.

The RV camper has a lot of room for storage so you can bring a lot of accessories with you that you may need for camping.

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Outdoor Kitchens

A lot of the RV campers have a kitchen inside the camper. And on the outside of the camper. There is one big door that opens up to a cooktop or grill, a sink and outdoor fridge. This is a definite Pro.

They even have an outside television.

Another pro…put the awning out and watch tv.

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5th Wheel RV VS Tent Camping

You have to have a heavy duty truck to tow the 5th wheel. But like the Class C and A there is lots of storage around the camper and on the inside of the camper.

The 5th wheel usually has a big bedroom in the front of the camper. Queen or king size bed. Then there is a sofa that makes into a bed and a table that drops down and makes into a bed.

There are usually tv’s located in the living room and one in the bedroom. Your tent is not going to have a tv unless you bring one. Then you need an alternate power source.

Recap Pros and Cons

Pro RV VS TentCon RV VS Tent
Kitchen – Utensils stored in RV
Easy Set up
In door Plumbing (bathroom)
Easy clean up with sink
Holding Tanks
Portable water tank
Heat and Air Condition
Electric Power source
Fuel tank

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Toy hauler RV Takes camping to the Next Level

When you think of camping you probably don’t think of a toy hauler. The toy hauler is a heavy duty camper that has a garage in it. The camper has a kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Usually the garage has additional seating that makes in to a bed.

The toy hauler often houses a fuel tank. So that you can fuel your motorcycle without going to the pump.

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