What to Take Camping in a Cabin

Camping is so much fun. But if you ever get a chance to camp in a cabin. You need to experience it. It takes campong to the next level. But if you do you might want to think about what to take camping in a cabin. Since I have been camping in a tent, a cabin and Camper. Then I can tell you what you will need to take with you. To minimize the work and maximize your relaxing stay.

If your ready let me start with …

When a couple of friends and I went camping in the cabin. The campsite did provide the kitchen pots and pans. But I get a little queasy not knowing if things are as clean as I like them so we brought are own stuff. Of course there was 4 of us so we divide up the items that we needed to bring.

But the first thing was we made a list of what we were going to bring. So that’s what I am going to share with you the things you will need to go camping in a cabin.

What Clothes to Take Cabin camping

Of course it depends on what the weather is going to be. What season you are going camping in. But I like to take some warm weather clothing even if it is summer time. As the weather could be cooler at night.

Some warm weather clothing would include: blue jeans, sweat pants, Hoodies, Flannel Shirt. And don’t forget warm socks. And always bring extra socks.

Bring Pj’s or a Shirt and shorts to sleep in. I like to wear sweats and t shirt.

Also your going to want to take a rain coat or jacket incase it rains. I like to take a baseball cap. Or if you have a sun hat that works too. For keeping the sun and rain off of you. When your outdoors.

Depending on the season, if it is cool you may want to take some gloves with you. You will need shoes for camping. If the weather is cold or rainy. Your going to want to be prepared, with water resistant boots to keep your feet comfortable and dry. See this related article on What Shoes to wear camping.

Warm Weather Clothing

Depending where you are and what season it is. You might want to pack for sunny weather. Shorts, Short sleeve shirts tank tops, anything that will be light and prevents you from sweating.

A lot off cotton clothing is great for summer camping. The cotton keeps you cooler and wick away the sweat. Also in the summer you still need to take some long sleeve shirts, rain coats, plenty of underwear and socks. Also your going to want to bring something to sleep in. PJ’s or sweat pants and T-shirt or shorts.

Check out a complete list of what to wear in summer time camping.

What Kitchen Gear to Bring for Cabin Camping

When you are making the reservations. You can check with the campground to see what if any supplies and kitchen wear they have in the cabin. Like I said before the cabin we stayed at did have some kitchen items.

But I like my stuff, and you never know what someone else is cleaning there utensils with. So anyways I brought my own.

A frying pan, a pot, utensils; Spatula Spoon, Knifes, Forks. We used paper plates, cups, plastic knifes & forks. Bring bowls, coffee cups, Red solo cups, Sand wedge bags, Tupperware for left overs. paper towels, napkins.

If you know ahead of time and plan your meals. You won’t bring extra things that are wasted space.

So you know that if you are not having soup while your their your not going to bring soup bowls. That was a bad analogy a “bowl”. Because you will probably need a bowl for cereal. But you know what I’m saying.

Also your going to need dishwashing soap, dish cloth, and a towel to dry the dishes. Also this is just me. But the first thing I did was clean everything. Your going to want to bring cleaning supply’s. And garbage bags.

The cabin lease was such that you had to clean before you leave. Ajax, and a sponge. Or what your chemical preference is. I usually don’t use ajax, but it was just easier to use in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Your also going to want to bring a coffee pot or peculator. And with that bring coffee too and sugar, milk etc. I have a list of What Food to Take Camping (Checklist & 5 Easy Recipes).

The cabin we stayed at came with a refrigerator. Which is great! But it’s always nice to take a cooler with you. For the most part your going to spend a lot of time outdoors. So your going to want to pack a cooler with some refreshments.

If the campground doesn’t have an ice machine it’s just as easy to set up the ice chest with drinks and ice ahead of time. By the time you get to the cabin and unpack your stuff. Your beer will be nice and chilled ready for a nice relaxing evening.

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What Food to Pack for Camping in a Cabin

You can bring what you like to eat. When I go camping whether in a cabin or in a tent. I like to schedule what I am going to eat and plan it out. That way I know what to buy at the store and then have a list of what I’m making. for breakfast lunch and dinner. For how many days I will be camping for. Take a look at this list in What to Bring While Camping in a Tent.

What to take to sleep in a Cabin

When your in a cabin there is usually a bed. But there is no lining. So you can do one of two things. Bring sheets, pillow case, blankets with you.

Or the easy thing is to bring a sheet and a sleeping bag. I like the sleeping bag idea. Because they are easy to pack and less to unpack. Your still going to need a pillow and pillow case either way.

Your also going to want to bring warm socks, and warm night clothes. I never walk bare footed, so I bring slippers too. Just incase I have to get up in the middle of the night.

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Do You Need to Bring a BBQ When Cabin Camping?

Check with the management .of the campground to see what you get with the rented cabin. Some come with a grill, a fire pit and outside chairs. But if you do not have those amenity’s if you are camping out in the woods at a rustic location.

Then you will probably want to take some lawn chairs. And a small portable grill one that is easy to pack into the car. But big enough to cook your favorite meals. If you don’t have a portable BBQ. Before you buy one see What’s the Best Portable BBQ for Camping.

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What to Pack for Cabin Camping – Toiletries

One of the luxuries of the modern day cabin is having an indoor bathroom. Usually with electricity and running water. But you still need to bring your own stuff with you. Look at the recommended list of what you will need to bring to the cabin for the bathroom.

  • Toilet Paper
  • Towels
  • Wash clothes
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Cream rinse
  • Toothpaste
  • Q tips
  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Blow dryer/brush
  • Razer

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Related Questions

Do I need to Bring Fire Wood When Cabin Camping?

Most likely the campground will sell firewood there. Or if you are out in the woods at a rustic cabin camping. Then you might want to bring an axe. To cut some wood. I would not recommend taking your own wood. In fact there are laws prohibiting crossing state lines with wood. Source

So be sure to check with the campground. Learn a fast way How to Start a Campfire.

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What are The Essentials to Take Camping in a Cabin

Even though you have some amenity’s like 4 walls instead of a tent to sleep in. And some cabins come with a fridge. You still need to bring camping equipment. Take a look at these essentials: What are the 10 Essentials for Camping.

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