What is a Good Sleeping Bag Weight

A friend of mine was going camping and wanted to know what is a good sleeping bag weight to take camping. Since they were going hiking, but the weather was cool. So She needed a lite enough bag to carry, but one that is still going to be warm enough to sleep in. I told here that I had researched the very same thing for my last camping trip and found the best weight sleeping bag was 2lbs.

And here is what I found when it came to sleeping bag weight….

You want a fabric in the sleeping bag that will crush to a small size. But at the same time good insulation to keep you warm. To get the best combination will cost a premium, but you will weigh in at about 2lbs. Let me explain…With this Chart.

Sleeping Bag Weight Chart

Sleeping BagWeightMaterial Warmth Factor
Mummy Sleeping Bag2lbs Synthetic NylonSheds Water
Hoodless Sleeping Bag
2lbsPolyester Cold weather;
Water Proof
Flannel Sleeping Bag
Not DisclosedCyan Flannel, Polyester4 season – water proof
Ultra Light Quilt (Paria)2lb 6 OuncesDown 3 season 15 degrees
Quilt1.5lbsSynthetic 3D
Fiber fill, Polyester,
Hollow Cotton
All Weather Durability
Water resistant

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What is the Benefit of a Quilt Bag

A Quilt bag is very versatile. And will work in many different temperature scenarios. The quilt is made of Down or you can get a synthetic quilt.

If it is warm you can unzip it and use the quilt like a blanket. And just like a blanket you can get as comfortable as you want. There is no restriction in moving your arms and legs. Unlike if you were inside a sleeping bag.

But the quilt is not just for warm nights. If it is cold out you can zip it up. Some have a quarter zip so that your feet are enclosed in the bag. Keeping your feet warm and snug.

The quilt is light weight great for carrying. And because of the sheer material it is designed to be able to crush down to make it as compact for simplicity and portability.

A Two Person Quilt

There is such a thing as a two person quilt. The Manufacturers cut no corners making this quilt. It is essentially like an oversized sleeping bag. It sleeps two, but still designed to compress to fit into a bag for carrying.

Perfect for Backpacking & Hammocks

If your looking for a quilt that is perfect for cold weather 3 season camping. And is very light weight well insulated with down. To keep you warm during cold conditions. And comfortable the rest of the year. Look at this quilt on Amazon.

Why Get a Down Sleeping Bag?

First off down is not a man made material. It is the plumage that lays beneath the ducks feathers. Next to the ducts skin. And acts as an insulator.

The structure of the plume works with the air and creates an insulation that keeps you warm. source

To measure the quality of down there is what is called the “fill Power.” The higher the quality of down. The more space it will loft.

For example 700 fill reaches a volume of 700 cubic inches per ounce. Where 800 fill power will loft 800 cubic inches. So for one ounce of fill quality will hold more heat. Remember this when looking for a down sleeping bag. The bad news is the higher the fill the more the cost. This is definitely one of those cases when you can use the fraise; “You get what you pay for.”

Down is Durable – a down sleeping bag is very durable and can be compressed over and over. Without loosing the fluffy ness. Or loose the ability to insulate. A Good quality Down Sleeping bag is an investment that when taking care of will last 10 years or more.

Down has the ability to keep you warm and insulate you in the coldest of temperatures. Due to it’s natural nature of insulation. And in warmer weather it keeps you from sweating.

The down sleeping bag is light weight and can compress to compact size. Great for carrying on that camping excursion.

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Synthetic Sleeping Bag Backpacking

Because down can be costly. The synthetic sleeping bag for backpacking is becoming more popular. Basically the Manufacturers of synthetic sleeping bags have found a way to mimic the down fill. There are lots of different proprietary fills on the market.

But in generally they either have a short fill or a long continuous filaments. Which mimic the fill and insulation factors of the down.

The main difference when it comes to the synthetic sleeping bag verses the Down sleeping bag. The Synthetic sleeping bag wears out a lot quicker and looses the fill quality.

When it comes to the longevity and use of the Down sleeping bag. The down wins over the synthetic sleeping bag! There is no Synthetic Sleeping bag to date that can out insulate the down sleeping bag will loft as high a quality.

Also the Synthetic sleeping bag can not compress like the down sleeping bag. So for all those reasons mentioned it will be well worth the investment of a down sleeping bag on Amazon.

What to Look for in a Sleeping Bag

  • High Heat to weight ratio.
  • Performs well in wet weather.
  • Ultra Packable
  • Quick to reach full loft

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Which is More Water Resistant Down Sleeping Bag VS Synthetic

Down wins over the synthetic sleeping bag when it comes to compressibility. Also longevity and ability of the down to work over and over again to insulate. But when it comes to water resistant. The down looses it’s ability to insulate when it gets wet.

Conversely the synthetic sleeping bag. With the proper fibers has the ability to resist water. And still maintain the ability to keep you warm.

Which is a big factor and consideration when your backpacking. I’ve found the perfect Synthetic water resistant sleeping bag on Amazon.

Is There a 4 Season Synthetic Sleeping Bag

When it comes to polyester and Flannel you get durability. The fibers in the polyester give the sleeping bag an outer durable shell. Which is water resistant.

And the flannel interior has the ability to keep you warm in frigged temperatures. But also the cotton wicks away any moisture in warmer temperatures. These two perfect materials work great together. Letting you get 4 seasons to camp.

This style of Synthetic sleeping bag usually has a compression sack. Which keeps the bag compressed for easy transporting. Check out the best budget sleeping bag for adults or kids I found on Amazon.


When it comes to God giving materials VS man made materials. God made it first and better. The Synthetic material is less expensive and can mimic the down. And the synthetic polyester has some great quality’s like it is easy to clean. It resists fading when washed, and is durable. But is looses it’s ability for the man made down to insulate after is is compressed again and again. The down sleeping bag on the other hand is durable and has longevity when it comes to having the ability to keeping you warm. Although down by itself looses all ability to keep the heat in when it gets wet. On average a sleeping bag whether it is down or Synthetic the average weight is about 2 pounds.

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