What Shoes to Wear Camping

When you go camping there are a lot of things you will take with you. Some items are things to make it not so primitive camping. Then there are other must have tools. Ones that you need to get the job done. In this article What shoes to wear camping. I am going to cover the best camping shoes for different camping trips.

After all if you are going camping in a more residential setting with a swimming pool and snack bar. You are not going to be needing the same shoes as if you are camping on the side of a mountain.

Here is a list of the Best shoes to wear camping:

  • Hiking boots
  • Sport Sandals
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Crocs
  • Camp Boots
  • Camp Slippers
  • Water proof Shoes
  • Walking shoes
  • Water Shoes
  • Hiking Sandals
  • Sneakers

Take a look at the Best shoes for camping Whether you are roughing it, Hiking or at the lake.

Men’s Sneakers

This Sneaker is made with just the right amount of cushion for comfort. Click for the current price on LLBean.

Woman’s Sneakers

When you go camping you want your feet to be comfortable. Your probably going to be doing a lot more walking and outdoor activity than normal. You will want a good pair of speakers Sneakers that are lightweight and breathable. especially if the temperatures are hot. This way your feet can stay dry from sweat. If it is warm try to get the summertime mesh uppers so that there will be plenty of ventilation. These shoes have great cushion and are easy to dry.

Picture from LLBean

Pro Tip! Did you know that Cotton Socks are more effective at keeping the sweat off of your feet. This will help keep your feet dry. Take a look at my recommendations of sneakers on LL Bean.

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Men’s Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Picture from LLBean

When your hiking there is nothing worse then having wet feet. This will cause blistering after a long hike. What you need to keep your feet dry and comfortable are the LLBean Waterproof Hiking shoes. Check them out now.

Hiking Boot

When your hiking it’s important to have rugged boots. Ones that are tough enough to take you where your going. But lightweight so that the boot doesn’t hinder your progress. The boot needs to keep you stable. It should be waterproof and have great traction. Do all that and still provide you with comfort through long hikes.

If that sounds like the perfect hiking boot. You need to check it out, the Men’s Salomon Quest 4D GTX on LLBean.

Woman’s Hiking Boots

This Woman’s backpacking boot is lightweight. Comfortable on all terrain. You never have to worry about your feet getting wet because these hiking boots are waterproof.

Click to see the most popular Woman’s Backpacking Boot on LLBean.

Water Shoes

When you go camping at the beach or at the lake you should always wear a pair of water shoes. This will protect your feet from fishing hooks or any debree in the water. Here are two winners for men & women water shoes.

Kicker Remix Best Men’s Water Shoes on LLBeam.

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Sport Sandals

The Woman’s Keen Whisper sandals are comfortable. Durable for outdoor activities made for going in the water or wearing out of the water. And come in different colors and sizes. This sandals polyester material lets it dry quickly.

Picture from LLBean

Click to see the current price on the woman’s Keen Comfort Sandal on LLBean.

Men’s Sports Sandals are Great for Camping

This sandal is made to support your foot in all terrain. With a thick sole that has grooves to give you extra traction. The sandal is designed with a quick dry material for comfort so that you can go in the water. Click to get the current price on LLBean.

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Woman’s Camp Slippers

You can still have some of the luxuries of home when your camping. A nice comfy pair of slippers. These are the best camping slippers. They have the ability to wick away moisture. Best comfort with molded memory foam to support your foot. Inside the slipper is lined with lambs fur. Get the Current price on LLBean.

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Crocs are Perfect for Camping

Crocs make the perfect camping shoe when your near the lake, beach or just hanging out at camp.

Get Current Price on Amazon.

Image from Amazon

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Camp Boots

Image from Amazon

Gator Waders are ankle high waterproof boots. Great for in the Rain, fishing. Great for wearing around the campsite. Works for walking muddy trails or if you go hunting. Or doing yard work at home. This waterproof boot will fit perfect for a lot of your activity’s. Click for current price on Amazon.


This article was made for the happy camper in mind. So that you will be ready for every occasion when you camp. These are not just any shoes. These are the best for the price of camping shoes. They are not the most expensive shoe. They are good quality at a fair price. And will do a great job when you go camping. Remember that when you go camping if you are like me you might want to take more than one pair of shoes. I always take water shoes and depending on the weather waterproof shoes or boots. Thanks for checking out the website. Be sure to check out the gear in our camping essentials.

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