How Do You Get the Smell Out of a Camper

After my camper became older (20 years) I noticed a musty smell all the time. So I asked a good friend and fellow camper how do you get the smell out of a camper.

This is what he said: You can use Febreze and other deodorizers that just mask the smell. Or you can completely eliminate the smell all together.

If you want to learn how to completely eliminate the smell continue reading.

For those of you that want to buy the remedy click this link for the price of Ozone Generator on Amazon.

If you are like me you never heard of such a thing.

How do You Get the Smell Out of a Camper

After you read how easy it is to use. And that the Ozone Generator will restore that fresh smell to your camper or RV. Your going to want to get one of these.

You see it is not masking the smell of mold and mildew. It is eliminating the smell.

If your like me you probably have not heard of this tool before. But I have used it and believe me it works. The Ozone Generator is well known and used in the fire and flood restoration industry. And is used to get rid of odors.

Like I said it is not Magic that masks the smell; The generator works by using science. Let me explain! Last weekend it was freezing outside and a great day for a fire. So it was so cold we just huddled around the fire all day and into the evening.

The next day the blanket that was used at the firepit smelled like smoke. What happened is the particles of the fire fumes imbedded itself into the blanket.

Oxygen can remove the odor. For example; If you were to seal my blanket in an airtight container. A year later my blanket would still smell like fire.

But instead if you were to hang the blanket outside eventually the campfire smell would go away due to the fresh air and oxygen.

Oxygen that is made up of O2. Which is 2 oxygen atoms in one molecule. Ozone is made up of O3, which is 3 Oxygen atoms in a molecule.

Stick with me …

O3 wants to be O2 to get back to O2 it needs to react to organic things. Like grass, dirt etc. When something organic gets with O2 it oxidizes. And when it oxidizes the smell goes away.

USING AN Ozone Generator speeds up the Oxidizing Process

Changes the O2 (oxygen) to O3 and it catches all the “Smells” oxidizes them at a fast rate and changes back to O2. All odors are gone.

How to use the O2 Generator

Check with the product you purchase for instructions. This is how I did my camper. Not instructions for all Ozone Generators.

Warning: All ozone generators are meant to be operated in unoccupied space only. Remove any people pets or plants. The space can be reoccupied after 30 minutes of airing out.

I set the Ozone generator in the middle of the camper. Closed all windows, roof hatches. Turned on fan so that it would help circulate the ozone throughout the camper. Set the timer for the Ozone Generator for 1.0 hour. Then closed and locked the door. You can not come back in for 30 min. after the Ozone generator has finished.

Then repeat the process until you smell no odor. For me it took 2 times and the mold and mildew smell was gone.

Get Rid of Old Carpet

One thing I recommend if you have a carpet in your camper. Like I did, I would D.I.Y. and remove it. But first check a corner of the camper. Pull a little bit back to see if the linoleum flooring goes all the way across from one end of the camper to the next. Before removal.

But even after I removed the carpet there was still an Odor. Wet musty smell. I have been keeping the camper onsite in the woods for several years. So no wonder mold and mildew can become a problem if you don’t keep on top of it.

Get Rid of Mold in a Camper

If your not careful mold will grow on the walls of the camper and around the windows. If you don’t keep on top of it you will find that the mold will grow on the ceiling too.

A good way to prevent this is to use bleach and water. Or what I use is Clorox Cleaner with bleach. It works perfect.

Right before you close for the winter months. wipe down the surfaces of walls and window ledges with the cleaner to help with any mold.

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How to Help Prevent Mold in Camper

Water is the number one enemy of a camper or RV. One way to keep moisture at bay is the use of Damp Rid.

When closing the camper for the winter months if you use damp rid. This will absorb the moisture. I use the hanging containers and the Big buckets of DampRid to absorb the water.

Facts About the Ozone Generator

  • Ozone Destroys Odors You can’t Reach.
  • Easy operation – turn the timer on.
  • Works on odors in houses, kitchens, campers, Boats, cars, musty pet smells, and fire affected areas.
  • Warning: All ozone generators are meant to be operated in unoccupied space only. Remove any people pets or plants. The space can be reoccupied after 30 minutes of airing out.

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