What Are Glampers

Even though Glamping has been around since 2006. You may not have ever heard of it. Or what are glampers. So I thought this would be a good time to explain what a Glamper is. And why it might not be such a bad idea.

So if your interested stick around and read all about ….

What are glampers: According to Wiktionary A Glamper is a Cross between glamorous and a camper. Put the two together and you get Glampers. This word for glamorous camping originated in England in 2006 and was adopted in 2007 in the USA.

So now you know a person that participates in Luxury camping is what a Glamper is. What classifies Glamorous? Let’s look into the whole camping idea and see what you think when you say glamping.

What Does it Mean to Go Glamping?

What is the Difference Between Camping and Glamping

A lot of people want to get a way from there everyday routine. They want to go on vacation. But just to relax and slow things down. For many people getting outdoors and to the basics is just what they need. Which entails camping outside in a tent. With the bare minimum.

Bring their own water, no toilet, and everything to sustain them on the trip. They will bring to the camp.

Where as more and more people want their downtime to have the luxuries of home away from home. Such as running water, indoor toilet, A Bed like at home (Mattress). And even cooking utensils.

What’s Included in Glamping?

It Depends where you go to Glamp. But glamping can be done in cabins, Cottages, RV’s, and Campers, trailers, and vans. All of which can offer similar luxuries. Cabins often offer Electricity, Running water, Beds bedding, sofas, Chairs, tables a Kitchen with oven and range, Cooking Utensils.

An inside bathroom with a shower. Outside bbq grill. and Lounging chairs. All you need to bring is food, beverages, and linen. Some also offer Linen and dinning.

If you are in an RV the amenity’s are about the same.

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What Do Glampers Do that Campers Don’t

A Glamper spends more time relaxing and seeing the outdoors. While a camper is spending more time preparing,, setting up the tent and camp area. Unpacking and gathering wood and kindling. Digging fire pits, and bathroom pits. Then there is time to see the outdoors and even relax.

A Glamper often turns on the A/C when they get hot. Where as a camper is often stuck with staying in the shade under a tree with a paper plate fanning himself.

Glampers can make tea in the morning using a microwave to heat the water. Where as a camper uses a percolator.

Your food is kept cold whether you are a Glamper or a Camper. The difference is what you are using to keep the food cold. Most campers are using an ice chest and ice. Glampers are taking the luxury route of using the freezer which is attached to the fridge.

Campers are often sleeping on the ground, on an air mattress or cot. When you are glamping you are in a nice comfortable bed.

Also when you are in a tent your often cold and clammy. Unlike Glamping your inside a nice dry room in bed. Same as home.

Both are fine ways to enjoy your vacation and downtime. But long before you show up at the camp. You should decide what your vacation is going to look like.

Do you want a more standard camping trip or would you rather have a great camping trip and have all the amenities of home.

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Glampers & Campers Activities

Also a lot of glampers have specialty things to keep you and the family busy the whole time. Such as extra activities. Again depending on where you go. Things like horse back riding, Bingo, Dances and on and on….

Where as roughing it in a tent the traditional way of camping. You need to bring your activity’s with you. And make your own fun. Which don’t get me wrong is also fun too. Especially if you don’t want to many extra curricular activity’s to keep up with.

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When is the Best Time of the Year to Go Glamping?

From April to October.

The great thing about glamping is that glampers can camp in cooler weather. As they have the comforts of home. But even then some camp grounds especially on the east coast have set times to camp. Even if you are a glamper.

Reason being the Glamping facilities are not set up for freezing tempretures. The water and pipes going into the cabins and RV’s can still freeze if it gets below freezing for a long enough period of time. So a lot of the season is still from April to October. The camp grounds do not want to run the risk of breaking pipes so they shut it down.

What Can You Do Glamping?

Hear is a list of some of the things that you can do as a Glamper at Odetah Camping Resort.

  • Canoeing
  • Live Music
  • Nature Hikes
  • Bond Fires
  • Swimming Pool
  • Lake and Beach
  • Dinning
  • Movies

Where Can You Go Clamping?

Name of Resort Location
Odetah Camping Resort Bozra CTWebsite
Grandview Camping CottageHillsides of Moodus CTWebsite
Tamarack Lodge & Glamping ResortSoutheastern CTWebsite
Collective Retreats Governors Island New York NY.Website
Collective Retreats Locations Near YouSee locationsWebsite

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How can You Turn Your Camping into Glamping?

Here are 5 tips how to turn your next camping trip into Glamping.

Take Cozy Bedding

Even if you are staying in a tent make it luxurious! You can take an armatures to sleep on or a cot. A cot will keep you off the cold ground. And then take a nice cozy blanket with you. Just think of the things that make you comfortable at home and bring them camping.

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Okay maybe you are not going to have electricity there. But take some power with you. A nice flashlight for reading will help relax you to put you in the land of nod.

Power Supply

Remember Glampers are all about pampering themselves with the comforts of home. If the camp doesn’t have electricity bring your own. Here is a related article on a perfect power station.

Portable Radio

I don’t know about you but music is a necessity. You can simply listen to the radio after a long day of camping to relax. Or you can make some fun and have a dance, or contest.

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Bring on the food. It can be as simple as bringing snacks. Nothing more comfortable and luxurious than chocolate covered strawberries. And you don’t have to spend a lot on them. Get some strawberry’s clean them off. Get a container of chocolate and start dipping. In about 3-5 min. You can have a nice luxurious snack or dessert.

Also instead of bringing the same ole’ food. Make one meal that’s fit for a king. Instead of hamburger, cook a steak.

Spruce things up and before you know it you will be camping with luxuries. Which is what glampers do too.

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Are RV’s Considered Glampers?

Unfortunately a lot of traditional campers don’t consider the RV lifestyle camping. In fact they are often frowned on.

RV camping is a form of Glamping. Because you have everything that you would have at home in your vehicle. Water, Electricity, Mattress, Kitchen appliances, Couch, bed, chairs, table and some even have a washer and dryer.

This is the ultimate form of Glamping. Although others may say a cabin is bigger and they like that better. But most cabins don’t have a built in washer and dryer.

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What are some of the Different Glamping Vehicles?

Glamper Van

A Glamper van is basically a van that has been modified and equipped with a bed, inside storage, sink, small table and chair. Small kitchen area with an electric stove.

Again this is a Class B Van. If it is you and one other person. This style of camping could take you from point A to Point B. But any longer than that and it will not seem very luxurious due to the size restrictions. And you won’t be going very far off road in it. But if you want to stay on the road and travel a short time, it might work.

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Glamper Trailer

There are many small campers that have all the luxuries of home. And some are not so small. But they come with a bed, small kitchen with propane 2 or 3 burner stove. A small refrigerator. Which will keep your meets frozen and condiments cold.

Even though trailers are small. They usually open up so that the whole family is able to stay overnight. Often the table folds down into a bed. The couch opens up and makes a bed and the bed itself fits two people.

These trailers have water hook ups, electric and sewer hookups. So that you have a toilet inside the trailer. Depending on the size of your family and the trailer. It might be a little tight and not so glamorous.

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