Make Your Tent Camping Comfortable as a 5 Star Hotel

I remember the first time I went camping. In early March and in a tent. The first time I slept in a tent. I was so uncomfortable. But since then I found the essentials. To make your tent camping comfortable. Just like a 5 star hotel.

So if your wondering how to make your tent as comfortable as a 5 star hotel: How to make your tent Camping as comfortable as a 5 Star hotel. First You need to waterproof the tent and sleeping areas. Then have comfortable Bedding. Netting to keep the bugs away. And dry warm clothing. Plus good air flow through the tent. Also plenty of food and water.

After all a Comfortable camper is a Happy Camper. Read on to find out the simple tent tips. To make your stay luxurious.

Tent Camping Tips

The Gear has a lot to do with how comfortable you are going to be. If you don’t have the right stuff. Then your stay might be miserable. Let’s look at all the things to make your stay perfect.

First off you want to have a tent that is water proof. Just in case the weather is not in your favor. Which when your camping. You always want to make sure your ready for the weather.

You never know what your going to get. Especially with the weather forecasters. Being right 60% of the time. What you want your tent to be is weather resistant.

Next the tent needs to be big enough to move around inside of it. And this will depend on how many people are going to be staying in it.

Also you want the tent to be easy to assemble. You don’t want to be frustrated trying to assemble the tent. Then when you are tired from all the playing & camping. Your not going to be in the mood to spend hours dismantling a tent. At the end of your camping excursion.

Do you remember those tents? That each leg had to be assembled. Before you could even begin to put them on the tent and on the ground. And the metal railing that each piece had to attach to each other, and then the legs.

What a hassle and what a jig saw puzzle. Just putting up the tent was a battle in itself. Don’t make this mistake! Be sure to get the right tent. I have found the perfect Weather Resistant Tents. See my Top Picks for tents here.

Keeping the Rain Out of Your Tent Will Keep You Happy & Dry

This brings me two the next piece of gear that you definitely need. To keep you nice and cozy. When you are tent camping. Is a Tarp.

Even though your tent is weather resistant. You will still want to have a good tarp. One that will cover the area where the tent is. And also anywhere you will be at the campsite hanging out.

For example; You may not want to just sit in the car. Or in the tent if it starts to rain.

Also a Tarp Can be used to tie over the top of the tent. You want to angle it so that the water will be diverted away from your tent. And surrounding area.

There’s nothing worse then a pool of rain water at the foot of your tent.

Another Camping essential is a strong Canopy. They are inexpensive and well worth it. And are great for camping. When you are eating. Sitting at the table playing cards, or your favorite camping game. Anytime you want to hang outside. And need keep the Rain off of you.

You can get netting that goes around the canopy. Allowing you to eat your food without fly’s or worse wasps bothering you. Canopy’s are relatively inexpensive.

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Privacy Curtain

Then there are also privacy walls. Made to fit perfect on your canopy. It technically is not a wall. It’s made out of a thin polyethylene construction. Which makes them easy to roll up out of the way.

It fastens at the top rail of the side of the canopy. And you can get one or all four sides. That’s up to you. A plus is they are waterproof.

The canopy works great for shading you from the sun. I recommend the Phi Villa you can see it here.

How to Make Your Tent Cozy?

Next you need some 5 star amenities. And that would be, what you are going to put inside your tent. To make your tent cozy. This is one of the most important aspects of the tent camping experiences.

You want to be comfortable in your tent. Which means what? This may seem simple when you break it down. But if you have never been tent camping you may not think of it. Until it is too late.

When you are already there is too late. So think of what it is to be comfortable. Here are some things to think about:

  1. How can I make the tent comfortable. If it is hot outside and inside.
  2. What if it’s cold outside? What do I need to be comfortable.
  3. When it’s raining and wet out?
  4. How much room is there going to be in the tent?
  5. How will I light the Tent?

These are all valid questions to think about. And to have the solution for. Prior to being at the campsite.

You will be uncomfortable, if you are wet. Because you didn’t bring a tarp and your campsite is flooded.

Or if you are camping in October. And there is a sudden dip in the temperatures. There is nothing worse then being cold. And having no way to warm up.

Let’s look at how to make the tent comfortable for All conditions.

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Are All Sleeping Bags Built Equally?

To battle the cold nights of fall. You of course are going to need to take warm clothes with you. What should you have inside the tent?

You should always have a nice camping blanket and Sheets. Plus a well insulated sleeping bag. It’s a must!

There are all kinds of different sleeping bags. Different styles and for different weather conditions. So that you can sleep soundly.

You may think that a sleeping bag is just a sleeping bag. Well yes they all allow you to slip inside and get comfortable. But they are all designed for specific use in mind.

There are 4 different shapes of sleeping bags. Each providing something special and unique.

  1. Contour
  2. Rectangle
  3. Hybrid
  4. Mummy

The Contour sleeping bag is shaped to wrap around your head. So you have a soft comfortable sleep.

Then there is the Rectangle shaped sleeping bag. It is designed for larger people. It has more space horizontally.

You may opt into the Hybrid design sleeping bag. And it is perfectly named. Because it has the warmth of a mummy sleeping bag. Combined with the width of the rectangle sleeping bag. You get the best of both worlds.

And last but not least. Possibly one of the most popular sleeping bags. Is the mummy sleeping bag. Known for its shape and warmth. It is the best sleeping bag for cold weather.

Sleeping bags range from 24 degrees and below. All the way up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a closer look at the Best sleeping bags for tent camping here.

How to Get Comfy When it’s Hot

What about if it’s hot outside. Well you know what that means. The inside of the tent is going to be just as hot. If not hotter. You want to make sure you have some air flow. Yes you can get that through some tent opening and through the mesh.

But what if you have a fan. If you have access to electricity. A fan will come in handy on a hot August night. Just some air movement can assist in making you comfortable.

And if you don’t have electricity. You can always use a battery operated fan.

Or even better a portable Air conditioner. Say What? That’s right you read it right. This is a sure way to stay comfy while you sleep.

Some campgrounds offer some amenities at your site. Like water and electricity. If you are at a site that has electricity. A way to stay cool, or in the fall. To be able to warm your hands and feet is sweet.

Camping Bedding

After a long day of playing. Nothing can be more enjoyable than relaxing in a nice comfortable tent. That is if you have a comfortable sleeping arrangement.

Back in the Day I used to sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground. That maybe okay for kids. But why sacrifice a goodnight sleep.

What you need is a comfortable bed. Better known as a cot. Camping cots are very portable. And light weight. Making it easy for you, when setting up your sleeping area.

Cots also come in different styles. You can get them that sit up. Kind of like a lounge chair. Then there are some cots that have a padding attached. To make it even more comfortable.

There are thin cots, wide cots. cots with 3 legs or 6 legs. All kinds of cots. To see the Best Cot for the money look here.

A Camping Sleeping Pad & Cot is the Ultimate Bed for a Tent

There are also camping sleeping pads. These pads are specifically designed for sleep in mind.

  • Sea to Summit – Self inflating – light weight – Very Durable Sleeping Pad.
  • Klymit Double V – This Sleeping pad is for 2 people.
  • Klymit Static V – The inflatable pad is 3.5 inches thick – built for 1 person.
  • Ascend Close Cell Pad – This pad is not inflatable and is folding.

There are a lot of styles of pads. But after hours of research you can see the top picks in Camping Essentials.

You can use simply a cot with a cozy sleeping bag.

Or get a cot with a small padding, And then a cozy sleeping bag. This will make counting the sheep so much more enjoyable.

And will prevent you from waking up with a sore back. Which will keep you a happy camper.

What about a pillow? You don’t want to make this mistake. And that is going camping without a pillow. Not just any pillow your own personal camping pillow. One that you use for that one purpose and that is camping.

What kind of pillow? Well you could bring your pillow from home. Or you could get the Fold and Go. It fits perfectly on a cot. And can be used in the hammock. This Unique pillow has memory foam for support & Comfort (see the current price on Amazon).

Air Mattress Makes for a Comfortable Night

If there are just the two of you. Then you could use an air mattress. You would be surprised how comfortable an air mattress really is. And what’s great about it. Is how easy it is to pack and take with you.

Also don’t forget the air pump. Now a days you can get a battery powered. Rechargeable air pump. Which is great for the camp site that has no electricity.

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Things to Make Your Tent Comfortable Just Like at Home

If your like me. I like to watch a video. Or sometimes listen to music. When I am getting into “the zone”. I mean trying to relax and go to sleep.

I like to have a radio, or my phone with me. So that I can drift off. But if your sight doesn’t have electricity. A battery pack will for sure come in handy.

Something to keep your phone charged up. So that you can enjoy the tunes.

Check out the battery packs in the Camping Essentials.

Lights – Camera – Action

But seriously you are going to need a good night light. A Well lit tent sets your mind at ease. A lantern is perfect for the tent.

I would recommend a flashlight too. You never know when you are going to need to go out. Mostly to the bathroom. So keep a flashlight close by.

When I say lantern. I don’t mean a lantern powered by propane. We don’t want to set the place on fire.

A modern lantern is great. There great and the amount of light is enormous. The modern lantern is great for 3 reasons. It is lite weight, so very portable. The battery is rechargeable. And there are usually 3 setting.

So that you can dim the light from bright, medium, to low. Make sure you have a good light in the tent.

We have some of the best lighting for tent camping in Camping Essentials.

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A Comfortable Camping Chair Makes Tent Camping Comfortable

You want a good comfortable camping chair. When you get done from your hike. After hiking to the summit and back to camp. You need to rest. And to make your day even better. To relax in a comfy chair.

Some people like to rock. They make rocking chairs. Just like you would find on your front porch. You can have all the amenities you are accustom to. Right at your campsite.

Which will make for a cozy campsite. Another style of camping chair. Is one that has a table built in. I like this kind. This is very handy. You have probably seen them. They are on the side of the arm rest. when not in use they are tucked away. But then when you need to you can pull up the table.

Or when your done using it. It can be lowered down. Making this a very versatile, and comfortable camping chair.

There are so many different styles of chairs. All for camping. Chairs that are really lite weight and small to take to fish at the lake. Chairs that you can carry down to the swimming area. At the campground.

Chairs for reclining back. Or Sitting by the campfire. Soft chairs, hard chairs. Lots of chairs. And they are all designed for a particular situation. That you would find yourself in while camping. Look here to see an exhaustive list of Comfortable camping chairs.

Camping Check list to Make Your Camping Cozy

Here is a great list of essentials to make your camping trip comfortable & Cozy. These are not in any particular order. Just a list to help you remember.

  • Weather resistant tent
  • A Durable Tarp 1 or more
  • Rope
  • Bungee cord
  • Camping Tools Ie; Hammer, Knife, etc.
  • Sturdy Canopy
  • Netting for the Canopy
  • Privacy walls for the Canopy
  • Camping Sleeping Bag
  • Air Mattress or Cot with Pad
  • Camping Blanket and Pillow
  • Sheets
  • Lighting – Flashlight and Lantern
  • Battery Pack or Generator
  • Battery operated Portable fan
  • Portable Air Conditioner
  • Warm clothes
  • Extra Socks
  • Comfortable waterproof Shoes
  • Radio
  • Be sure to take a cell phone
  • A comfortable camping chair
  • Make sure you have plenty of food and water, and snacks.
  • Also cooking utensils

For an all inclusive camping list take a look at What to bring while tent camping.

How to Stay Warm at Night

A lot of people think that the more clothes you have on. The warmer you are. This is true when you are outside. The more layers of clothes the better off you are.

Also Staying dry will help keep you warm. Sitting by the fire and drinking something hot. Although I would not recommend coffee before bedtime. This will keep you awake.

But a nice cup of hot chocolate will do the trick. Then when it’s time to hop into the tent. And keep the same level of warmth. You may think well i’m warm with all these layers. I think I’ll stay dressed.

This is the wrong answer. You see with a good sleeping bag you can have less clothes on and stay perfectly warm. Let the sleeping bag do it’s job and stay nice and cozy in your camping PJ’s.

Your Feet will thank you for it. And you will be able to drift off to sleep much faster. And stay in a deep sleep. For the whole night. Getting a good night sleep is paramount. So you can be well rested for the next day of camping.

Thanks for reading this post. A lot of the items can be found in the Camping Essentials Guide right here.

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