Must Have Camping Gear: Large Family Tent

Even if your going with less than 4 people. Your Going to want a large family tent. So you have plenty of room for everything. To make your camping experience enjoyable.

The tent that I found is the best tent. As it is a canopy & a tent. Plus it is commercial grade so that it will last the test of the outdoor

To find out more about the EZ Up Tent(Link to Amazon). Or keep reading to find out why I think this tent is the perfect camping tent.

What Should You Look for When Shopping for a Tent

Size Does Matter – When your going camping yes you are going back to the basics. But you still need to be comfortable. And the best way to accomplish this is to make sure you have enough room in the tent. You want it to have plenty of room after setting up. So that you can still move around inside the tent easily.

A little tip: Think about how many people are going to be in the tent. And how your planning on setting it up. And go one size bigger. This way you will have plenty of room. In other words if you plan to have 4 people sleeping, and you get a 5 person tent. Then you will have lots of room to make it comfortable. After everything is unpacked and set up.

Quality of Material – You want a tent that is of high Quality materials. One that is Waterproof, Mold resistant and fire resistant. If you can find a tent that has all 3 quality’s then you have found a good Quality tent.

Air Flow – A tent should have Mesh or screened in windows and doors. Also a vented roof to keep a good cross flow of air going through the tent. To maximize comfort on hot days and nights. This is of utmost importance. First off you want to be able to open up the tent to have good air flow. And the second is to keep the bugs out of your tent.

Ease of set up – If your like me you don’t want to spend an hour setting up a tent. The Cube tent sets up in seconds with no need for tools.

Protection against the Elements – The tent is made of Polyester material that blocks out the harmful UV rays, up to 99%. The windows and doors have a heavy duty zipper and flap to seal up tight. This keeps the cold air out and the warm air inside the tent at night. Water resistant and waterproof floor.

Ease of Take Down – One of the worst things to do camping is tearing down. And packing up to go home. But the EZ Up Cube is hassle free.

Top Choices for Large Family Tents:

  • Cube 6.4 Straight leg Canopy tent sleeps up to 5 people
  • Cube 5.4 Angle Leg Canopy Tent Sleeps up to 5
  • Cube 6 person tent EZ Up for Canopy.
  • See the Amazon Reviews & Ratings!

How Big of a Tent Do I Need for a Family of 4?

The Cube 5.4 and Cube 6.4 are spacious tents. Both are 10X10 and there is plenty of head room. You can stand easily in the EZ up Cube. These tents will fit up to 5 people. And you will have plenty of space for all your camping gear and bedding.

The Cube 6.4 is built to transform your straight legged canopy into a nice cozy tent: In seconds. The tent is designed to work with a straight leg canopy. There are numerous Canopy’s this tent works with See which ones on Amazon.

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What is the Best Tent for a Family of 4?

The Camping Cube, (current price on Amazon) is the Tent you need to have fun camping. What’s cool about this tent? You take your Canopy and turn it into your family tent. EZ Up has been known as a leader in the industry when it comes to canopy’s. And whether your out at the soccer field, at the beach or lake. Any where you need a little shade. (EZ Up Canopy Link to Amazon) is the easiest to keep you cool, and or dry depending on the weather conditions.

The Cube takes it things to the next level! There is an oversized door for easy access. So you can get all your cots, airbeds, and what other furnishings you need to fit inside the tent. It is so spacious I was surprised how much can fit inside.

In seconds, that’s right! I said seconds. You can take your canopy and transform it into a camping haven. And rest assured you will be safe from the elements.

The Tent comes with three windows so that you will have good airflow. And never have to worry about getting too hot with good ventilation. There are 3 handy pockets to keep things organized.

There are two different tents. The primary difference is the canopy. One is for the Canopy with the straight legs. And the other is for the bent leg canopy. Both are 10X10, very spacious.

The Ez up Cube 5.4 is for the Angle legged Canopy. And it can sleep up to 5, with plenty of room. The tent is tall enough that most people will be able to stand up easily.

There is a door foot print to take off your shoes. And inside is a portal for your furry friends. The floor is a tub style floor designed to keep bugs out and it is waterproof too. You never have to worry about rain.

Cube 5.4 current price on Amazon.

About EZ Up

Mark Carter in 1983 first envisioned a pop up canopy. That needed no loose parts. And would be easy to set up. He realized this while at a boat race and the canopy they had was missing some parts. He was 21 years old at the time. The very next day Mark begun working on his idea. He was in his parents garage in Southern California. After a couple of months of revising he had built his first instant shelter prototype.

Mark quickly outgrew his parents garage. Source The demand for the instant shelter grew. Mark was introduced to Brad Smith who offered Mark space in his warehouse. Mark’s space was marked off with masking tape in the warehouse. As his business grew the tape line had to be moved to expand the useable space. As they say if you can’t beat them join them. Eventually Mark and brad became partners. EZ Up became part of Americas Landscape. Whether you were at the beach, a sporting event or Camping. EZ Up Pop Shelters were popping up every where.

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EZ Canopy Replacement Parts

If you use your canopy for many years as I have. Sooner or later your probably going to need replacement parts. But no need to worry you can get replacement parts Here.

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