Camp Blanket Instead of Sleeping Bag: The Pros & Cons

If you want to know if you should bring a Camp Blanket Instead of Sleeping Bag. I have some great tips that you might want to consider. When making this decision.

So if your wondering Camp Blanket Instead of Sleeping Bag: Camp Blanket Instead of Sleeping Bag? With a sleeping bag you can sleep inside it. A camping blanket is more versatile. A camping Blanket has the ability to wick water off of you. You can use a camping blanket outside of the tent. Sit around the campfire with your camping blanket. Picnic with your camping blanket.

After reading how versatile a camping blanket is. You may think that its cut and dry, which one to choose. But not so fast! If you want to know what I choose to bring camping keep reading to find out why ….

Sleeping Bag VS Camping Blanket 4 Sleeping Bag Hacks

Here are some good tips to help you get a good night sleep when camping. Especially if its a little chilly outside. Before you get into bed. Use a hot water bottle to heat your sleeping bag. You fill the hot water bottle. Then place it inside your sleeping bag. At the bottom of your sleeping bag. This will keep your feet nice and cozy.

Just because it’s cold outside does not mean you need to wear your jacket to bed. You need to wear appropriate sleeping attire for a sleeping bag. The best thing I have found to stay comfortable and warm all night long. Is a pair of long underwear, and a long sleeve thermal shirt.

You might think that you will be to warm in long johns, but the thermal material coupled with the polyester of the sleeping bag. Has the ability to keep you at a perfect temperature. You are never going to be sweaty and hot.

The next sleeping bag hack is a very simple one. That is if you can start making this a habit. Your feet will always be toasty. And that is change your socks before you get into your sleeping bag.

After a hard day of camping activity’s your socks are actually damp from your feet sweating. And if you take them to bed with you. With the wetness of the sweat and cold air of the evening your feet will never get warm. And stay warm. Always put dry socks on before you slip into the sleeping bag.

Why Would You Use a Sleeping Bag Instead of a Camping Blanket

There are many different sleeping bags. That are designed for different situations. Different Climates and camping styles. A blanket is designed to help keep you warm while camping.

But how many blankets will it take to keep you warm. And how many blankets will you have to pack to take to the campsite? There is a time and a place that a camping blanket does come in handy. But to keep it simple, and for a more cozy comfortable sleep I would choose a sleeping bag.

If you want to read up on the different types of sleeping bags take a look at this article Make Your Tent Camping Comfortable as a 5 Star Hotel.

5 Reasons for a Camping Blanket

  1. You can use a camping blanket at the campfire. Even though your sitting next to the campfire doesn’t mean your cozy. You still may need that extra warmth a camping blanket offers. You can wrap your legs in a camping blanket to stay warm.
  2. Keep the mosquitoes off your legs. If you don’t like bug spray wrap your legs in a blanket when your sitting by the fire. This will keep the mosquitoes off your legs. When your wearing shorts. And you can wear a long sleeve shirt to keep them off your arms.
  3. Use a camping blanket under your sleeping bag. This will help protect you against the cold air. Especially if you are not using a cot. If your sleeping bag is on the ground.
  4. If you want to have a picnic take your blanket with you. Spread a blanket out on the ground to make a nice area for your picnic basket.
  5. Line the inside of your sleeping bag with a blanket. If your sleeping bag is made of a material that works better in layers. Like that of flannel. Then your sleeping bag might need an extra layer of insulation. This is when a Polyester Blanket can come in handy.

What is the Best Blanket for Camping?

The best blanket for camping is one that can wick the water off of you. Keeping you dry. Made of a soft material, to keep you comfortable. Made out of a material that is scratch resistant. Who wants a scratchy blanket.

Also a blanket that keeps you warm without sweating. So that no matter what the temperature the material conforms to the situation: Hot or cold.

There are many blankets that offer this and here are three good choices for camping.

  1. Wool Blanket – Wool is made from sheep. Sheep live in cold climates. Need I say anymore? But the reason wool is such a good choice for a camping blanket is that it has the ability to work when it is really cold. But then also changes with the climate. So that you are not going to sweat if the temperature changes. It also wicks the water off of you. So that you stay warm dry and cozy all night long.
  2. Polyester Blanket – A Polyester is a 100% man made material. It offers a lot of pluses for camping. Polyester is rugged in the sense that this blanket can be used and washed over and over again. And it doesn’t seem to wear-out. It will look new forever. Polyester is durable, and yet soft for sleeping. And doesn’t cost a lot.
  3. Fleece – A fleece blanket offers the softness and warmth of wool. But is made of a man made synthetic material. Which is lite weight. some attributes that are found with a fleece blanket is the ability to wick away moisture. The Fleece is similar to the Wool blanket. But I still favor wool over Fleece. It is warmer. But for people who may be allergic to wool. Fleece is the next best thing.

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The Pro’s of Sleeping Under the Stars with a Sleeping Bag

Yes a camp blanket is more versatile, but some times you can’t do without a sleeping bag. One example of this is if you want to sleep outside under the starts. Which me personally is not my cup of tea. But if I did I would definetly want to use a sleeping bag. For several reasons.

The first being bug control. If you are in a cocoon sleeping bag. you can virtually become encapsulated in the sleeping bag. Keeping the bugs out of the sleeping bag and off of me. (You).

Another factor is the only thing between you and the weather is the sleeping bag. In the case of sleeping under the stars. A Blanket will not suffice. Especially in cooler weather.

Even though blankets can keep you warm. A better choice to stay warm is an insulated sleeping bag. That has special materials designed with the climate in mind. And are capable of keeping you warm in frigged temperatures. Click to See the specs and styles of sleeping bags.

Related Questions

Best Camping Quilts

Another great “blanket” is a camping quilt. The double layers really allows for great insulation against the cold. A quilt is really nice to place under the sleeping bag. Especially like for the kids if they do not have a cot.

This will insulate them against the cold. That comes from the ground. I recommend if you are sleeping on the ground in the tent. Then you should use a quilt or a blanket which are great for insulating the floor of the tent.

A good choice of quilted camping blanket is one that is polyester, and lightweight.Link to Quilt on LL Bean.

What to use Instead of a Sleeping Pad?

If your like me you want to be as comfortable as possible. Even though your “roughing it” camping. You still want to be able to sleep well. There are some really good sleeping alternatives to a sleeping pad. You could use an air mattress. Which is as comfortable as a bed. But I have found that the air inside the blow up mattress changes temperature.

You can really feel this when the temperature drops. If you don’t have a warm blanket to insulate yourself from the air mattress. Then you may wake up shivering from the cold.

The best choice if you are not going to use an air mattress. Is to use a cot for sleeping on. A cot is good for camping for a couple of reasons. First off your off the ground. The ground is where you really feel the cold in a tent.

And the second reason is you can get better organized. There is room for your stuff under the cot. And there is room to walk in the tent when using a cot. Also you can sit up on the cot. If you just need a quiet place to sit. I highly recommend a cot for the tent. Link to the best cots in the camping essentials here.

A Backpacking Blanket that is Lightweight & Easy to Pack

When you are going backpacking or hiking. You want to be prepared at all times. And one thing is a nice warm blanket. Most blankets that will keep you warm are bulky and not any good for a backpack. Unless that’s all you plan on taking with you is a blanket. So let’s get real. You need a warm blanket that will fit nice and neat into your backpack. There are blankets made specifically for this problem. See them on Survival Frog.

Items in This Post to Help with Your Next Camping Trip

Wool Blanket – Wool is a little more pricey but wool is the ultimate material for staying warm.(Link to Wool Blankets).

Polyester Blanket – A warm durable blanket.(Link to LL Bean).

Fleece Blanket – If you want cozy comfortable fleece is the one you want to snuggle up to.(Link to Fleece Blanket).

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