Can You Take Your Dog Camping

When I went to the pet store to get my pouchy dog treats. I over heard a conversation. A lady at the counter asked the question. Can you take your dog camping? Since I am an avid camper.

I told her yes you can take your dog camping; Can you take your dog camping? There are a lot of things to consider.

  1. Is your dog a good camping dog?
  2. Whats your dogs Camping disposition?
  3. Campground rules for Dog Owners
  4. What dog camping gear will you need to pack?
  5. Where will the dog sleep?
  6. Dog Safety Tips

If your thinking about taking your dog camping. You might want to read this first.

Is Your Dog a Good Camping Dog?

Everyone with a dog, including me. Thinks that there dog is the perfect dog. And you may think that your dog is more well behaved than your child. And maybe they are.

When they are in their environment. They are the king of the house and backyard.

But what happens when they go camping? Will they be the perfect camping dog? There are a lot of things to consider. Like before you take your dog with you. Really sit and think through this.

What kind of dog is your dog? Not the breed per say. But how active is your dog. If you are that person that likes to hang out at the campsite. But your dog is high energy. Well maybe the camp won’t be conducive for your dog.

On the other hand if your dog is that of a Bulldog. They like to lounge around. If your dog likes to lounge around then. This might be the perfect setting for your dog.

What’s Your Dogs Disposition for Camping?

Does your dog like to be on a leash? Most campgrounds if not all. That allow dogs to camp. Have important rules for your K9.

You see your dog may be great and well behaved, But what about other dogs that could come in contact with your dog.

Now the fight might be on. But if every dog owner would obey by the leash rule. Then there would be less worries. But I know that more than one time I have had my dog on a leash and tied. The campers next to our site. Do not have their dog on a leash. The next thing you know my dog is ready to brawl.

And the next door camper comes over. Just like no big deal and says “oh my dog doesn’t bite”. But then I have to tell them “well my dog does bite”.

So if people would follow the leash rule. Then everyone would be a happy camper.

My dog is a small Frenchie. She is well behaved inside, but the minute she goes outside. Well she turns into Cujo. She is the perfect example of a bad camping dog. But shes gets to go camping anyway cause she is part of our family.

Observe how your dog interacts with kids, toys, cars, bicycles, golf carts and other animals. My Pouchy is calm until she see’s any moving object. Kids Running, Playing on bicycles, and yes other dogs.

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What Rules Do Campgrounds Have for Dog Owners

After you contact the campground. And find out if they allow Dogs. Then once you get to your destination. You will have to sign a contract.

And in that contract are the rules for camping. Which will also include the rules for your dog. You should take a look at the rules. To become familiar with them.

I happen to have the contract. Which is from the last campground I visited. And this is what the rules sight for pets.

Pets must be leashed at all times. Either at their campsite or being walked or riding in a campers golf cart. Please be considerate of others and do not leave your dog unattended. To bark, howl, whine or Yowl. Also Scoop after your pet.

Anyone who has a dog must submit proof of that animal’s updated vaccinations. These will be kept on file in the office.

No pets are allowed in or on the beach area of the parks property.

You are Required to police your dog and clean up after it. No dogs are allowed in camper’s boats at anytime. Source

Make sure you know the rules. After all if something happens. They will not be taking your dog to court.

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Dog Safety Tips While Camping

A couple of things to think about before taking your dog camping. And that is ticks. When your out camping. There are ticks that hide under leaves. And they love to sit and wait for your dog to mosey along.

At that time they are attracted to the warmth. The tick will attach itself to the dog. To guard your dog against the ticks.

It is a good idea to use a tick and flea repellent. On my dog I use Advantix II. Not only does it work, But it lasts for a month. And is safe for your pet. I found the cheapest price on Amazon.

It’s a good Idea to have a dog tag. With some information about the dog. Like a name and your phone number. You never know if your dog gets loose and takes off. Someone will be able to contact you. With the good news of finding your dog.

One thing if you plan on renting a boat. And you take your dog. You should have a life preserver on your dog. Even though they can swim. If something happens they may be in distress. It’s better to be prepared before an incident.

Keeping Your Dog Hydrated When they are at the Camp

Remember your dog maybe new to the camping experience. And may be the kind of dog. Like my French bulldog. They do not fair well in the heat.

Make sure to keep plenty of bottled water for you and your dog. Also make sure you can find a location with some shade. This will help keep the sun at bay. And your dog comfortable.

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What Dog Camping Gear Will You Need to Pack?

Now that you have decided to take your dog camping. What extra’s will you need to pack? Take a look at the list of dog gear below:

  • Dog Food
  • Dog Treats
  • Dog Medicine (If Applicable)
  • Dog Bowls
  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Dog Bed
  • Dog Blanket
  • Dog Harness
  • A Stake & Cable
  • Dog Jacket
  • Dog Life Preserver
  • Dog Toys

Check out the full line of Dog Camping Accessories. At the Camping Essentials.

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Can Dogs Sleep in a Tent?

My dog sleeps on the back side of my legs. Inside the tent right next to me. This is great for me and her. The reason I say this is. If somethings is outside the tent. She will hear it long before me. And the barking will commence.

Also I feel safer knowing that she is safe in the tent with me. I bring her bed, and a blanket. But she likes snuggling.

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Related Questions

Tents for Camping With Dogs

You Should See all the Different Styles I Found on Amazon Here

Can You Leave a Dog Unattended

Here is something to think about. Before you take your dog tent camping. Can you leave your dog alone. If you plan on doing anything while your there. You have to take your dog with you.

You are not able to leave your dog alone in a tent. Or outside unattended. If you plan on hiking up the mountain. And this is something that your dog is not able to do with you. Then you must have someone back at camp to look after your animal’s.

I’m not trying to steer you away from bringing your dog. I’m just trying to give you some ideas. That maybe you haven’t considered.

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