Camping Etiquette the Do’s and Don’ts of Camping

Whether it’s your first time camping or you have been going for years. There are some camping do’s and don’ts. Some obvious one are:

Camping Do’s and Don’ts: Camping Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do call for reservations
  • Do leave an itinerary with family
  • Do Use a camping check list for your gear
  • Do throw your trash away
  • Don’t Forget your warm clothes
  • Don’t walk through other campers campsites
  • Do Pickup After your dog
  • Do checkout on time
  • Don’t make noise after quiet time
  • Do leave the toilets cleaner than what you found it

This may seem like a lot of rules. But they keep your camping fun and hassle free. Read on for more camping tips.

Camping Do’s

Every campground has there own rules. But some are a little bit different. So always check to see what the rules are. So that you always obey the park rules. Let’s look at some of the Do’s that you will want to think about the next time you go camping.

Do call for reservations – This seems obvious, but is particularly important if you are on a road trip. Say your going across the Country. You don’t want to fly by the seat of your pants and just show up unexpected at a campground. The best thing to do is to plan ahead.

Map out how many hours you will be on the road. And then you will know where you will be at what time. So that when it is time for you to pull over and set up camp you can. You want to plan your trip, and set up reservations long before you hit the road. And then also call ahead to make sure everything is squared away.

Do leave an itinerary with family or friends – I always say safety first. And this is part of it. This way someone knows what your plan is. This way if something happens along the way. They will be able to help you. You should always be prepared for the unexpected.

Do Use a camping check list for your gear – You should always have a camping check list. And maybe two, one for gear and one for food. This way you have thought things out. And you can double check to minimize the possibility of leaving anything behind.

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Do throw your trash away – Campsites usually all have a garbage can hanging around to make it convenient for you to dispose of the trash. But if there isn’t a trash can readily available. Be mindful to take care of getting rid of the trash. I always think about when I leave the campsite. I want to leave the area cleaner than when I got there. So always dispose of the trash.

Do pickup after your dog – This is a pet peeve of mine. And I have a dog. But I know sometimes you don’t have a doggy bag with you for what ever reason. When your walking your dog. But how hard is it to go back and pick it up. If you don’t pick it up. Someone shoes will. And it’s just bad camping etiquette. So now that I went on my little rant pick up after your dog “please”. It’s the rules!

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Do checkout on time – Every campground has hours for checking in and out. It’s set up so that the next camper that reserves a spot. They will not be sitting there waiting for there campsite to become available. Similar to hotel reservations.

Campgrounds vary on check in times. But to give you an idea campgrounds check in times are around 2 O’clock and then the checkout is about 12 Noon. This is an example to see your campground check in call them.

But if you know that you are going to go past the checkout time. You can check with the front office at the campground and usually for a small fee you are able to get a late check out. This depends on the availability of the campsite.

Do Leave the toilets cleaner than what you found them – A lot of people are using the amenity’s at the Campground. Especially if it is a holiday weekend like the fourth of July comes to mind. This means that bathroom is getting a lot of use.

If and when you use the campground bathroom. Leave things in order. There’s nothing worse. I’m sure you’ve seen it too. Paper every where on the floor. And sometimes worse.

I will be the first to admit that I have dried my hands and thrown the paper towel to the trash can. Just for it to land on the floor. But at the same time how simple is it to pick it up and put it where it belongs. If we all did this we would have more happy campers.

Now for the Camping Don’ts

Don’t Forget your warm clothes – Always prepare for the unexpected. When your camping even if when you left to go camping it was nice and sunny out. Two hours later it could be damp and cold. This is why a good camping checklist comes in handy. So you never go camping without your warm clothes.

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Don’t walk through other campers campsites – Every campsite has boundaries. And each camper has paid for there own little private haven away from home. When walking through the campground. There is an unspoken rule that is proper etiquette. And that is don’t walk through someones campsite.

Don’t make noise after quiet time – Every campground has what is called a quiet time. You can play as much as you want. And make a normal amount of noise. Up until it becomes quiet time. All campgrounds have a different set time. But I know I have been to quite a few that there quiet time is 11 pm.

So the next time you go camping check to see when quiet time is.

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Related Questions

What to do with Grease when Camping?

Save your empty jars for camping. Pickle jars, mayo jar etc. These jars work great when camping. After you make a meal. Let the grease cool down a little. Place the grease into a jar, & put the lid on it. If the jar isn’t completely full you can use it again for the next meal. Once the jar is full and cold. Then you can throw it away.

Camping Safety Rules

A lot of Safety rules depend on what amenities are at the campground. Such as if there is a swimming pool. Or a swimming area in the lake. There are rules. Some campgrounds may not have a lifeguard there are rules put in place so that if there are any complications. There will be someone there to assist.

Some swimming rules at the beach or at the lake; There has to be more than one adult present. No boats allowed in the swimming area of the lake. No diving off the swimming dock. There are restrictions when the swimming area opens and closes.

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More Camping Safety Rules

  • For your safety there are some general rules. When the Kids are playing at the campground swing area they must be accompanied by an adult.
  • You must be 14 to drive a Go karts.
  • You must have a valid drivers licence to rent a golf cart.
  • To rent a paddle boat you must be 16 years of age or accompanied by an adult.
  • Anyone under the age of 16 or under must wear a life jacket.

Basic Rules of Camping

  • Respect your neighbors privacy.
  • Don’t walk through other peoples campsites.
  • Don’t leave a fire untended.
  • Don’t leave a dog untended even if they are on a chain.
  • Don’t use your neighbors firewood.
  • Respect quiet times – Stay quiet during quiet hours.
  • Don’t play music to loud.

Do you have everything for your next camping trip? If not Be sure to check out the camping essentials.

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