Are Truck Tents Worth It?

In this article we are going to see what the difference is between a traditional tent and a truck tent to find out are truck tents worth it.

After years of camping I saw the tent that was on the roof of the jeep, and wondered is a truck tent just a novelty? So I did some investigating.

If your wondering are truck tents worth it: See the most compelling reasons we found why the truck tent is worth it.

  • Price compatibility of a traditional tent is about the same.
  • Made with rugged materials.
  • A truck tent has an easy Set up time.
  • Ventilation system like a traditional tent.
  • Water Resistant
  • Plenty of room for gear.
  • The Truck tent can accommodate up to 3 people.

After all the research see what we found. The pro’s & con’s of the Truck tent compared to the traditional camping tent.

Traditional Tent Compared to a Truck Tent

At first site the tent looks the same as a traditional camping tent. But there are some differences. This is what we are going to delve into. Also look at what kind of vehicles these tents fit. But first lets take a closer look at the truck tent.

Traditional Tent Pro’s

Traditional modern day tents have these things going for them. They are made of a rugged durable material that is water resistant. Easy to set up, some in less than 5 minutes. They are 1- 2 person all the way up to 10 person family size tents and bigger.

The traditional tent has ventilation through windows and doors. Curtains and dividers for separate rooms. Some have canopy’s, and loft for additional Gear. And best of all they come with a carrying bag. The Traditinal tent is light weight and portable. Everything you could ask for in a tent.

Truck Tent Pro’s

When you look at the truck tent other than it being raised up off the ground. It has a lot of the same great attributes as the traditional tent. First off the tent is made of a water resistant material with rain flaps to close off the weather. Windows and door for ventilation. Large interior area with a dome shape for headroom.

Easy set up with fiberglass color coded poles. so that the tent can be set up in less than 10 minutes. There is a gear loft & pocket for extra gear. And has the comfort of a fully enclosed floor so that you can sleep in a clean area. Also there is added protection inside the bed of the pickup from varmits.

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What Kind of Vehicles Fit the Truck Tent?

  • Long Bed Pickup
  • Short Bed Pickup
  • SUV Tent
  • Tents for on top of the Jeep

Maybe you have never seen this style of tent, and want to know more about them. We are going to dig deep into these tents.

The Long Bed Truck Tent

A lot of people have the long bed truck. Because they are using it for loading and moving large items. Maybe they are going hunting in their truck. Or maybe they are going camping in there truck. What ever the case a long bed pickup does the job. Now all you need to go hunting or camping is a tent. One that fits in the back of your truck and your all set. This is where Napier Truck tent makes it happen.

The Napier Truck Tent Weighs in at 8 lbs.

Napier is perfect for the camping trip its light weight and has a carrying bag for storage. The tent is easy to set up with color coded poles. Once you have the tent set up. There is a loft for storing personal items. Keeping the tent nice and organized. Also a built in lantern holder. Napier has thought of everything to make your camping experience a great one.

Once the truck tent is set up you have the security of the walls of the truck bed. Then the tent rises above the sides of the truck. And there are two massive windows. One on each side. Which are screened and have flaps to keep the rain out and for privacy.

The windows allow for great cross ventilation. The door is wide and zips closed. The Napier tent comes in different sizes for different vehicles. So don’t worry if your pickup has a short bed or compact regular bed Napier has you covered.

See the size of tents to fit your needs in the chart below.

Make & ModelFull Size
Long Bed
Full Size
Regular Bed
Full Size
Short Bed
Regular Bed
Short Bed
Chevy Silverado8′- 8.2′6.6′5.8′5-5.2′
Chevy Colorado6-6.2′
Dodge Ram8-8.1′6.4′ – 6.5′5.5′ – 5.6′
Jeep Gladiator5′
Ford F Series8′ – 8′.1′6.6′ – 6.7′5.6′ – 5.7′
Ford Ranger6′5′
GMC Sierra8′ – 8.2′ 6.6′ – 6.7′5.6′ – 5.8′
GMC Canyon6′ – 6.2′5′ – 5.2′
Nissan Titan8′ – 8.2′6.5′ – 6.6′5.5′ – 5.6′
Nissan Frontier6′ – 6.3′5′
Toyota Tundra8′ – 8.2′6.5′ – 6.7′5.5′ – 5.6′5′
Toyota Tacoma6.1′5′ – 5.1′
Backroadz Model No.1901119022190331904419066

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About Napier

Napier is the leading manufacturer of tents in the world. And have been making them since 1990. source Napier has joined the automotive experience to the camping experience, and is reshaping the camping industry. With exciting and innovative camping tents. Napier is the number one seller of Truck and SUV Tents in the world.(Current Price Napier truck tent on Amazon).

What to Sleep on in a Truck Tent

Considering a truck tent? You should check out the perfect sleeping arrangement built specifically to fit into the bed of your truck. This air mattress is rugged heavy duty and has specific cut outs where the wheel wells are so that it fits perfectly in the bed of the truck. 2 different sizes for long or short bed trucks. Click the link to get current price on the size you need.

Truck Air Mattress

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What’s the Overlander Tent

Another tent that sits off the ground. And is used with a vehicle. This tent is made to be used with a Jeep. And specifically made so that the floor of the tent is on the roll cage of the jeep. This tent is very durable and the floor can hold up to 661lbs of weight. The floor is built of a foam mattress material.

Picture Overlander Tent

The sides and top are made of a thick canvas material. That is of PVC which is durable and made to ward off the rain. Keeping you cozy and dry. Also the windows have mosquito netting to keep the bugs out. The frame of the tent is made of anodized aluminum. Which makes the tent very sturdy and there is a telescoping ladder for ease of access into the tent. The tent is easy to set up. The Smittybilt is for 4 season camping.

There are two sizes of the overland tent:1 fits 1 -2 people and the next size fits 2 – 4 people. (See Current Pricing on Amazon).

SUV Tent for Camping

SUV Tents come in all different shapes but one of the best SUV tents is the Napier Backroadz SUV tent. SEE Reviews on Amazon. Napier have Really pushed the limit when it comes to mixing automotive and camping. The SUV Tent is 10X10. Which means that 5 people can fit comfortably in this tent.

Napier SUV Tent
  • Fits all SUV’s & CUV’s
  • Light weight with carrying bag
  • Easy set up (10 Minutes)
  • Sleeps 5 Adults
  • Gear Pocket & Lantern Holder included

The best seller for SUV Tents See the current price on Amazon.

About Napier Enterprises

Since 1990 Napier is a developer and distributor of vehicle camping tents. There first line was tents for trucks and now SUV & CUV Vehicles. The Corporation is located in Ontario Canada. The compony was founded in 1990 by brother and sister, Roman and Christina.

When they first began the enterprise, there were only 3 tents. Now there are 8 tents to choose from. Most of their sales are in the United States of America. Napier now supplies tents to Ford Motor Company, Nissan and many others. Tents are also sold by many retailers. source

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A Truck tent is about the same price as a conventional tent. It is as durable and weather resistant. Both using the same type of materials as a traditional tent. One of the down sides to the truck tent is the amount of people that can fit in the tent. But if your camping 2 or 3 people your good to go. However the SUV Tent can accommodate a lot more people. The truck tent might be a little more secure than a traditional tent. Because your off the ground. Secondly the sides of the truck give you more security. The Overlander is a 4 season tent and costs the most. But offers the most security and durability. After all my research I would say that a truck Tent is worth it.

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