First Time Campers Must Have Gear (9 Pieces to Start Now)

Do You want to go camping, but you have no idea what to bring with you. Is this your first attempt to go camping? Then your in luck because I have been camping for many years & have 9 Pieces of gear to get you started. For first time campers must have gear.

The Top 9 First Time Campers Must Have Gear: First Time Campers Must Have Gear.

  1. Tent & Sleeping bag
  2. Food & Water
  3. Cookware
  4. A Light
  5. Ice Chest
  6. Camping Tools
  7. Rain Gear – Staying dry is an essential when camping. Always bring rain gear.
  8. Alternative Power Source – For Safety have an alternative power source.
  9. Toiletries

This is just the top 9 things. If your looking for a more in depth list then look at this Ultimate list of camping gear.

Whether You are a first time camper or not you are going to want a lot of the same gear. Your camping so you need every thing it will take to get the job done.

If you want to put up a tent and there are stakes in the ground. Well then if you don’t bring the hammer. Then it’s going to be difficult to put the stakes in the ground. And the object of camping is to relax and get away from all the hassles not to have hassles when your camping.

Tent and Sleeping Bag

Is it a coincidence that sleeping is the first on my list, no! When your camping your trip will not turnout well, if you are not comfortable at night. So that you can get a good nights sleep. If your in need of a great camping tent check out this article: Must Have Camping Gear: Large Family Tent.

You are going to want a water proof tent. And a tarp to place under the tent. To use as a water barrier between the outside elements and your tent. The bottom of your tent will stay dry. It should not be larger than your tent. Because the dew will gather and go between your tent and tarp. You can also use a tarp over the tent area for added protection against the rain.

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Sleeping Bag

Next on the list of priority’s is a sleeping bag. There are several different sleeping bags that work best in different temperatures. You will sleep more comfortably if you are not sleeping on the ground. For one reason it’s the coldest at ground level when your in the tent.

And another reason is there are different ways to support your back. With a cot, an air mattress or memory foam mattress built for camping. Also if your like me your just to old to sleep on the ground. (See Camping Essentials for the best cots, sleeping bags, and pads now).

Food & Water a Camping Necessity

This is a given right? But what food to bring camping? After all your not going to have the convenience of your own kitchen. Cooking can be quite a bit different when camping if your not used to cooking outside.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have good nutritional meals. You will need to think about how long your going camping for. And how many meals your going to need to prepare.

Prepare a camping check list for meals long before your at the campsite. I have a couple of check lists that will help you out. One is how can I eat cheap when camping.

And then take a look at this list. That will help you pack everything you need to go camping. The Ultimate Guide; How to pack for tent camping.

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Cookware A Must Have in Your Camping Box

Your going to need to think about what you will need to prepare your meals. Again this is something that you need to take some tome and think about and make a list of items your going to use.

This will be a little time consuming at first. But if while your making a list go ahead and write it down. It will be easier the second, and third camping trip.

Until eventually you will know what you need to bring. But always keep that list so you can double check yourself. To make sure you’ve got it all.

Here is a start to some of the things you will need to bring. This will get you started and then you can add to it.

  • Cookware – Pots, Pans, skillet.
  • Stove and/or Griddle
  • Grill
  • Cooking Utensils – Spatula, Big Spoon, Tongs, Cutting Knife
  • Cutting board & Knife
  • Knives, forks, spoons
  • Dishes, plates, bowls, cups
  • Salt, pepper, herbs
  • Something to clean dishes in
  • Paper plates, napkins, paper towels
  • Dishwashing Towel

So you get it. Everything you are going to need to get the job done. You need to bring it with you.

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A Light is a Must Have When Camping

Your going to want a good light. Either a flash light or a lantern. Now a days you can get a good lantern which is very bright and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. But be sure you have at least one source of light. I always make sure I have at least two and plenty of battery’s just in case. You always want to be prepared for the “what if”. When you are camping. (What if the batteries go dead)

Pro Tip: A Flashlight or battery powered lantern is measured by lumes. Which is the total amount of light emitted with fresh battery’s. Luminous is when the brightest spot is measured in the beam produced by the flashlight or light source. Check out a Lantern that has a secondary solar source for charging in camping gadgets now.

>>>This may not be a must have camping essential. But it sure is fun and can come in handy…The Ultimate Guide to Electric Bike Camping.

Ice Chest

I feel like I am repeating myself but you need to bring everything to get the job done. You have no refrigerator when you get to the campsite. So if you want your food to stay fresh and cold. Then bring your ice chest. A lot of campgrounds supply ice. Depending on how long your going for you may need to replenish the ice.

Camping Hack: Here’s a camping hack to keep the food cooler longer. Before you go camping freeze bottles of water. Use them in your freezer. This will actually stay frozen longer than the ice cubes.

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Camping Tools

Your going to need at least a hammer. You never know when your going to need to cut wood when your camping a hatchet is a good tool to keep handy. Regular tools like a screw driver and plyers come in handy also. For a more in depth list of camping tools take a look at What tools do I need for camping.

Rain Gear

A very import part of camping is staying dry. You never know when the weather will change and down comes the rain. So like everything else when camping you need to be prepared. Just in case. Like I say expect the unexpected. That goes for the rain. You should always pack a rain coat, rain hat and even an umbrella.

Rain is just one of the things that could happen when the weather turns. It probably wouldn’t hurt to take a big jacket especially if you are camping in October. When you could wake up to frost.

Also extra clothes are an essential when camping. Just in case you do get wet. Take warm clothes like hoodies, sweat shirts, long sleeve shirts and extra sox. All things that will keep you dry and cozy. And don’t forget boots or water proof shoes.

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Alternative Power Source

Depending where you go camping you are not always going to have electricity. And you are going to want to be able to charge your phone or electric items.

A big camping must have is a portable solar station.

Items like an Ipad or Electronic Reader are part of the things that keep you entertained while camping at night. So you are going to want to make sure you have back up power. Yes you will have extra battery’s for fans and flashlights. But what if you had a solar battery station?

You will be able to keep all of your electronics charged. recharge battery’s for your flashlight. Charge your portable fan you keep in the tent. Use electric cookware if you wanted to like an electric griddle. And much more all from one power source. Don’t leave home without it. See details on a Portable solar Power station now.


Your going to want to bring toilet paper, soap, washcloth, towel, shaving razer, everyday items that you need to survive while camping. And if your wondering how do you go to the bathroom while camping click the link.


This article is a list of the 9 bare essentials for camping. There are more items that will make your stay more comfortable while camping in a tent. Be sure to write a check list of what food you are going to take with you. And then also what items you need for camping. Be sure to read the articles that I have included that will help you make a camping check list. And there are already some great ideas to help make your first camping trip a success.

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