How to Setup a Campsite

Is this your first time camping? And your wondering how to setup a campsite. I have been camping for over 30 years so let me give you the best practices for setting up a campsite.

If your wondering how to setup a campsite: How to setup a campsite in 9 easy steps.

  1. Reserve a campsite
  2. Unpack vehicle
  3. Find the most level spot to pitch a tent
  4. Setup Tent
  5. Bring table to desired location for eating
  6. Setup canopy over the table
  7. Prepare a suitable spot for the campfire
  8. Setup location for trashcan
  9. Setup chairs & Relax in recliners

Sounds easy enough right, but continue to read to find out some camping hacks. That you’ll want to know before you setup camp.

Reservations is Key to a Successful Camping Trip

It’s a good idea to make reservations ahead of time. You may have checked out the campground online. And discovered by looking at the campsite map on their website. That the campground offers 150 sites. This may lead you to believe that there are plenty of sites. So no need to make a reservation.

The problem is it’s the 4th of July weekend. Which means it’s a Holiday. Everybody goes camping on holidays. Especially the 4th of July. It would be terrible if you have to scramble to try and find a campground during mid stream.

Reservations While Traveling and Camping

You should always make a reservation ahead of time when you are traveling and want to stay at campgrounds along the way. While planning your trip. You know how far you will be driving each day. So take out the map figure out what town is close by and find a campground. Long before you start your trip you should book a campsite.

Camping Hack: Always make a reservation ahead of time to insure you are going to have the best camping experience ever.

Scope Out the Campsite

When you get to the campsite you want to look at the grounds. Observe where the trees are in reference to where you might want to set things up. You don’t want to be under the trees. Or maybe you want partial shade. Then take a look at where you can setup your tent.

This is not a long and drawn out process. But you don’t want to be on a hill or at the bottom of the hill. Both are not good scenario’s if it rains. Also you have a tarp you need to figure out where you can tie the ropes for the tarp. Once you have a good idea. Unload the car and set up the tent.

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Setup the Tent

First thing you want to do. When setting up a tent, is to layout a tarp. Roll it out and get all the wrinkles out of it. Then grab the tent and set up the tent.

This could be a 5 min process or 30 minutes depending on what tent you have. I prefer an easy setup tent one that is waterproof and portable. Check out camping tents here in Best camping Gear now.

Make sure the that you stake the tent to the ground. You never know camping when the weather will turn. So always be prepared for the unexpected.

Even though you have a waterproof tent. It is a good idea to hang a tarp over the tent too. Because this will ensure that the tent stays dry and the surrounding area’s. If you don’t have a tent be sure to check out this article: Must Have Camping Gear: Large Family Tent.

You can use the trees to tie the tarp up. Also you want to make sure that the tarp is hanging at a slight angle on one side of the tent. So that water will run off the tent. And flow away from the camp area.

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Setting Up the Canopy

Picture from Alphamarts

The next thing is setting up the canopy. You want the canopy to be in a prime piece of real-estate. The canopy gets a lot of use when your camping. Maybe even more than the tent. So you want it to be close to the tent. But also close enough so that you can see the fire from the canopy.

Most canopy’s now a days are 1 – 2 – 3, and it’s setup. Remember once you have setup the canopy to stake it to the ground. You don’t want one blast of wind taking your canopy for a ride. If your looking for a canopy to add to your camping essentials. Check the Camping Gear Best Canopy now.

Bring the Camping Table

You may not have set up your tent in the same location as the previous people. And the table is on the other side of the campsite. Grab it and bring it under the canopy.

Most campsites have a table at the campsite. But some don’t, that’s why I like to bring my own table. It is so much easier to do things with a table. cook prepping, cooking, eating, playing cards. You name it. Don’t leave home without a portable table. The one in the camping essentials is the perfect camping table.

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Campfire Setup

Most campgrounds have a ring for a campfire. But there are still things that need to be done before it becomes dark. And your trying to light the fire. First make sure the ring is where you want it.

If it’s in the proper location see if the campfire needs dug out. When you light a fire there are ashes left behind. And after many fires the fire pit becomes overfilled with ashes.

If this happens then the fire pit needs to be cleared out. Which is a simple process. Simply dig out the ashes and dispose of them.

(Warning Make sure the embers are out).

You also need to go around the grounds looking for twigs and sticks. Gathering them up for kindling to start the fire. I usually just leave the kindling right next to the pit. At the same time I go ahead and place the kindling inside the fire ring.

Stacking the sticks upright so that they lean against each other. It looks like a mini teepee when I’m done. Stacking the twigs this way make it easy for air to flow through and ignite the fire. When your ready to light it.

Don’t forget to buy firewood from the office.

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Where to keep Your Food when Camping

I unpack the food from the car and set it up under the canopy. This is where most of the cooking and kitchen prep is going to take place. The kitchenware and utensils all are in a waterproof container.

That will be setup in close to where I will be using it. The ice chest is also in the same proximity.

When you go camping you don’t want to leave food out. It needs to be in containers. And never keep the food in your tent. There are wild animals that forage for food at night while you are sleeping they are eating your Twinkies that you left out.

If you don’t have away to keep the food in a container & closed. Then put it back in the car.

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Garbage Setup

You want your garbage away from where you are going to be hanging out. No need for foul odors ruining the fun. Also you want the garbage to be kept closed at all times. There are wild animals and you don’t want to be an easy target for any of them.

Setting Up the Tent

After you have setup the outside of the camp Now you can get the rest of the gear out of the vehicle. And start setting up the inside of the tent. So that you can make it a home away from home.

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Locate & Setup of the Camping Bathroom

Most Campgrounds have bathrooms. But if you are camping out in the woods or where you have no amenities. Then the next best thing is a portable bathroom. Due to technology you can bring all the comforts of home to the campground.

You can get a portable toilet and A small tent to keep the toilet in. The toilets are made for comfort and odor free. The better ones have a flush and tank water separate from the holding tank. The system is sealed tight for less odor. Then the tent is for privacy.

If you are going to use a portable bathroom system. Then Make sure you are setting it up away from the main part of the campsite.

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Setup Chairs & Relax in Recliners

All the hard work is over. Only one more thing left to do. And that’s setting up where you want to place your chairs so that you can relax. I really like the variety of camping chairs.

But my personal favorite is the Zero Gravity Chair. And here is why; First it is so comfortable. There are several different angles that the chair can move to. So if you are like me and have a bad back. This chair is great for releasing pressure. Oh and also it comes with a cup holder attached.

Pro Tip: The worst position for your back is sitting. All the weight is on your spine. The best position is laying with your legs propped slightly elevated. This can be accomplished with the Zero Gravity Chair Check it out now.

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How to Setup an RV Campsite

Usually you are going to back into the site. But if your lucky you can get a drive through campsite. In either case you want to park so that the sewer connections and electrical are at the back of the RV. So that you can connect the water, sewer and electrical.

After you park. You want to level the unit and put down the leveling jacks. Then Place the tire chocks behind the wheels.

Hook up the water hose, sewer hose, and electrical cord. Turn on the electric. Lower the awning and place your chairs on campsite and relax.

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