The Ultimate Guide to Electric Bike Camping

Wow camping with an electric bike. Doesn’t that sound like a blast? What electric bike camping tips do I need to know. To buy the best electric bike for camping. That’s why I made the Ultimate guide to electric bike camping. So that you can be well informed to get the best electric bike for camping.

  • What should you look for when buying an eBike.
  • What are the 3 Different kinds of eBike Classes.
  • What accessories will make riding easier.
  • What is an electric bike for Adults.
  • How fast can an eBike go.
  • What Kind of battery does an eBike use.
  • What helmet should I use for an eBike.
  • How much does an eBike cost.

So there you have it. If you want to learn the secrets to eBikes. So that you can get the best one for your camping needs. Read on…

How Much Does an eBike Cost

When buying an eBike the old adage is true, “you get what you pay for”. The cost of an eBike varies. There are a lot of different parts that the eBike is made up of. For example two cars;

Both having an Alternator but one is the alienator for a Lexus and the other a Ford. Both do the same thing, but one is going to be more costly.

There are different price ranges when it comes to eBikes. They can range from $500 – $1,000 and even higher. $2300 – $10,500, If your a professional. Since they are not inexpensive, it is important to know the different features of an eBike.

And this is what I plan to help you with today. So you know what to look for and what to watch out for.

Why an eBike Camping?

All campgrounds are not made equally. What I mean is there are some campgrounds that you can drive in a circle and you have seen the whole campground. And there are other campgrounds that are half a mile to a mile up hill.

Sometimes with uneven terrain. So this is why you might opt in and get an eBike. A bike that will help assist you with the roughest of rides and the highest of hills.

Besides going to check out the campground on your bike. You might find it handy to get around. Say you want to go swimming and your camp is far away from the pool. Viola'(Vwa-Lah) the eBike. There are many reasons you can find to go biking. Besides just having fun, and getting exercise.

Some campgrounds are so big. That walking is just not the way to handle going from point A to point B. This makes an eBike perfect for going across the campground, to the restaurant for breakfast or visiting other campers.

Say you want to venture into town and check things out. This would be a fun little day trip on an electric bike.

Let’s face it you may not want to take your vehicle if you don’t have to. This is when an eBike is perfect. And you will be saving on gas too.

Pro’s of an eBike

Can you remember riding a regular bike when you were a kid? That was fun! But when your an adult it’s not as easy as when you were a kid. It’s a little more strenuous. I mean it’s more fun going down hill than up a hill.

But with an eBike you can get help going up that hill. Or what about when you take your bike and you went farther out than expected. And now you have to pedal your way back. Not to worry with an eBike, your covered. Everything you think about riding a bike just became easy and fun with an eBike. You can go for miles and not worry about getting back with an ebike.

What Should You Look for When Buying an eBike

If your like I was before I spent hours investigating to be sure I got the right bike. All I new at the time was that you could ride it like a regular bike. And or you could be propelled by an electric motor.

And this is true. But there is a lot more to it than that.

Don’t be one of those people that go out and buy an eBike. And then afterwards decide you have bought the wrong one.

Again you want to know if the bike has pedal assist. Or just a throttle like that of a motorcycle. These make a difference. Don’t worry I’m going to cover all the nuances of eBikes.

That’s why I spend hours learning about eBikes so I could bring you this deep Ultimate guide for electric bike camping.

eBike Tip

First off when your looking to get a eBike. You want to think about what you are going to do with it. How is it going to be used? Are you going to be riding primarily on trails? Or are you going to mostly ride on the street.

If you are going to be riding off the road. You will want a bike that will assist when you go off the road. You will want wider trail tires that have more grip and traction.

A bike that will assist you going over bumpy terrain, with rocks, pebbles and dirt. And assist going up hills. The kind of terrain you would expect to find on a trail.

Or say your in a sandy area like a beach. An off road eBike would not have a problem plowing through the wet sand of a beach. In fact the wide tires would help make it easier for you.

In contrast if you want to go fast and stay on the road. Then you would want a bike with thinner tires and equipped to assist with speed.

Bikes that are electric can go from 20 mph top speed to 30 mph. Depending on what you are going to be using your bike for will determine what kind of eBike is practical for you.

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How Much Does an eBike Weigh

An eBike is a lot heavier than your average everyday bike. An eBike can way about 48 – 70 pounds. The design of the eBike and how you intend to use it. Helps to dictate how heavy the bike is.

For example if you want a eBike to ride on the road. And you want to use it for distance and speed. Then the bike is engineered with speed in mind. Which usually is a lighter weight.

Then you have an off road bike that is specifically made for going on a trail. Or up a dirt road mountainous terrain. This bike is made heavy duty and will weigh more.

What are the 3 Different kinds of eBike Classes

  1. Pedal Assisted – Allows you to pedal, but the pedaling is easier. Great for exercise!
  2. Throttle only eBikes – Not conducive for exercising. May require Licensing/Registration in some states.
  3. Pedal Assist with throttle – Adjust level of assist or use the throttle to get you back to camp.

Electric Bike Classes Explained

eBikes are Federally defined; A Low speed bicycle, integrated with a motor. Which put’s them in there own category. Prior to this the Electric bicycle was thrown in with. And categorized by the Federal laws used for Mopeds, ATVS and Motor Cycles. Which would mean you would need a license or a designated area to ride. source

But even though the Federal designation, the States have the final say on where you can ride your electric bicycle.

To be classified as an eBike the laws also regulate the power of the eBike to 750W motor and have a speed of 28 Mph. This is in the United States there are different classifications in other Country’s.

There are 3 Classifications of eBikes

  1. Class 1 is Pedal assist only, max speed 20mph.
  2. Class 2 Throttle and pedal assist, with max speed of 20mph for both functions.
  3. Class 3 Pedal assist and Throttle. With a max speed of 28mph for pedal assist. And 20mph max for Throttle.

The eBike has to be labeled with the class of bike that it is. The watts and top rated speed.

Since each state has it’s own laws where you are allowed to ride your electric bike. It’s best to check with your local officials to make sure your within the laws.

At least 25 States have helmet requirements for eBike riders.

How fast is an Electric Bike?

The Lectric eBike and Lectric step through eBike can go 28mph.

What’s the range of an eBike

There are two numbers you need when looking at a battery. Whether it is an eBike battery or any battery. And that is the voltage and the amperage. (Amp hours)

Most bikes are 36 – 50 volts. But what is more important than the Volts is the Amp hours. The amp hours as it relates to the battery. Is like the size of a gas tank of a car.

How Does Electric Bike Assist Work

The eBike assist helps you pedal the bike. This is done by the motor. The motor is located at the bottom of the bike. At the crank where the pedals are. The motor assists the pedals and in turn assists the rider while riding the bike. There are bikes that have different levels of assist.

What are the Advantages of an eBike

On an eBike you can go twice as far than on a regular bike. The main reason for this is when you are on an eBike you can have pedal assist which makes it easier to ride.

Also if you go so far out you still have to get back. Not to worry if your too tired to get back. On an eBike you can throttle your way back to camp.

To determine how far you can go on the bike you need to know the watt hours.

(Volt X Amp = Watt hours).

To find the watt hours you take the volt hours X the Amp hours. Example a bike that has 50 volts and 19 amp hours, has 950 Watt hours.

Another example if your ebike your looking at buying has a motor that is 750 Watts. Then to know the range that the bike will go. At full throttle if you did the math and your watt hours was 950 like the above example.

You would be able to ride the bike at full throttle for over an hour. Because 950 is greater than 750. That is a rough estimate of range. Because as you know your not going to be riding at top speed for an hour.

But to put into perspective if you are cruising at 20 mph. You could go about 60 miles.

Before you buy an eBike you want to get the biggest amp hour you can get from the battery. That you can afford.

The watts is the horse power of the bike. If you want a bike for the purpose of an off road eBike. Then the higher the watts the better off you will be while riding in hilly areas.

The watts for off road and steep hills is 500 or above. The best is 750 and up. Also your weight plays a huge part in how many watts it will take to get up the hill. The heavier you are the more watts it will take to power the bike up the incline.

Mid Drive VS Hub Drive

What? This is where the motor is mounted on the bike. A mid drive basically the motor is mounted lower at the center bracket of the bike. The bottom bracket is right where the crank for the pedals are.

The Hub Drive the motor is located in the rear wheel. It is actually the hub of the rear wheel.

The Pro’s and cons of the mid drive and hub drive. A eBike with a mid drive motor location. The Motor is actually turning the pedals for you. Which is assisting you with turning the pedals.

The hub drive is propelling the rear wheel. If you are going to be riding up a lot of hilly areas the mid drive is the best for assisting you up the hill.

EBike Battery 101

As you know the prime difference between a regular bike and the ebike is the battery. You are going to need a battery and also a battery charger. When you buy your ebike you should also get the charger and battery with the bike.

There are replacement battery’s that you can buy separately. If you go biking a lot it might be beneficial to have a spare battery. This way you will always be ready to go.

There are many parts that when put together make up the eBike. But the motor is the most important part. Without the motor your not going to get up those hills faster and with ease. Take care of the motor so that it can take care of you when you need it the most.

When your riding you want to stay away from puddles. The motor as you know is electric and water and electric don’t work well together. The ebike is made for most elements, but the display panel can be damaged with excessive water.

Most ebikes are made of materials that make them water resistant. But they are not waterproof. Just keep this in mind when your riding.

The Climate condition can affect your battery. If you have extreme conditions. Under extreme conditions of hot or to cold, your battery will drain faster.

When you are storing your battery for a week or longer. Your battery will maintain a better level of charge. When you only charge the battery up 75%. Unlike if your riding the next day you would of course want a full charge.

By charging the battery 75% the cells in the battery will degrade less.

You can check the level of charge by measuring the voltage or if you have a display on the bike. See the voltage of the battery. You will be able to determine the state of the battery.

Example of battery state of charge. If your battery is a 54V battery. 75% charge is 50V if it is discharged when reading the voltage it would be about 39 – 40 volts.

When storing your bike it’s best to keep it in a dry shaded area. Ideal storing conditions is 72 degrees.

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What Kind of Battery Does an eBike Use

The modern day eBike uses a Lithium ion Battery. 3 reasons the lithium ion battery is used. First the battery is light weight. And Easy to recharge and can fully charge fast. Within 4 – 6 hours. The battery is durable and when used properly will last 3 – 5 years.

Transporting your eBike

Folds for Transporting

Remember to remove the battery from your bike before transporting. Especially if you are using a bike mount on the back of a vehicle or RV. The motor can be damaged if left in the rain.

The best practice is to cover your bikes electric components. And you can even get a cover for the bike.

Charging the Battery

If a battery takes 4 – 6 hours to fully charge. You want to disconnect the charger when fully charged. This will limit the chance of overcharging the battery. On the charger there will be a red light and a green light. To indicate when the battery is full. The light will be green when the battery is done charging.

By keeping an eye on when the battery is fully charged and disconnecting the charger. You can prolong the battery’s life. When a battery is charged properly an eBike battery can last 3-5 years.

Moral of the story don’t over charge the battery.

How to figure out Battery Capacity

When dealing with a battery you have measurements. Voltage (V), watt hours (W), Amp hours (Ah). To compare battery capacity use this simple formula. (Volts X Ah = Watt Hours).

Example: a 36 volt battery with 10 amp hours = 360 watt hours.

Note that if you only know the voltage and watt hours you can calculate to find the amp hours. Using the example above take 360 and divide it by the voltage to get the amp hours.

What’s the Best Bike Rack for an eBike

Because eBikes are heavier than regular bikes. You need a bike rack that is certified for eBikes. Also if you are planning on attaching the bike rack to a trailer. The rack also has to be certified for a trailer. Because there is a lot of shock, and movement from traveling down the road. Your going to need a bike rack specifically designed for eBikes. I have taking the guess work out of it for you. The best eBike rack. Your going to want to take a look at this HYPERAX on Amazon.

  • Great for SUV, Trailers, and cars.
  • Works for RV’s and Campers.
  • Fit’s 2 eBikes with max Carrying load.

What Helmet Should I Use for an eBike

All helmet’s are not built the same. There are a few things that you should think about before you buy your eBike helmet.

  1. EBike helmet Comfortability.
  2. Safety
  3. Construction
  4. Versatility

Safety is usually my number one thing I consider. When it comes to helmets. But it also needs to be comfortable. After all your going to be wearing it for hours at a time. You need to be comfortable. After all if you are like me your going to be on that bike for hours at a time.

If you are riding with a partner then you may want to consider a Smart helmet that is versatile. Meaning it can do more than just protect your cranium. There are eBike helmets that are bluetooth compatible.

Some have a camera in the helmet. Which is pretty cool to be able to take video of the scenery around you. With an Action cam.

With bluetooth you have stereo sound inside the helmet. And even a windproof microphone and built in loudspeaker. So you are capable of having a conversation with your eBike partner.

You can make calls while riding your bike and much more…See all features of KRACESS Adult Helmet on Amazon.

Safety first – The helmets shell is made of impact resistant material. Specially designed so that it is lightweight and comfortable.

10 eBike Tips for Camping

  1. Make sure you get a Mountain bike for off road.
  2. Thicker tires make the bike more stable off road.
  3. Pedal assist will help you get up the hills of a trail.
  4. You probably will want a bike that is equipped with a carrying rack.
  5. Headlights & Taillights for nights when your not quite back at camp.
  6. Lightweight but rugged construction.
  7. Easy portability
  8. A comfortable seat is a must.
  9. Affordable price
  10. Rugged enough to take on the toughest trails. And versatile enough for on the road.

Electric Bicycle Tips for a Buyer

  • When buying a eBike you want to make sure that the company offers a electric bike warranty.
  • Make sure you can get replacement parts.
  • Does the company offer replacement battery’s? This is a must!
  • Are there accessories that you can put on the eBike to upgrade the bike.
  • How much power does the bike have; 250, 350, 500, 750 Watts.
  • What kind of electric bike motor is on the bike. Mid Drive or Hub Driven.
  • Does the eBike have Pedal assist or throttle or both.
  • What Quality of Battery. (18650 Cells)
  • Battery Style – How easy is it to get a replacement battery. Battery capacity and what’s the cost.

Related Questions

What Accessories Will Make Riding Easier

  • Cargo Rack – If your going to the country store on your bike or taking your dog with you a Cargo rack can help.
  • Ergonomic Giant seat – If your going a long distance a comfortable seat is the way to go.
  • eBike Lock – Keep your eBike secure with a specially designed eBike lock.
  • Safety upgrade – Rear view mirrors designed to adjust to get the best view. (Check out the Mirror Set).
  • Phone Mount – Stay in touch, without worrying about loosing your phone when your on the go. With an adjustable phone mount fits most smart phones.
  • Spare Battery – Stay on the go with a spare battery.
  • Pannier Bag – A personal sidekick packing for the day or take a computer with you. Pannier bag is waterproof and will support your haul.

3 eBike Trails to Adventure

3 eBike Trails to check out if your in the area. First if your ever in Utah and near Moab. You should check out Seven mile rim trail. It’s just on the west side of Arches National Park. The length of the trail is 15.6 miles loop. You are definitely off road. The terrain is dirt and boulders.

The next trail is at Cibola National Forest. The Tunnel Canyon trail located In New Mexico. This trail is 5.8 miles loop. The terrain is packed dirt, loose rocks, and muddy. Beware in the winter it is icy.

Denver Colorado has great trails. The Cherry Creek trail is great if your new to off road eBikes. This Trail is 12.7 miles one way.

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