What Tools Do I Need for Camping

Now that you have a good camping list of what supplies and food your going to bring camping. You may also want to know what tools do I need for camping? I have been camping for many years and I have narrowed the list of tools to the absolute necessities.

So if your wondering what tools do I need for camping. What tools do I need for camping: First you are going to want a way to hammer in the stakes of the tent. Be able to cut wood. If you need to cut smaller items like rope, a knife comes in handy. You will want to bring a shovel. Extra Rope for tie downs. A First Aid Kit. A way to aluminate the tent. Also an external battery pack.

These are just a few items that come to mind. But if you want to see the complete list keep reading.

A Handy Tool for Camping is a Shovel

Not just a four foot shovel like you would use for flipping the dirt in the garden. You need a shovel that is compact for portability. And yet strong enough to do the job. Dig a fire pit move unwanted rocks.

I found the perfect Shovel for camping and this is why. It is small, and light weight. But made of steel. The shovel can extend for ease of use. And has a saw edge for tackling the roughest objects. Check out the Best Camping Shovel on Survival Frog Now.

It’s a Little Harder Without the Proper Camping Tools

Anytime you go camping you are going to need a hammer. And you will need a way to chop wood. So instead of packing the garage up and bringing it with you. You need to think of packing efficiently. What if you could get a tool that is a hatchet and a hammer? So you can kill two birds with one stone.

But wait the Zombinator is more than two tools in one. That’s right it can take care of over 10 things at once. This tool is less than 2 lbs and made of steel.(Link to the Zombinator Best Camping Gadgets).

Flashlight or Lantern Another Camping Tool Must Have

You never want to leave home without a good light. Either a flashlight or a lantern. I prefer a modern day lantern. One that is either battery operated or solar powered. No Kerosene. With all the technology you can get plenty of options to light the way to the outhouse. When you are camping. I have two recommendations in the camping essentials right here.

Safety First when Camping Tools are Involved

One of the most important tools is a first aid kit. Although you don’t think of it as a tool. Unless you need to use it then it is a very handy camping tool. You always want to plan for the unexpected. Especially when your away camping.

And if your using sharp objects for digging, hatchets, or simply cutting. You pray that you will never need to open that first aid kit. But your mind will be set at ease when the “unexpected” happens. And you are ready with your first aid kit.

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Does Electricity Count as a Camping Tool?

Have you ever went out to the store and discovered you left your cell phone at home? Well that feeling of OMG! How am I going to survive in the grocery store without my phone. That’s how much we have become accustomed to having our electronics. We can’t go 2 min without them.

Maybe that’s just me. But anyway, your going to need a back up power source.

You never know when you are going to need to use your phone. And what about powering a radio, or playing electronic games. What ever the case it’s a good tool to take camping.

You can get hand held battery packs. One that is solar and capable of charging more than one item at a time. It can be charged from the house. Or if your out and about it can charge from solar power. That’s one of the things I like about the solar powered. As long as the sun is in the sky then you can charge.

Another great way to stay fully powered up is with a solar power station. They are quiet, Compact, Portable, and able to work for many hour. Check out Campingjargon’s No. 1 Pick Best Solar Power Station now.

What’s the Best Knife for Camping

Let’s Face it one of the most used tools for camping is a Knife. A good knife always seems to be needed when camping. From cutting cord, fishing or just sitting relaxing and Whittling.

Knifes are over 2.5 million years old. Back then they were made of bone, wood or stone. Stainless steel is one of the best materials used for a knife blade. Although it is not the sharpest like carbon steel. It will not rust, like carbon steel.

Pro Tip – Use a wet stone to hone the blade of the knife to sharpen it. The stones come in different levels of grit. The best stone is 1000 grit. The stones you want to immerse in water prior to use. Then use a finishing stone which has a finer grit to finish the blade off. Check out the Best Camping Knives on Survival Frog now.

Camping Tools for Hiking & Backpacking

The number one tool is a back pack. You need to be able to carry everything with you in that one comfortable pack. This means that the backpack needs to have a sufficient enough pockets to get organized. The back pack should be big enough to fit everything you need. But not so big that you can’t lug it up the mountain trail.

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Here is a list of items that you might consider before you go on your next hike.

  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Cup
  • Knife
  • Traction Cleats
  • First Aid Kit
  • Binoculars
  • Machete
  • Flashlight
  • Matches
  • Rope
  • Solar Collapsible Lamp

These are all handy camping tools for backpackers and hikers a like. Check out the Tools for Hikers on Survival Frog.

Of course you are going to need other items when you go camping. There are many things to consider. If you want to see a complete camping list of food and other supplies there are some related topics in the blog. Here is one of the articles listed below.

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What are the Ten Essentials for Camping?

To me 10 camping essentials are: Food, Water, Tent, Tarps, Sleeping Bag, Tools, Ice Chest, Kitchen Ware, Solar, Clothing. And this is not in any particular order.

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What is the Most Popular Camping Purchase

Statistics show that 13.9% of all people over the age of 6 go camping. In 2017 that was 40.5 million people. I’m sure when the next census comes out this will have risen with the situation that the virous has put people in. Source

More and more people are taking to the great outdoors. To experience true freedom. And the number one purchase was a tent. Check out in the camping essentials the Best Camping Tents now.

How Do You Sleep in a Tent?

First you need to make sure your tent is water proof. Which most are, but you need extra protection and that is a tarp. A tarp will keep the water at bay. (Pardon the pun).

The next thing is what are you going to sleep on? There are several choices of sleeping bags, Air mattresses and or a cot. Which a cot is my preferred method, to get the best night sleep. Then you need to consider the best setup inside the tent. Which will depend on how many people are in the tent. If you want to see how to m

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