What Kind of Camping Stove Should I Get?

What kind of camping stove should I get? The Best Camping Stove is one that will fit your needs.

If your wondering what kind of camping stove should I get? What kind of camping stove should I get:

  • Big enough to cook for the amount of people eating,
  • The stove needs to cook evenly.
  • Duel Supply of fuel.
  • Rugged for outdoor cooking
  • Has to be a portable Stove
  • Easy to get started
  • Wind resistant for hassle free cooking
  • Easy to clean

If this sounds like the perfect camping stove. Then keep reading because this is the best camping stove. And I’ll explain to you why.

The Perfect Camping Stove: Big Enough to Feed Your Campers

A camping stove should be big enough for the group of people you are feeding. After all your not always going to be there by yourself. So this would be the first thing I would consider.

More than likely you know how many people you usually take camping. Usually it’s you and your family.

Your more than likely going to want a stove with more than one burner. For a couple of reasons.

A stove with one burner is great for one person. But really in my opinion that is still not enough burners. Even with one mouth to feed. You may want to cook and make coffee at the same time. But not with a one burner stove.

Unless you plan on making the day of it. Standing around waiting for your meal to cook. I say minimum 2 burners is the best choice.

The best for getting the job done faster. And more efficiently.

A Cook Stove Should be Easy to Use

Everything about the Coleman Cook Stove is perfect for camping. It is everything you want a stove to be. It is lightweight but rugged. Built tough for the elements. Very portable, and designed for windy conditions. Built for green minded people. Uses two different fuels. And is very affordable. Oh and it is easy to light and stay lit.

The Stove Needs to Cook Evenly

A Stove that cooks even is a plus. This helps get the cooking time down to a minimum. And everything is cooked through. A stove that cooks uneven is one that you end up with half of your food being done and the other half raw. And this can account for a lot of people getting sick.

To get a stove that has an even flame. You need one that has been tested through and through, and has longevity in the camping industry. Which proves to be the best overall due to overall consumer favoritism.

A stove that has been produced and manufactured from a brand that is over a 120 years old. I would say is a good product. That’s one of the reasons I bought my Coleman stove.

A Duel Supply of fuel is Better

With the Coleman technology that has taken years to perfect. Two burners and two fuel supply’s. What this means is that you don’t always have to rely on one source of fuel to cook with. Which is great!

Usually the stoves are fueled by pressurized fuel. As we know it as propane. These propane tanks are handy as they come in small canisters that are easy to take camping. The canisters hold about 1 lb of fuel.

With the new design of the most popular and widely used Coleman stove. Now you never have to worry about running out of those containers. And stopping in the middle of your camping trip. Just to go shopping for more containers.

No! Now you have the option of using liquid fuel. Which is called white fuel or Coleman fuel. Or unleaded gasoline. Which benefit’s you in two ways.

First thing is the Coleman fuel is cheaper. At approximately $10.00 for a gallon of fuel. Which seams like a lot, but the facts prove different. One gallon of Coleman fuel or white fuel as it is called. Will be the same as using 4 and a half of those propane canisters. That you used to carry camping.

You can take less fuel with you. Which will save packing space. And the cost of the Coleman fuel is cheaper than the 4.5 canisters you would have to buy. And then you can also if you choose use unleaded fuel to cook with.

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A Stove that is Rugged for Outdoor Cooking

The Coleman Stove has many great attributes. But how rugged is it? Coleman makes does make the best outdoor portable stove. Due to it’s simplicity, of design. It is easy to use, and is a workhorse. Day in and day out it will cook breakfast lunch and dinner with no problems. And it’s very durable.

The case is made of metal, and the fuel tank is made of steel. It doesn’t get any tougher than steel. There is a metal latch to latch the top to the bottom. Which makes a nice little suitcase design when closed.

Since Your Camping it Has to be a Portable Stove

The design of the stove makes it so easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. And even though it is metal it is very lightweight. And when it is in the closed position. It is like you were carrying a metal briefcase.

There is a metal handle attached to the top of the stove. To make it very easy to carry. And even more easy to set up.

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Easy to Get Started – 4 Steps & Light It Up

Once you place the stove on the table top. Then you simply unlatch the latch and open the stove. Move the wind block panels over to the side where you can attach them appropriately.

  • Attach the fuel tank – To the stove. The long rod, called the generator goes through the hole in the front of the stove. And sits in the plenum in the stove.
  • Pump Pressure into tank – Pull out the Pump, place thumb over hole in the end. And pump 30 times. Push in an turn clockwise until secured.
  • Make sure the Valve knob on the Generator is all the way to the right. And flip up the Valve on the Generator. (See Picture)
  • Light the Stove – Use a lighter and light the flame holding it to the burner turn stove knob counter clockwise to start stove.

There are two burners the primary burner is 7500 BTU’s and the secondary is 6500. There is a regulator on the side of the stove closest to the secondary burner. That you can turn to shut off that burner. Source

The Grates are Chrome Plated and thick to make them durable and easy to clean. The Grate folds up towards the back of the Stove. Which makes it easy to clean below where the burners are located. In case you have any spills. Or I should say when you have a spill. It will be easy to clean up.

You can also completely remove the grate to clean it.

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About the Fuel Tank

On the fuel tank at the front is a pump to pressurize the tank. Then there is a knob at the top attached to the regulator. To adjust and regulate the flame height. Of course there is a filler cap. This is where you add the fuel to the tank.

A Wind Resistant Stove is a Dream Stove

Let’s face it, it’s not always going to be perfect weather when you go camping. And if it is a little windy things could get rough. When having to use a lighter to light the campfire or a stove.

Not to worry Coleman has you covered. When they built a Camping stove they thought of everything. And kept the weather in mind.

The design of the Coleman Stove has Wind-block panels. One on each side. You open the lid. And it serves as a wind blocker, and then the right and left side panels attach to the side. To make a sturdy wind-blower.

Now you won’t have any problem lighting the stove. And it will stay lit so that you can have confidence cooking. That your food is going to be cooked to perfection.

Best of all Easy Clean Up

According to Coleman a cleaner stove is more efficient. They should know since the designed it. The benefits of keeping your stove clean include: No rust or corrosion, better flame control, and better fuel efficiency. Source

I don’t know about all that. But I do know that when I cook. It needs to be on a clean stove. Also I don’t want a lot of hassle cleaning it up. And that’s one of the things that I love about the Coleman stove. It’s is easy clean up.

It’s recommended to wash the stove with soap and water. And then dry it. The grate is very easy to clean. It is made of chrome covered to help with keeping spilled food or boiled food from sticking to it.

The grate comes completely off so you can get down inside where food may have spilled.

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Give Your Stove TLC Once a Year

Once a year after camping season you can give the stove a little TLC. You don’t have to but it’s recommended.

What you can do if you choose to keep your stove operating at it’s optimum. Take the middle screw off the burners. And remove the top plate of the burner. Look for any spilled food. And clean the area with soap and water. Then rinse and dry it.

If there is a lot of grease build up you can clean it off with soap and water. Never use oven cleaner on it, because it could ruin the grate. Make sure no water is left inside the stove as it can rust the manifold and cause issues.

What is the Best Coleman Stove

Coleman makes a lot of great products, but there is one that is more versatile. And this is why I choose the(Link Coleman Guide Series on Amazon). Some of the features that really stand out on this stove. That to me makes it a powerhouse. Is the duel fuel option.

I’m not thinking negative. But what if you need to use your stove for more than just camping. For example if there was a natural disaster and propane was not readily available. This stove has two options to get you through the rough times.

Another thing that I like. Is you know longer have to pack bulky propane canisters.

And another plus is the white fuel or Coleman fuel is half the price of the bottles of propane.

This stove is very portable and weighs very little. And folds up to the size of an over sized briefcase. The construction is rugged. Metal & Steel. With details built into the overall design. To make it very user friendly.

For example; side panels, and the lid. Which when up helps keep the wind off of the flames.

These are just a few of the reasons I choose the Guide Series as the best choice of Coleman Stoves.

The Best Back Packer Stove

The Coleman is the best two burner stove. But I would not recommend carrying it up to the summit. Even though it is lite weight. What you need if you are going hiking. Is an easy portable camping stove. On that is durable, but that is designed small enough to fit in to your backpack.

I may have what your looking for:(Link Biolite Camp Stove on Survival Frog). The perfect lite weight stove. It’s compact so you don’t have to worry about it fitting in your backpack. It’s simple to use and you can charge electronics with it too.

Also while your hiking your not going to have a lot of room for food. Take a look at Survival frogs food for Back Packers, & Survival.

Related Questions

What can I Put My Camp Stove On?

A good thing to take when you go camping is a folding table. I like to use this table for two things one for food prep and then also to set the stove on. There are many different tables but I like the FiveJoy Portable Table. You can see it here in the kitchen ware camping essentials.

How do I Choose A Camping Stove?

The best way to choose the right camping stove. Is to think about what are you using it for. Of course cooking. But if you are going alone on a hike up the mountain. Some camping stoves won’t fit inside you backpack.

Next think about how many people are you going to feed. Or be cooking for. These are questions that only you can anwser. But if you have more than one person that you are going to be cooking for. I would recommend a two burner stove.

Then you can narrow down the pros and cons of different stoves. I’ve taking some of the hard work out of it for you. By simply doing the research for you. Coleman is a 120 year old company and one of the first to make and model the camping stove. I would go with Coleman. That’s just me.

It’s very rare that you are going to need any parts. But if you do, Coleman has replacement parts. Take a look at the camping essentials Kitchen ware for the best Coleman Stove.

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