20 Survival Tools You Should Have When Camping

When Your Roughing it camping, there are some survival tools your going to want to make sure you have packed. Here is a list of the best survival tools to take with you.

Best survival tools to take with You roughing it:

Fire Starter, a multi tool, survival knife, compass, first aid kit, emergency whistle, paracord, hand warmer, flashlight, weather radio, dry bag, GPS tracker, bivvy, Cooking gear, survival food, blanket, sleeping Bag, solar power, hatchet, water filtration.

These are the tools you should take when roughing it. But if you want to see the best survival tools in the top 20 list then continue reading…

Fire Starter

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When your roughing it you always want to stay dry and warm. A good way to accomplish this is with a nice warm fire. You need to have with you a easy to use fire starter. Survival fire starters need to be wind resistant and water proof.(See survival fire starters on Survival Frog)

Multi Tool

When your out in the middle of the woods you usually don’t have a lot of room to take a lot of different tools with you. Hence the multi tool. There are a variety of little hand held knives with little extra tools attached. But this is not going to do the job if you need to dig out of the woods.

This is where the Tact Shovel comes in handy. A 12 in one tool. Here is a list of what is included in one handy multi function survival tool.

  1. A Shovel
  2. Knife
  3. Hatchet
  4. Hoe
  5. Glass Breaker
  6. Saw
  7. Fire Starter
  8. Fish Scaler
  9. Bottle Opener
  10. Hex Wrenches
  11. Phillips Screwdriver
  12. Water tight compartment

Survival Knife

A Survival knife can be a multifunction tool. Some people use it for security out in the woods. And yet a knife when it is the right size can function to help chop up wood for warmth. You never know what your going to need to cut when your out roughing it. Survival frog offers a selection of survival knifes. Every person has there own idea of what their survival knife needs to be.

Whether your looking for a machete or a pen knife it’s your own personal preference. But if your looking for quality check out the Survival frog Knifes here.


Never go hiking without a trusty compass. Your compass should be light weight, compact and the ability for you to see it at night time. The perfect compass is glow in the dark.

How to Use a Compass

According to the American Hiking Society the Compass is the most important piece of gear to help you find your way. source But it will not serve it’s purpose if you do not know the proper way to use a compass.

The Needles on the compass are magnetized and the red needle is always pointing towards NORTH. But it is not pointing to the True North. It is pointing to the magnetic north. Be sure to Get the; How to use a compass printable from the American hiking society. To help you out with your next hiking trip.

First Aid Kit

While your hiking, roughing it or just camping you need to have a first aid kit at hand. Always be prepared for the unexpected. You hope that you never need to use your first aid kit. But if that day ever does come. Where you need a first aid kit. Then you will be glad that you have it with you. (Check the price of First Aid Kits on Survival Frog).

Emergency Whistle

When your going on the trail hiking there are some survival tools you need to have on your person. One of these tools is an emergency whistle. A good loud whistle will come in handy for alerting others. If you find yourself in an emergency situation and you are in a dense populated area. Your going to be glad you have your emergency whistle. In the same area’s there are wild animals that may need to be warded off with loud noise too.


You may think “rope”, Why would I need Rope? Paracord can come in handy for a lot of conditions when you are camping, hiking or backpacking.

What is a paracord? A Paracord is rope that is much stronger. In fact it dates back to world war 2. Where the military first used parachute chord (Paracord) for suspension lines on the parachutes. Now it is simply paracord.

The rope or cord is stronger. Some can hold up to 550lbs. The reason is how it is made. 7 chords inside a nylon outer sheath. The seven pieces of inner cord are two ply. Then the nylon outer sheath has 32 woven strands. The cord is 4 mm in diameter.

The nylon is mold, mildew and rot resistant. source Cord is so strong that it was used on the space mission by NASA.

Even though Paracord is used for many different purposes. The cost of Paracord remains inexpensive. Check the price on Survival Frog.

What kind of things could you need a paracord for?

  • You could have to use your paracord for first aid. If you need to tie a tourniquet. Which hopefully you will never be in this situation. But if you are and your out in the roughest parts. You will be thankful you were prepared, and packed a paracord.
  • What else can you use it for? When your away from the camp you need to have an alternative sleeping arrangement. With the use of a paracord. You can make a make shift shelter.
  • The Rope of cord can be used to tow, or raise things, or even use it as a zip line. There are so many things a paracord can be used for.

Hand Warmer

A hand warmer is small and easy to pack in your backpack. Yes you can get the kind of warmers that are self contained in a little pack. And work every time you need them. That is one kind of hand warmer. But what if you have a hand warmer that also can supply some backup power for you cell phone or other electronics? That’s crazy right?

Well let me tell you about the Quick start rechargeable hand warmer. It will heat up to 140 degrees. There are a couple of settings so you can adjust the temperature. This way you can be nice and toasty while your out on your camping trip.

And if it’s not cold out, it still comes in handy as a back up battery source. It’s great for hiking small to fit in your backpack. And depending on the heat settings the battery will last 2-4 hours.


When your roughing it and is becomes night time. Depending where your camping it can get pitch black and scary. You always want to make sure you have at least one good flashlight. A little tip too is to check your gear ahead of going hiking. Make sure your battery’s are good. And it wouldn’t hurt to have extra’s on hand.

Weather Radio

When your camping it is always a good idea to have a weather radio near by. You never know about the weather. It can be nice and sunny one moment and the next thing you know a storm is brewing.

With a weather radio it can fill you in on all the latest weather emergency’s. Then also you can use it for entertainment. And listen to music. Take a look at this: Best weather radio that also has emergency alarm and lights all in one. What is the Best Portable Radio for Camping.

Dry Bag

A dry bag is a very important survival tool. Your going to want to keep your matches, map or Cell phone in the dry bag. This is the best way to keep those items from getting wet.

GPS Tracker

Don’t head off hiking without the latest Spot Gen 4 Satellite Tracker. With this great affordable device your GPS coordinates are given to local response teams. There is a sos button for emergency’s only.

You never know when your going to have cell service. But with the Spot Gen 4 you can send a pre-programmed text message with GPS coordinates or an email with a link to Google Maps to your contacts with your location.

This is great to let your family or friends know your coordinates reassuring them you are okay.

The Spot Gen 4 is a no brainer when your camping, hiking or roughing it. See all the features and (current price on Survival Frog).

Tact Bivvy

Maybe your wondering what a Bivvy is. A Tact Bivvy can be used to protect your sleeping bag from the rain and wind. With the use of a Paracord you can make a shelter. Or you can also use it as cold weather survival gear. In which you would wrap it around you.

The Tact Bivvy is made of a special material that reflects your body heat back to you. It is light weight for easy portability. It is self contained in a small bag. And it has a latch to hook to your backpack.

You use the Tact Bivvy like a sleeping bag in emergency’s. If you are hiking you should take it with you just in case. Always expect the unexpected. The Tact Bivvy comes with an emergency whistle. When blown the whistles pitch is 120 decibels which is loud to alert rescuers.

Click HERE to purchase the Tact Bivvy!

Cooking Gear

When your hiking or out roughing it you just need to be able to cook. What your going to want is a portable camping stove. The Biolite camp stove has a lot to offer and is small for hiking.

It is more than just a stove. It also has a light, a grill, & can recharge your electronics.(Get current price on Survival Frog).

Survival Food

When your backpacking or hiking up a mountain. You need everything to be compact, after all it has to fit on or in your backpack. There is a lot of great options out there but some of the best tasting and easy food to take with you is freeze dried.

It’s made for backpackers in mind. Perfectly named after backpackers; Backpackers Pantry.

With great dishes such as:

  • Risotto with chicken
  • Stroganoff sauce, noodles, beef & mushroom
  • Vegan Louisiana red beans & rice

Those are just a few of the delicious survival meals. Take a look at the complete menu of healthy survival foods.


When your camping or hiking a durable cozy blanket is a necessity. You will probably want to take a sleeping bag too. But a blanket is just a little extra protection from the elements.

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Sleeping Bag

When you go camping you need to take a sleeping bag. But not all sleeping bags are made the same. There are different styles of sleeping bags. And made of different materials for light weather or colder weather. Get to know all the in’s and outs of sleeping bags in the camping essentials.

Solar Power

When you go camping you need an alternative power source. And I recommend solar as it is a great source of energy. The sun is always generating power. Like a portable power station.

However if you are hiking you are going to want something smaller than a generator. It needs to fit on your backpack so that it can absorb energy from the sun and turn it into solar energy so that you can power your electronics. (Get current price on the Quadro power solar power bank).


You never know when your going to need to chop some wood. A hatchet is a great survival tool. But this hatchet is truly a survival tool. It has a hammer head, a nail claw and pry bar. That’s not all, there are 10 different functions for the Zombinator hatchet. Oh and did I say it was a hatchet. It is one of the best camping gadgets see it here in camping essentials.

Water Filtration

There are many different storage containers and pumps for water. And to make sure the water is pure for drinking. There are water filters, or you can get tablets to put in the water.

If you are going hiking you might want to take something a little more portable. Or if you want to store water for emergency situations these water package will work great.

These emergency drinking water packages have a shelf life of 5+ years. The water is ready when you are.(Get current price on Survival Frog).

All in One Bug Out Bag

If your looking for a complete kit. Take a look at the Bug Out Bag. If your not familiar with a Bug Out Bag. Basically you are looking at 6 Survival Kits all in one bag. Hence the Bug Out Bag.

What makes this such a great bag to have is not only do you have all of your survival gear. But it is in one centralized location. In a bag to be exact. If there is an emergency where you need to get to your survival gear. That’s not the time to be looking for it. With the Bug out Bag everything is in one bag.

But what’s inside the Bag?

A warmth and outdoor shelter- Tact Bivvy. Emergency water kit. A mess kit for cooking. An emergency light and communication kit. Emergency Radio, fire starter etc. First aid kit, Disaster essential kit. Click to See the list of everything that is included in the Bug out Bag.

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