Camping Gear for a Baby: 25 Things You Must Have

Camping is suppose to be a time for relaxing and getting back to the basics. And away from the Hussle and bustle of every day living. But without the right gear you can become quite frazzled fast. Especially if you have a toddler with you. Check out the Camping gear for a baby that will save the day the next time you go camping.

Camping Gear for a Baby: 25 things you must have camping gear for a baby.

  1. Bottles
  2. Formula
  3. Baby Food
  4. Diapers
  5. Baby Chair
  6. Camping sleeping bag
  7. Camping Crib
  8. Wash Basin
  9. Towels
  10. Blankets
  11. Wipes
  12. PJ’s
  13. Warm clothes
  14. Toys
  15. Playpen (for Camping)
  16. Life Jacket
  17. Floaty devices
  18. Swim Wear
  19. Baby Carrier
  20. Day Pack
  21. Sippy Cup
  22. Bib’s
  23. Hat’s
  24. Suntan lotion
  25. Mosquito net
  26. Cradle Board

If you want all the specifics of this list. Then continue reading to find out how these items can make your camping trip a lot easier.

Camping Gear for Baby’s

Bottles – You need to be ready when their ready. Your going to want to have plenty of bottles on hand. There are plenty of different bottles out there. But you can get bottles that also come with their own bag to keep everything packed away nice and neat until your ready to use them. See the Best overall Bottle on Verywell family.

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Books – Sleep training books. These books are for mommy to read. Preferably before you go camping. There are 10 great books that will help get your little tike sleeping. Books for the first year, for twins, Demystifying baby and toddler sleep issues. See them on Amazon.

Formula & Baby Food

If your baby is between 4 – 6 months of age you may still need formula and then if your baby is starting to sit up and reach for food. They may be ready for baby food. And if they are older say seven to eight months old they should be ready for a variety of solid foods. A Quick and easy meal is cereal. A healthy choice of grains is easy for camping.

Of course you will still need to pack plenty of formula with you.

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Diapers – This is a must have!

All these items that have been fore mentioned can be kept nice and neat in a Day Pack. There are lots of different ones. But I recommend the Tactical Baby Gear.

Tactical Baby Gear

Just because your camping with your baby doesn’t mean you need to give up any of the outdoors fun. With this day backpack it makes it so much easier. With lots of pockets to take all the necessities with you.

It’s not just a backpack its a complete set. To get the job done. Included is a changing mat, dump and wipe pouches. The Back pack is durable and made of Polyester. This one is black camo, but there are 3 other colors to choose from. See Current Pricing on Amazon.

Baby Chair Designed for Outdoors

A good chair one that is light weight and portable. But rugged and will stand up in rough terrain. Comes with a carrying bag.

Deluxe Portable High Chair: This chair is for indoor and outdoors. Made with plastic and polyester material to stand up in the elements. Made for easy clean up. The tray is sturdy and can fit a sippy cup.

Picture on Amazon

Even though the seat is table height. Safety is built in with a 5 way harness and the leg system to work in all terrain.(Amazon Current Price)


When your camping you need time to sit and reflect. And if the baby is crawling or running around. Your not going to get much R & R time in. So what I would recommend is the Baby Delight Playard.

Picture from Amazon

The Playard is shown on the left. Perfect for camping. It comes with the canopy. This will keep the sun off him or her. It is made with a mesh material for plenty of breathability. Also compact & carrying case included. The Playard can be put up in seconds.(Current Price on Amazon).

Activities & Toys

If you plan on relaxing while your camping. You better think ahead of the trip for things to keep the little one entertained. And make sure you pack some toys.

A great portable toy is the portable camping baby jumper. Easy to put up has a carrying bag. Floor is attached for child safety and has snack holders. Comes in 3 colors see on Amazon.


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Keeping the Baby Protected from the Sun

A Canopy is a great choice to keep the elements off. Rain and Sun. It’s a good idea to pack for both. Sunscreen is a good idea even when the clouds are out the sun can damage your skin. Dressing for the sun if your skin is covered up then the sun can not pernitrate through clothing.

Long sleeves and a sun hat or baseball hat will protect the baby from the sun.

What Clothes Does Baby Need for Camping?

When your camping you never know how the weather is going to be. So I like to say you need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. You are going to want to bring clothing for 4 seasons.

Warm clothes

In cold weather you want to dress in layers. And you want to stay dry. These are the two important factors when camping in ominous weather. Or when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Make sure your baby has warm clothing, a rain coat & jacket. Always have extra socks on hand. And dress in layers. This will keep the heat in and the cold out. Especially if it turns windy. Also wrapping the baby in a blanket will keep them cozy. Pack mittens and a stocking hat and always be ready for the weather.

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Summertime Clothes

You might have a heat wave. Pack some shorts & T-shirts for summer time. Cotton is good for in the summer. Cotton wicks away water from you to keep you cooler. Again a hat to keep the sun off the baby’s head and out of their eyes. Also don’t forget a Swimsuit. A nice dip in the lake will cool things down. Or maybe where you are camping there is a swimming pool.

You might also pack floatation devices and or a lifejacket. It’s always a safe good idea to pack for swimming or possible boating. This way the baby will be ready when your ready to go.

Another thing to think about is the bugs. Your going to want to use netting to keep the bugs off the baby. You can get netting that fits on traditional baby carriers and basinets.

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Baby Carrier

360 Picture Amazon
  1. Ergobaby 360 All Position Carrier with lumbar support. Made of soft cotton for comfortable support for baby. And great for camping, keeping your hands free. See the current price on Amazon.

Camping in a Tent With a Baby

When it’s time for bed. What gear do you need for the baby? Of course your going to need a tent. But to get the best rest I would recommend a separate sleeping area for the baby. One that is close to where you are.

Baby Gear for the Tent:

Sleeping Bag – Sleeping bags are warm and designed to keep your body heat inside the sleeping bag. I would recommend getting a sleeping bag. A blanket and pillow. (Sleeping Bag for Baby) There are specific types of sleeping bags for baby’s don’t use an adult size sleeping bag for a baby.


a warm crib will keep the baby secure and warm inside the tent. The perfect crib for camping is the Lotus. Inside the tent you are limited in space. The Lotus is very portable it comes in a backpack for carrying. So it is compact. Easy set up in seconds. And it is certified safe and non toxic. Comes with a soft foam mattress See the Current Price on Amazon.

Wagon to Carry Baby Gear

A great way to take the gear to the lake, the pool side. Or where ever it is you need to go. And also baby could go along for the ride. And that is an extended wagon. Which can make things a lot easier on you.


This wagon has 30% more room and yet folds easy for storage check it out in our camping essentials.


If you want to go camping don’t let the baby stop you. As you can see there is plenty of camping gear for a baby. So that you will be able to relax and stop to enjoy the great outdoors. And with the recommended gear you will be able to go go go. But not to worry about keeping up with all the necessaries. That will still have to be done to take your baby camping. I hope with the gear that you have seen. You will be able to enjoy your next camping trip with your family.

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