What to do Camping in Your Back Yard?

Think back when you were a kid. How much fun was it to set up a tent? I remember first it was a make shift tent in my room. And then it escalated in to the backyard. If your kids want to camp out back. But you don’t know what to do camping in your back yard. Here are 13 Tips to get you started.

  1. Set up a Tent
  2. Arrange the inside of the tent
  3. Play games inside the tent
  4. Roast Marshmallow’s
  5. Sing Songs
  6. Make banana Splits
  7. Tell Stories
  8. Ring Toss at Night
  9. Play outdoor games
  10. Share the Yard with the Dog
  11. Eat Popcorn
  12. Watch the stars
  13. Make images with the flashlight on the tent

So if your ready, imagine for a minute your going to set up camp in your back yard and this is what it’s going to look like:

Step One Set up a Tent

The great news is tents are not a pain to setup anymore. What used to take a better part of an hour, now some can be put together in just a few minutes. But you know what they say “location, location, location”. You want the tent far away from the house, so that it seems as though they are camping. But close enough to run an extension chord, if need be.

Once you have this prime piece of real-estate. Then let the kids help set up the tent.

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No Tent No Problem

But what if you don’t have a tent? You can make a tent. Let me tell you the easiest way. This is what you will need to make a home made tent.

  • 2 Sheets
  • 1 Rope
  • 4 Stones
  • 6 clothes pins
  • (And a partridge in a pear tree) Joking!

Since the tent is going to be in the backyard. You should be able to find most of these tent making materials inside the house. With the exception of bricks. You can substitute bricks for Rocks or stones.

First you want to tie the rope between two trees. Then with the clothes pin attach the sheet to one side of the rope. Next use another Pin to attach the other sheet to the rope. Make sure the sheet is over the rope and the first sheet. Once you have done that you should have an upside down V shape.

Pull the two corners of each sheet out at the bottom. And weigh them down with bricks or stones. Now you can add a bottom floor. A blanket will work well for this. Lay the blanket out inside the tent.

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Arrange the Inside of the Tent

Now that you have the tent in place it’s time to set it up. This is half the fun. First you need sleeping bags, blankets and pillows. No camping is camping without a flashlight.

You can always run an extension chord from the house to the tent. Use Outdoor lights “Christmas lights” for lights, or if you have a battery operated lantern. That will help light the tent. But most importantly Toys and Games need to go inside the tent.

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Best Part of Back Yard Camping is Playing Games Inside the Tent

There are so many fun things to do while camping in the yard. Here is a short list of games to play inside the tent.

  • Cards
  • Board Games
  • Stuffed animals
  • Barbie
  • Color
  • Make Bracelets
  • Make Animal silhoutte
  • Sing songs
  • Tell stories
  • Eye Spy

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Play Outdoor Games Camping in the Back Yard

  • Playing catch – What kind of games can you play while camping in the back of the house? Well for starters a good ole ball and catch game. Either with a baseball, softball or football.
  • Balloons – kids love balloons, and to make it even more fun when it’s a hot summers day. Add water to the balloons. This is a really inexpensive way to have lots of fun. Camping in the back yard should be inexpensive.
  • Egg hunt – A plastic egg hunt is fun. When there are prizes involved. Have the kids stay in the tent. While you hide some eggs around the yard. The winner gets a freezer pop. And the runner up gets a freezer pop.
  • Horse Shoes – Whether camping out and about or in your back yard. Playing horse shoes is fun. And now they have the set that are plastic heck you could play them in the house.
  • Badminton – Is an all time favorite back yard game. And when you have the net setup to play badminton. Then you can use a soccer ball and double up on the games. Use the soccer ball to play volleyball. Two games for one low price.
  • Ring TossWith a twist! Get some glow sticks. Bend them into circles and connect the two ends. You can make them into rings. Next take 2 glow sticks and 2 water bottles. Cover the glow stick with the bottle. Placing it over the glow stick. Place them on the ground about 20 – 30 feet apart from each other. And now you have a night time game of glow in the dark ring toss.
  • Watching the Stars – how cool is it to look up on a nice clear night. Warm enough to lay on your back outside and look up. Gazing at the many wonders of the universe. Looking for different images and designs of stars in the sky.

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Share the Yard with the Dog

The dog loves camping too. And if your kids have to share the back yard with the dog. Then they might as well include lulu in the fun. Play fetch with the dog. Teach the dog new tricks. Dress the dog in shirts, hats and sunglasses. Feed and water the dog.

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The Best Part of Back Yard Camping is Eating

With all the playing and back yard fun. There are two things to keep in mind. First is staying hydrated and the second is staying fed. What kind of food is good for camping outside in the yard? Well everything because the kitchen is just right there! But what you want is something easy and fun.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are always a hit. Let’s face it kids don’t want to stop the fun just to eat. So make them something nutritious and simple. Add some mini bags of chips and water or juice. And they will love you.

Snacks for Back Yard Camping

During a hot summers day there is nothing more refreshing then ice cream. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. You can make it really special by adding banana and whip cream. If you have some sprinkles add a little sprinkle. And there you have a banana split.

Easy Snacks

Easy snacks for in the tent. It doesn’t get much easier than a bag of microwave popcorn. It’s the perfect fun snack to eat inside the tent. While telling scary stories or maybe watching a movie on the iPad.

As before mentioned mini bags of assorted chips. Oreo cookies, Cheese and crackers. Little mini packs of snacks that will make things really simple. And don’t forget to bring out the water.

Fruit for snacking on

Fruits are a good choice for a snack. And easy for camping in the yard. Any thing with a hard skin is great for camping and a nutritional snack. Here’s a few ideas: Apples, pears, bananas, peaches, and plums.

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Roast Marshmallow’s

If you don’t have a fire pit, your kids can eat marshmallows from the bag. But if you do have a fire pit. This is where the fun begins.

Use the fire pit to roast marshmallow’s. If you don’t have skewers don’t worry simply use sticks. And don’t forget to get Hershey’s chocolate bars and graham crackers. You will need them to make some smores.

You could also cook hot dogs on the open flames of the fire pit. It doesn’t take to much to cook a hot dog. That is an easy traditional camp meal. A hot dog with mustard and a bun. That’s quick and easy to do in the back yard. Of course all cooking will have to be supervised by an adult.

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Watching a Movie Inside the Tent in the Back Yard

I remember running a wire from the house to the tent, Plugging in a 12 inch black and white TV. Which had rabbit ears, that had to be up to catch a signal. Staying up almost all night in the back of the house in the tent. That was so much fun!

Now a days things are a little bit easier. The kids can watch a movie from inside the tent. Without the use of rabbit ears. By simply turning on the iPad. And they will still have as much fun. Being in their own space inside the tent. Watching their movie of choice. Staying up as late as they possibly can. Making back yard memories.

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