Camping Activities for Kids (The Best Summer fun & Memories)

Finally you get to take some time off work. To spend with your family. You have decided to go camping. Because you want this to be the best vacation ever. But in the back of your mind your wondering what camping activities for kids are there?

A lot of campgrounds have fun things to do. And they ramp it up on the Holidays. So if your wondering what are camping activities for kids. Campgrounds have Pumpkin Chunking, Mini Golf, Bouncy games, Game Rooms with arcades, Swimming pool, Pool Table, Paint ball, Bingo, Horse Shoes, playground, play basketball, Fishing, Dance, Roast Marshmallow’s, Color, work a Jigsaw puzzle, Arts & crafts, Play bean toss, Croquet.

That’s just a few of the Activities for kids to do when camping. Read on for more fun activities and camping memories you can have.

Camping Activities at Halloween

Some fond memories of not so long ago. Was renting a cabin at the campground. And it was around Halloween. The campground went all out and had fun activities for the kids and for the big kids – “adults”.

The campgrounds had a hayride. Which was free for anyone who wanted to take the ghostly ride. After you were on the ride there were ghosts and gobbling’s coming out to get you.

They were strategically placed along the path. And at one point, just when you thought it was safe. Someone grabs at your feet. It was fun, now it was a little scary but not so much that the kids would be too scared to go for a ride. And besides the adults were in line too.

Some camp grounds the campers actually dress up there campsites for Halloween and hand out candy to the kids. How much fun is that? The Holidays are always more fun then usual.

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Pumpkin Chunkin

Oh and the same campground had a pumpkin chunkin contest. To see which pumpkin could be shot out of a cannon. And flung across the lake. Everyone loved watching that.

No worries though there was a professional who operated the pumpkin cannon. I say it was a cannon. It looked like a potato shooter. Or a Giant bazooka.

You put the pumpkin in one end. Use either in the other end and put the cap on. When your ready aim and then light it. And out comes the Pumpkin. At high velocity.

Miniature Golf

Another game that is not just for the kids, but the whole family. Is Mini golf, not all the campgrounds offer this. But check your campground ahead of time to see what activities they offer. If mini golf is one of them then consider reserving a site. Because the kids love mini golf.

Bouncy House Games

I’m sure the technical name is not bouncy house game. But it’s the one that is huge. There are a bunch of small tennis size balls inside and the kids get in and bounce around. Usually the outside is blown up with air. You know the one? This is a great activity for the kids when camping. They can spend hours on that one game. Bounce House with plastic balls.

Arcade & Game Room

If all the campground has is one arcade game room. Then that will be plenty of activity for kids. Who doesn’t like playing games? The kids love it. The only downside is your camping adventure can become quite costly.

Swimming Pool

Not all campgrounds have a swimming pool. But if they do, your looking at hours of fun for the whole family. Some are only 3 foot deep. But when it is hot out 3 feet of cool refreshing water will do. And besides the kids can have fun in 2 feet of water. Or just give them a water balloon that will get them going.

Paint ball/Laser Tag

Is something new at the campgrounds. Although it has been around a long time. Depending on how old the kids are this could be some great outdoor fun and adventure. Not to mention great exercise. Check the next time your looking for a campground to see if they offer paint ball or laser tag.


Bingo is so much fun. It’s also another game that the whole family can enjoy. The bingo games I have attended at campgrounds have little prizes that you can win. It’s not so much gambling with money. But just as much fun.

Horse Shoe

Can you have camping without horse shoes? Another fun game for the whole family. If your child is still small. You can get the plastic horse shoe’s so that they can use them when playing.


Almost all the campgrounds I have been to offer some sort of playground for the kids to have fun. Even if it’s really small there is usually at least a swing set.

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A great camping activity for the kids is basketball. A lot of the campgrounds have a net and hoop. Not a real basketball court. But who needs a complete court. You just need some room to shoot. And to get a game of horse going.


One of the best things to do when camping is fishing. Great for kids because they might catch a fish. And great for parents because there is nothing cooler than to see your kid. Or any kid catch a fish. Especially if it is there first fish.

Standup Paddle Board

If there is a lake where you are camping. A new fun sport is a freestyle board. That is for standup paddle boarding. This is definitely a young persons sport. Remember safety first. Always wear a lifejacket.


Some campsites have fun activity’s at certain times for the kids. And one of those is dancing. Where they have an area with music and it’s up to the kids to do the dancing. Usually the older kids enjoy the dance at the campground.

Roast Marshmallows

Every kid whether they like marshmallows or not. They loves to roast marshmallows in the camp fire. I think it must have some appeal of playing with the fire. I don’t know but they love the campfire. And love roasting marshmallows. And while your doing that, you might as well pull out the chocolate and graham crackers and make some smores.

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Camping Activities for Kids That You Bring

Just in case there are not very many things at the campground you choose to go to. You can always bring some great games and activities for the kids to play. You can make it fun for the whole family with some of the games.

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Bean Toss

One of the best games for the backyard, barbeque and for the campsite. And that’s bean toss. This game you have to have at least two people to play it. But you can have the whole family play. This is great for bonding and hours of fun filled memories while camping.

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Another fun game for everyone to enjoy is croquet.

Quiet Time Activities

What kind of activities can the kids do while camping? They can bring some games to play. Here are a couple of ideas of fun activities for quiet times.


Maybe I’m still a kid but I find that coloring is quite relaxing. But if the kids want to pack some coloring books, construction paper, pens, pencils and crayons. This can be hours of fun inside the tent or sitting at the table under the canopy.

Work a Jigsaw Puzzle

It can be fun doing a Jigsaw puzzle and usually takes up a lot of time. This is the type of activity that is fun if it is raining and you are momentarily stuck inside the tent or RV. You could also download on a iPad an app for word games, crossword puzzles or a game chess.

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Campground Activities for kids if there bored

  • Fly a kite
  • Paint their face
  • Play Badminton
  • Paint Rocks
  • Whiffle ball
  • Catch butterflies
  • Draw with chalk on the road
  • Read a book
  • Play with electronics
  • Arts & Crafts

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What Things to do to Keep Kids Busy While Camping

Take a bucket and fill it with water. Take dawn dishwashing or any dishwashing soap. Add it to the bucket. Take a badminton or tennis racket and use it to dunk in the soapy water to make giant bubbles. It works best if you cut out the inside of the tennis racket. This is a cheap way of entertainment for the kids. They will enjoy hours of fun.

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