What’s the Best Portable BBQ for Camping

When you go camping you don’t have the luxury of bringing the kitchen stove with you. But you need to know what the best portable BBQ for camping is. To ensure that your food will still be cooked to perfection.

Today there are a lot of BBQ choices for camping. And I have used a lot of them. But I am going to tell you why the Weber Q1200 is simply the Best Portable BBQ.

So if you have been looking and searching for a Great Barbie Que Grill. Look at this article…

Weber Quality

Weber is top notch when it comes to the BBQ industry. At the time of making this article there has been over 5,000 customers who have purchased this Weber BBQ and the rating is 100%. This says a lot about this product. And you don’t have to take my word for it. See what other Campers are saying about this grill here on Amazon.

In fact weber is so sure of there quality that there motto is built to last. The Q Grill is designed so that it can stand on it’s own. On a flat surface such as a table.

Webber Q Grill

The Q is a Little grill Built to last. The Q grill is almost square. So you get a full width and length of cooking surface. The primary cooking area is Almost 1.5 feet on each side. There is one stainless steel burner. Which puts out 12,000 BTU, hot enough to cook up plenty of delicious food.

The cooking surface is enclosed by the lid. And the grill sits in a cradle with legs. On each side there is a handy tray to help when cooking. Handy for holding cookware.

What Makes Weber Q the Best Seller of Portable Grills?

  • The Weber Q is small enough to easily pack and take on your next camping trip.
  • Cast iron cooking grate.
  • Q 2200 is made of Aluminum which makes it very rugged, durable and yet lite weight.
  • Stainless Steel Burner that puts out a lot of heat for cooking (8,500 BTU an Hour).
  • Easy to light with electronic ignition.
  • Two work tables small propane bottles or can get an adapter for 20lb bottle on Amazon.

What to Look for When Looking for a Portable BBQ

Material – Your Going to want to make sure your buying a good quality grill. A brand name like weber who have been in the grilling business since the 50’s. You want to know that the grill is rugged and durable to with stand the elements of outdoors. And sturdy enough to last a lifetime. The weber is cast iron, Stainless still and aluminum.

Burners – Make sure the grill has enough flame to heat the cooking surface.

Weight – You want a sturdy grill, but one that is lite enough to take anywhere you need to take it.

Portability – Make sure the grill is big enough to cook the proper quantity of food you need. And make sure it is small enough so that it is lite weight and easy to pack and store away for camping.

How much can you place on the cooking surface? The Q2200 fits 12 burgers!

It comes in Different Colors! Click for the Q1200 on Amazon Now!

Grill on the Go

Weber Q 2200 Gas Grill. the perfect two person grill! Made of durable material that retains heat. And is easy to clean. The lid has a built in thermometer that makes cooking even easier. The grill works with a propane cylinder. Which is sold separately. With the cast iron cooking great you get an even heat distribution across the cooking surface. And an easy ignition system to start the burner in any condition. Speaking of the burner it’s made of stainless steel. There is a removeable catch pan for easy clean up, and work space that tucks away for easy portability.

Accessories for Cooking at Camp

Easy to use flat top Grill Cart

Grill Cover for Q Series

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Alternative Cooking at the Campsite

Maybe your Looking for a little bit more cooking surface. Introducing the Q2200 Your still going to get the quality of the Weber name. With the Stainless steel and cast iron materials. Also work space on both sides of the grill. The difference between the Q1200 and Q2200 is the size of the grill and the burner is 12000 BTU an hour.

Even though the Q2200 is bigger, its still small & lite weight to take on the go. Click for details Q2200 on Amazon.


After a long day of camping you get pretty hungry. And your going to want a reliable quick and easy grill. That works when you want it too. That makes great meals faster because of the even heat across the surface of the cooking area. And once you have had that great meal you don’t want a lot of hassle cleaning up the grill. If your looking for the best portable BBQ for camping. Then you can stop looking because I can guarantee that the Q is it. Why because I own one and I recommend it. So if you want the best BBQ for camping. Click the link and Get the Q on Amazon.

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