Camping Tools for Cooking

Whether your a first time camper or have been camping for years you both need camping tools for cooking. This is a complete guide of all the kitchen tools you will need. To serve up your best meals camping.

Here are the most important to start this list of camping tools for cooking.

Camping Tools for cooking:

  • Ice Chest to keep the food fresh
  • Pots, Pans & Frying Pan (Cast Iron)
  • Cooking Utensils (Knives, Spatulas, Cutting board)
  • propane Stove
  • Griddle
  • Plates and cutlery
  • Cups, bowls, paper towels
  • Glass Jar to put excess Grease

These are just the bare essentials. But if you want to have a complete camping kitchen. Then take a look at these must have camping kitchen tools.

Pots & Pans

When you go camping, anything you need for cooking you have to bring. But you are limited by the amount of space in the car when packing it all in. So what I recommend is getting a set of pots and pans made specific for camping. First off they are not bulky and they fit inside one another for easy packing. I found just that. Take a look at the best camping kitchen ware. Here in camping essentials.

Frying Pan

If your like me you use a frying pan quite a bit when camping. It just seems so much easier to make things in a frying pan. Breakfast is my favorite meal when camping and either I use a cast iron frying skillet or I’ll pull out the griddle to get it done quicker. If there are a lot of mouths to feed.

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Camping Hack: How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

This is done to prior to using. Wash the skillet with soap and water. Then dry the skillet really good. Next take vegetable oil, and spread a thin layer on the surface of the pan. After that line the bottom rack of the oven with tin foil. Place the Cast iron skillet in the oven. Set the temperature of the oven to 375 degrees. Then Leave for one hour, baking the skillet. source

Camping Grate

Food over an open flame just has a succulent flavor. So be sure to pack a grate to place over the fire just in case there is not one at the campsite.

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Cooking Utensils

No matter if your at home or camping your going to need cooking utensils. Like a Spatula, Wooden Spoon, fork, Knife, peeler. These seem obvious but you will probably want to bring more than one of each. There are different spoons you may need one with slits for draining liquid. Or a maybe you need ladles. Like most things when your going camping you will want to think about what your cooking and make a list of the essential tools to bring.

Other Camping Kitchen Utensils: Can opener, bottle opener, Wine opener.

Your Always going to need to open something. And yes you may not be cooking with wine on your trip. But a nice glass of wine makes cooking a little bit more fun. And it’s nice relaxing by the fire, with a glass of wine & the hot coals.

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Measuring Spoons & Cups

Your probably not going to be baking a cake while your camping. But you may need to measure out how much pancake mix you need. It doesn’t take much to pack one measuring cup.

Cutting Board

Don’t leave home without your cutting board. You almost always are going to need to have a good cutting board handy.

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Tongs are a great tool for flipping steaks, and moving your bacon, chicken, corn. And all sorts of foods you cook. They work great on an open flame grate, griddle, or a grill.

Coffee Pot

I don’t know about you but I have to have a nice warm cup of coffee to start the day. Some of the best tasting coffee is with a percolator. It’s an easy way to make coffee when your camping. And you can use it to heat water for hot chocolate.

Percolator on Amazon

Don’t forget the coffee cups!

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When you go camping if your feeding more than yourself. You might want to invest in a griddle. If you have never cooked on a griddle. It makes every thing so much easier, and you can cook twice as much food. In a shorter amount of time. Check out the Camping Essentials Best Griddle here.

Camping Stove

Even if you use a griddle a stove will also come in handy. You will need to cook coffee, vegetables, boil water what ever the case maybe your going to want a camping stove. Proven to be the best and stand the test of time is the Coleman stove. See why Coleman stove is rated number 1 in Camping Essentials.

Kitchen Accessories the Tools of the Trade

First off your going to need bowls. For stirring and mixing they are usually medium to large size. Then containers with lids for storing. When I camp I try to have zero left overs. What I mean is if there is any I use it for a snack or with another meal. You know what they say waste not want not.

Aluminum foil

Another accessory that comes in handy is tin foil. I use tin foil quite a bit when cooking especially on a grill. It’s great for wrapping corn on the cob, or a nice potato or foil packs.

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Pot & Pan Holders (BBQ Gloves)

Things get hot when you are cooking especially when your cooking on an open flame. Such as a campfire, or even a grill. I find what works best are BBQ Gloves. They are heat resistant up to 1400 plus degrees. And are fire and grease resistant.

Picture from LLbean

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Camping Tools for Cooking When Backpacking

When your out in the woods hiking by yourself. Things are a little different when it comes to cooking tools. You don’t have the ability to carry a bunch of supply’s and gear on the trail. So what are the essentials that you will need to bring with you?

You are going to want a camping stove that will fit in your backpack. This is the best option. It is a camp stove and grill all in one. And is also a light and capable for charging electronics. Which is a great safety item.

Picture from Survival Frog

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After a Stove your going to need Cooking Utensils:

Cooking Utensils for Hiking

You can get a complete set of cooking utensils with knifes forks spoons. Cutting board spatula and more that fits nice and neat to fit into your backpack.(Check Current Price LLBean)

Picture from LLbean

Cooking Essentials Hiking

  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Cup

Your going to need water and food. Now if your packing to hike your not going to be able to carry an ice chest with everyday amenities. But what you can do is bring nutritional food with you for that long hike. Take a look at all the healthy choices offered at survival frog.

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Related Questions

Which Utensils is Best for Cooking?

A good choice when camping is using utensils that are heat resistant, and scratch resistant. Ones that are made of silicone or plastic. Here’s a list of the Best Utensils:

  • Spoons
  • Knives
  • Forks
  • Spatula
  • Tongs
  • Skewers wood or metal.
  • Cutting Board
  • Measuring cups/Spoons

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Can you use normal pans on a camping stove?

Yes, A camping stove is just the same as your stove at home that is gas or propane. You can use regular pots and pans straight out of your kitchen. Although I like to have a separate set of cookware specifically for camping.

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