What are the 10 Essentials for Camping

When you go camping you don’t need to pack the kitchen sink to make the campsite comfortable. But there are some things you are definitely going to need to take with you. Take a look at what are the 10 essentials for camping.

What are the 10 essentials for camping? 10 Camping Essentials listed below are not in any specific order of importance.

A Tent is an Essential Part of Camping

A Tent would be one of my top 10 pieces of gear to bring. The tent is not just for sleeping in. Which is important, but also you can use the tent to keep you from the elements. If it is raining and your out roughing it. Then tent is going to be the only cover from the rain.

Which when this happens you can sit inside the tent and play cards, read a book or watch a movie from your iPad or phone. There are many things that if you are “stuck” in the tent you can do. If you need some ideas take a look at What to Do Camping in the Rain?

Also a tent can be used for privacy. If your changing clothes or if you need to stay away from the sun. Of course if the tent is in the sun you might get a little hot in there. If you do get a tent make sure it has cross ventilation to help keep the inside of the tent cooler. The tent is a very important part of camping. Maybe most important.(Link to Tent Survivaval Frog).

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A Cozy Sleeping Bag is an Essential for Camping

The Second Essential – Would be a sleeping bag. You could bring other bedding like blankets. And depending on the outside temperature they might work. But a sleeping bag is a lot easier to take with you. They have straps that keep them rolled up for easy transport. And most sleeping bags are made of special materials.

Sleeping bags are insolated and at the same time if it gets warm. There is ventilation to keep the dampness off of you if you sweat. You can get a variety of different sleeping bags; From a mummy style, where the bag wraps you like a mummy to a double wide for a couple. And everything in between.

Sleeping bags can be bought to keep you warm in different temperatures. They are made for maximum warmth and comfort.

See the different features of sleeping bags and why a sleeping is the best way to stay warm while you sleep in a tent right here in the camping essentials.

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A Good Ice Chest Will Keep the Ice & Perishables Longer

The Third Camping Essential – Food, and a way to keep the food from spoiling. Of Course your going to need food! A good cooler is another camping essential your going to use every time you are camping. There are lots of different coolers out there. But you don’t want to spend a lot of time worrying about your food. And constantly adding bags of ice. Worrying whether or not, your cooler is going to keep the perishables from spoiling. You can see more about camping must have gear in this Related Article: Best Camping Gadgets.

The 4th Camping Essential Every Campsite Should Have

When you go camping there are some things you hope you never need to use. But if that emergency happens, your going to be glad you had it. And I’m talking about a first aid kit. Just like everything you do.

Whether its sports, fishing or camping safety should always be the first thing on your mind. And that goes for camping too. Maybe even more so. Your out there in the wilderness and you need to be prepared. This is the best way to over come an emergency is to be prepared for it.

Being prepared; If there was a fire, you don’t wait until there is a fire to figure out what to do. No… you plan for if there is a fire. You do fire drills and figure out a plan of action. And this is the same with a first aid kit, you should have a plan.

A plan for the unexpected emergency. First thing is to have a descent first aid kit. And you should know where it is kept just in case it needs to be used. Here is a link to First aid Kits in and Survival tools you should have when camping.

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Camping Essential #5 – Kitchen Ware

Camping Essential #5 – Kitchen Ware is the next camping essential. Your going to need everything. I mean everything when you go camping. You don’t want to take a lot of big items. You need kitchen tools that are going to do the job. Ones that are lite weight and easy to pack.

You can get a full set pots and pan. A lot of them fit inside of each other to make them as compact as possible. So that you can take them anywhere.

Then don’t forget knives, forks, spoons, plates to eat with. Don’t forget the cups for your drinks. And you also need kitchen utensils to cook with. Towels, a way to wash the dishes. To understand everything you need to bring, look at this article Camping Tools for Cooking.

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Camping Stove is Camping Essential #6

Having a way to cook a meal is essential. And when you are camping there are different ways to cook. Open fire, a Grill or a Griddle and camping stove. They all are good in there own way. But I like the camping stove. My go to camping cooking essential. And there are several reasons.

The first is simplicity. Open the stove, screw on the propane and light it up. There are enough burners so you can cook more than one item at a time. Great for making Coffee with no Electricity.

And the one I like was designed for outdoor cooking. Made rugged and is made to block the wind. We all know that fire and wind don’t do well together.

Then the second reason; Is how easy it is to carry, and pack to take in the car camping. Very lite and portable. It folds up like a suitcase and has a handle. Check out the related article to see what kind of camping stove.

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Water is for More than Drinking it’s a Camping Essential

Camping Essential 6 – Water of course your going to need plenty of water. You can either bring bottled water or you can have a way to store the water. There are a lot of reasons you are going to need plenty of water. Here are some of them.

  • Drinking Water – Use a container rather than individual bottles.
  • Filling a Solar Shower with water to take a shower.
  • Washing Dishes.

These are just a few things you will need the water for. So be sure to bring plenty of water. Related Topic: Camping shower ultimate guide for tent camping.

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Proper Clothing is a Camping Essential

I always say when camping expect the unexpected. And what I mean is the weather. You need to take the proper clothing. If it is hot you should have shorts, short sleeves, lite shoes and even swimwear if there is swimming where you are going camping.

Also you should pack for cooler weather and rain. Just because it is hot when you go doesn’t mean that it is going to stay that way. Take along rain gear, such as a rain coat, a hat, warmer shirt, long sleeve or a hoodie. Take heavier shoes or boots. Always take additional underwear and socks. When you go camping you want to stay dry.

If your feet get wet and it is cool out, your going to want to change your socks. So be prepared with proper clothing. Even if you don’t end up using it at least you packed it just incase. Better safe, than cold and wet!

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When Your Camping There are Some Tools that Always Come in Handy

The Number one tool Your going to need is toilet paper. (make sure have lots). Also a hammer for putting up the tent. Hammering the spikes into the ground. And a hammer is a handy tool to have for many uses. Then also an axe or hatchet. If you want to do any cutting for fire wood. And a knife is a must have when camping. There are more tools like a flashlight, lighter, Weather Radio. Take a look at the complete list of tools in the What Tools Do I Need for Camping.

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Camping with the Help from Alternative Energy

Let’s face it even when we are roughing it. You still want to be able to connect. Even if it is for the security of knowing what the weather will be. You need to have some way to connect to the grid. And in most cases that is going to be your cell phone. And your kids may have iPads and their phones. Which are fun for keeping them busy, when the weather is not cooperating.

If they are stuck in the tent because it rains or what ever the case maybe. They can watch a movie or listen to songs. But anyway these are all rechargeable devices. And if you are roughing it and don’t have any electricity. Then it will be a great idea to have an alternative source of power.

That can charge phones and a lot more. And it runs off solar energy, or you can charge it from a wall outlet prior to going. If you want to learn more about this; Take a look at the Portable Solar Power Station In the CampingJargons Camping Essentials Gear.

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