How Can I Make Coffee Without Electricity

If your going camping and it’s a primitive site. Meaning know electricity. Then you might be wondering how can I make coffee without electricity. If your concerned about it take a look at 8 different ways to make coffee camping without electricity.

How Can I Make Coffee Without Electricity:

  1. Make Cowboy Coffee Over Open Flame
  2. Use a battery operated coffee maker
  3. Instant Coffee
  4. A Percolator will work over a fire, grill & stove.
  5. Alternative Energy Source
  6. Propane coffee maker
  7. Boil water with a Kettle
  8. Propane stove

Now if you want to know more about the 8 ways to make coffee without electricity. Keep reading for examples of how to make coffee while camping or if you simply have a power outage.

Use an Alternative Energy Source to Make Coffee

Whether your camping or there is a natural cause of your electricity to be interrupted. Like a storm or natural disaster. It is a good thing to have alternative energy. You can operate a lot of things like charge cell phones, keep the food in the fridge from spoiling. Oh and yeah operate a coffee pot.

When you go camping you can take a portable solar power station. These power stations come in handy. The Goal Zero Yetti is lite weight and will power up a lot more than a coffee pot. Great for camping and is an alternative energy source, that runs off of solar. Featured here in the Camping Essentials.

What is Cowboy Coffee?

Traditional Cowboys would put coffee grinds in the pot. Fill the pot with water and then hang it over the campfire. After the coffee has steeped into the water then the water takes on the flavor.

Make Cowboy Coffee Over Open Flame

It’s simple but it can be a messy clean up. The grinds are loose in the pot. Another way to make Cowboy coffee is by using a coffee sock to place the coffee in. Boil some water and then place the coffee in the water. After the coffee is steeped pour into the coffee mug and enjoy.

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A Percolator Works Over a Fire, Grill & Stove

A lot of people like to keep it simple when brewing coffee. And when your camping a percolator is very versatile. Basically you take the lid off the top of the coffee maker. Then add water to the desired level. Which is based off of how many cups of coffee your making. Scoop in coffee into the filter basket. Then reinstall it into the percolator.

The percolator can be used on a grate on an open fire. A grill or placed on a stove to make the coffee. Which gives you plenty of choice to make your coffee camping. Even if you don’t have electricity.

And don’t forget you can use a percolator to just boil water so you can make a nice cup of tea. If that’s your bag (pun intended).

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Propane Coffee Maker

A perfect coffee maker for camping with or without electricity is a propane coffee maker. Even if your electricity goes out at home. You could use a propane coffee pot. But you would need to take your coffee pot outdoors.


The propane coffee pot is made for camping. Yes it runs off of propane. But everything else is just like the home coffee pot. There is a filter carrier that you remove to add the coffee grinds to it. And then add water and press a button.

The propane tank comes in a 16.4 oz. bottle. Which screws onto the intake metal line. It’s that easy! Another plus is you get a perfect cup each time you make it. Perfect for camping, hunting, tailgating and other outdoor occasions. Check out this related article for more info: What is the best way to make coffee while camping.

Use Instant Coffee When There is No Electricity

The great thing about instant coffee is it is very easy to make. And you basically need hot water and Coffee. And your all set. Then you can make it to your liking. Each cup can be made to each an individuals liking. Spooning in the amount of coffee to make it as strong as you like. Each brand of coffee has there own directions.

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Battery Operated Coffee Maker

Another choice is a battery operated coffee maker. If you are going camping out in the woods where there is zero electricity. The might be a choice of coffee makers. Or like I said even if your at home and the power is out. A battery operated coffee pot like the could come in handy.

The Makita coffee maker is a 1 cup coffee maker that works off of a Lithium battery. The battery is sold separate. And of course you are going to have to keep the battery charged. (Get Current Price on Amazon).

Boil Water With a Kettle

If your using a kettle to heat up the water. You can make some instant coffee when camping on the stove. Or if everyone is not into coffee. You can make hot tea and even hot chocolate. A kettle is a good thing to have on a cool day at the campsite.

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Propane Stove Coffee Pot

This cool Coffee pot made By Coleman is made to work with a burner off of the Colman stove.

Picture on Amazon

The base of the coffee maker is made of steel. And it is built to fit over most camping stove burners. Add water and coffee like you do in your home coffee maker, then start brewing. The coffee pot will make 10 cups. And the really cool thing about it is. You can push a pause button to stop mid stream and fill up a cup of coffee.(Get Current Price on Amazon).

About Brewing Coffee

According to the National Coffee Association (NCA) Reports that the coffee survey trends show that 44% of coffee drinkers are more likely to buy certified organic coffee.

What Qualifies for Organic Coffee? Every cup of coffee starts with a coffee tree. The tree blooms coffee cherries. Which are berry’s. When the berries become ripe then they are picked. The outside of the berries is thrown away and the inside seed becomes the bean.

The coffee bean is heated at a temperature of over 300 degrees. The Roasting process purifies the bean and at the same time imparts flavor.

If the coffee at the store is organic the package is certified organic with a Certification Seal. This seal certifies that the coffee has gone through an organic supply chain processes. And quality control from tree to cup, to safeguard the organic standards. Which is overseen by the (USDA). The U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The organic standards are over seen by the USDA to insure soil quality. Also what plants are grown. No GMO plants are used in production. Also the management of pests and weeds. Source

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