What is the Best Way to Make Coffee While Camping?

According to USA Today the best way to make coffee while camping is by brining your own bag of coffee beans. Bring a bean grinder. Grind your beans and use a filter and brew them over a campfire.

I recommend, if you are tent camping to keep it simple. You already have enough to bring and that grinding the beans has never been done at my site. Let me tell you the best way I like to make coffee while camping.

Here is what I do and it tastes great! So if your wondering what is the best way to make coffee while camping: What is the best way to make coffee while camping? Take the percolator coffee pot. Remove the inside piece that holds the coffee. Add potable water to the pot. Place coffee filter in carrier, then add coffee. I place the coffee pot on the Propane stove. Light the burner and about 10 minutes later I have a nice warm cup of Java.

There are many coffee pots out there and they all do a pretty good job of making coffee. Check out Some of the best coffee makers to make coffee while camping.

Battery Operated Coffee Maker for Camping

Believe it or not there are coffee pots that are battery operated. This coffee maker called the Makita is cordless. And runs off of a rechargeable ion battery.

It brews one cup of coffee in about 5 minutes. I have not personally tried this coffee pot, and I probably won’t and here’s why. When you go camping, a cup of coffee in the morning makes that morning chill. And seeing your breath in the air when you exhale all worth while.

But if you forgot to charge the battery your coffee pot is not going to work. Also the battery is not included so these are two thumbs down. Although this may be a very good coffee pot. I need one that I don’t have to worry about.

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Instant Coffee is One Brewing Method for Camping

Maybe you don’t use instant coffee at home every morning before work. But when your camping you are slowing things down. You want to roll things back a step, relax and don’t worry about all the hustle and bustle. Plus you don’t want to have to lug a lot of extras with you.

This is what makes Instant coffee so appealing. It’s easy to pack lite weight and easy to make. Coffee + Hot water and you have a cup of coffee. I know what your thinking yuk instant coffee but I think instant coffee gets a bad rap. Next time you go camping try it out. You might be surprised!

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Keurig Camping Coffee Maker

Simple is king! A great way to make coffee at home and camping is with the Keurig. This one cup coffee maker is small enough to make it a no brainer to pack and take to the camp. But you need to have electricity.

So if you are camping without electricity this could be a Big problem. But there are two ways to get around this. First is to camp where you know you are going to have electric. But you might like more of a rustic camping trip.

The second solution is to bring with you your own source of energy. When you have your own energy source like a solar generator. You can use it for a lot of situations other than camping.

Like disasters & emergency’s where you need a sustainable supply of electricity. Check out the Portable Solar Power Station in our Camping Essentials.

Cowboy Coffee is a great Brew for Camping

The Pro’s and Cons of Cowboy Coffee. Some pro’s is the simplicity of making cowboy coffee. Take coffee grounds and boil them in water, over a campfire. The Con of Cowboy coffee is the clean up. The grinds will make a little bit of a mess when cleaning up. Get some tips on how to make a good campfire here.

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How to Make 1 Cup of Cowboy Coffee

If you only need to make one cup of coffee you can. First you need a filter. What you are going to use is a clean bandana or a cloth coffee sock. Your going to place the coffee grounds into the cloth. Boil water. (be careful with the hot water). And place the cloth with the coffee, into the kettle. Place back on stove and lower the heat. Let the coffee sit in the hot water until it takes on the flavor of the coffee. After about 5-10 minutes you can pour yourself a cup of Cowboy Coffee.

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The Best Camping Coffee Maker Propane

Coleman a Brand that is Synonymous with camping. That being said you would automatically think Coleman has come up with the best way to make coffee when camping, right?

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

When dealing with instant coffee and cowboy coffee you are going to get a different cup of coffee every time. That’s what gives the Coleman Coffee Maker an advantage.

Not only do you get a perfect cup every time. But the coffee pot by Coleman runs off of a 16 OZ bottle of Propane. Even though it heats off of propane. It is designed to be very familiar to all campers. You make coffee the same as the home coffee pot.

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Making Coffee With the Coleman Portable Camping Coffee Maker

This Coffee machine makes about 10 cups of coffee. There is a removeable coffee filter basket. You remove and spoon the coffee into the basket. Then add water and push a button. This coffee pot takes about 18 minutes to brew. But Like I said you get 10 perfect cups every time.

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Backpacking Coffee Maker

Image from Survival Frog

When you are backpacking you don’t have any room to spare, when it comes to packing equipment and gear. So you need something small effective and portable. And what better than the Biolite Camp site Portable Grill. Which will allow you to boil water. So you can make coffee.

This is a Backpackers Ultimate camping equipment.

  • Kettle for Coffee
  • Wood Stove
  • Flex Light
  • Portable Grill
  • Renewable energy
  • USB Port for charging your phone.

See the features of the Biolite Portable CampStove on Survival Frog.

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Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Coleman has been around since the early 1900’s if there is one thing they know about its camping gear. That’s what they do! And the Quick Pot Propane Coffeemaker is no exception.

Just like home coffee makers. Simply remove the filter basket and spoon in the coffee. Add water and push the button. The coffee pot runs off of 16.4 oz of propane bottle. So if you are really roughing it camping. Not to worry you are still going to be able to enjoy that freshly brewed coffee.

The only downside, which in my mind is not really a down side is that the propane bottle is sold separate. But if you want a perfect cup of coffee on every camping trip then the coalman is the way to go. (Get Current Pricing on Amazon).

Camping Coffee Maker Amazon

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About Coffee

According to the National Coffee Asociation. (NAC) No one knows when or how Coffee came to be. Although there are many Legends. The heritage of coffee can be traced back to Ethiopia. Legend has it that a goat herder discovered coffee. When his goats ate berries from a certain tree and they became very energetic.

After making his discovery he reported his findings to the local monistery. Where they made a drink out of the berries. And found that they too had energy to keep them awake almost all night.

It wasn’t long until the news of the berries spread through out the Arabian Peninsula and across the world.

Coffee in the 15th Century

Coffee was being farmed and traded in the Arabian Peninsula in the 15th century. And by the 16th Century the people in Persia, Egypt, Turkey and Syria new about coffee. There were coffee houses people would frequent. And coffee was in homes too. The Coffee house was a place for gathering and where people could go to socialize. They also had shows that they would watch and listen to music. People enjoyed socializing while they drank coffee at the coffee house.

Coffee in the 17th Century

It wasn’t long before Europeans that traveled to the east also learned about the dark beverage. And by the 17th Century coffee was now in Europe. Coffee Houses became big in Europe for socializing and a cup of coffee was cheap. And by the middle of the 17th Century there were over 300 coffee houses in London.

Coffee In The USA 1773

By the Mid 1600’s, coffee was brought to New York. And as such coffee houses started cropping up. But tea was still the favored drink in America. That was until 1773 when King George imposed a steep taxation on Tea the colonies revolted against the Taxation. This Revolt is known as the Boston Tea Party. As they say the rest is history. Since then America favored Coffee.

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