What is the Easiest Canopy to Set up: Clam Quick Set Review

When camping sometimes you want to stay out of the sun. You always want to keep the bugs away and the rain off of you. Well now you can with the Quick Set Clam.

What is a Quick Set Clam Shelter? Quick Set Clam Shelter is a convenient shelter. That is easy to setup in minutes. Works well for Tent camping and RV Camping. Easy to setup for outdoor events. Can be used for sporting events. And Shelter while on the beach.

If you want to simply stay in an overnight tent. Or need a screen shelter for eating. Then take a look at the Quick set by Clam on Amazon.


I don’t know about you but I like comfort and convenience. When your talking about the clam you get both. You never have to struggle again trying to setup this shelter. You are no longer going to have to spend a lot of time setting up this tent.

The clam is so convenient it takes less than 10 minutes to setup. I know you probably can’t believe this. But it’s true I couldn’t believe how easy it is to setup.

Clan from Amazon

Clam Quick Set Pavilion

What Features can you expect to find with the Quick set Clam?

  • Durable Screened in mesh Shelter
  • Removeable panels that are built in.
  • Floor panel that can be removed.
  • Large Capacity for up to 9 people.
  • Carrying bag.
  • Light weight for ease of portability.
  • Different colors Red, Green and Brown.
  • Sizes such as 10×10, 12×12
  • With removeable panels and without removeable panels.

There are different clams with various different features. Some most distinct features are the wind panels. There are some clams that the panel can be completely removed. This Quick set gazebo can be popped up in 45 seconds. See on Amazon.

Clam Screen Tent Wind Panels

Picture from Amazon

The Wind Panels are great. When they are down you have complete privacy. If you wanted to throw a cot and a sleeping bag in there. You have plenty of room. The Clam is great for an overnight stay.

The panels can be rolled up. And with the ties that are at the top of the shelter you can roll the panels up. To allow air circulation through the tent. But yet you are still protected with the screened in mesh.

The Quick Setup is very versatile.

With the panels raised this is a perfect tent that you can fit over any table. In this manner you are able to setup a nice place to eat your meals while camping. And you are still away from the pests like fly’s and other unwanted critters.

Clam Wind Panel

Once the big panel is down you can still get air flow with the zip panels that open.

Say you don’t want to use the floor you can remove it. Which makes it really easy to place the tent over a picnic table so that you can eat. And have the convenience of not having bugs in and around your meal.

You still have easy access through a wide door. That is sheltered with a wind panel to keep you enclosed and away from the bugs.

There are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from with the clam. I like the 10×10 it’s big enough for all my needs.

There are tethers and stakes that when in use stake the tent to the ground. Which secures the tent from excessive wind.

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Clam Quick-Set Excursion

As mentioned before you can take the clam with you. If you are out at the beach and you don’t want to be in the sun all the time. The Quick set is the way to go. It’s no hassle to erect it. And cool off in the comfort of the clam.

With the privacy wind panels you can use the clam for changing too. Which is great after a nice long swim. And now you just want to relax. Then you can, in your own privacy changing room.

Pro’s of the Quick Set Clam

  • Easy to setup. Very lite weight. And the material is well constructed. The mesh is better than other shelters I’ve used in the past. It is very sturdy and well made.
  • There’s lots of room inside. You can put cots in there. Or up to 6 lawn chairs inside. Or even a full size picnic table.
  • Quick tear down – In less than 5 minutes you can tear down the tent and replace it back into its carrying bag. Also the carrying bag is a little larger than most tent bags which makes it easier to put everything back in the bag.
  • Sturdy and spacious – A person who is bigger and taller has plenty of room. Even if your taller than 6ft. You still can stand inside the tent.
  • Water Proof – Keeps you dry even in torrential rain with the use of the weather panels.
  • When Secured with the tethered stakes the tent stands up against high winds.

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Con’s of the Quick Set Clam

There are some who have purchased the clam and it was damaged out of the box. The poles were damaged. But they were able to return the product. This could be due to shipping. Some have complained that it was difficult to setup as they were smaller. These are some complaints. That are few and far between. You can see more reviews on Amazon.


This shelter is easy to setup. So easy one person can set it up in a matter of minutes. It is light weight for easy portability. And is made of a durable material. Durable enough to withstand the nature of camping. And is rugged enough to last for a long time. This is the best outdoor shelter Quick set Clam see current price on Amazon.

Q & A

  • Can you get the screen tent patch kits? Yes, you can get patch kits. You can contact Clam to get the kit.
  • It the Quick set Water proof? All quick set shelters are rolled and tapped seems in the roof area to assist with keeping the tent water resistant. As well as using coated fabric. It is recommended to use additional measures to aid and completely cover the outside seems. On some models you can get an additional rain fly for additional rain protection.
  • Can you get replacement poles for the tent? Yes, There is a kit that can be purchased separately which includes the center hub and fiberglass poles.
  • How to secure the Quick set tent? There are tethers and stakes that come with the Quick set tent. There are eyebolts on the outside of the tent. Tie the rope to them, and make sure they are about 6 – 10 inches away from the ground skirt. If it is really windy it is recommended to add additional rope and stakes to each corner of the tent. source
  • What is the Difference between the Brown, Green and other tents? The Brown Quick set offers an additional rain flap eve. Which helps divert the rain when attached. The tan roof allows more ambient light to come through. Note: That the windows can open on the brown tent. The green Quick set tent do not open. Also the accessories are color coded to fit properly on the tent with the same color. So you must use corresponding colors.

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