8 Ways How to Keep a Tent Cool in Hot Weather

Warm weather is great for camping. And for being outdoors. But at night time after a long day of fun in the in the sun. Your ready to relax in the tent. But there is nothing worse than a hot tent. This article will give you 8 tips; how to keep a tent cool in hot weather.

Here are some ways how to keep a tent cool in hot weather. Use a Sunshade. Setup the tent under a canopy. Setup under shade of trees. Use a portable fan to keep the tent cool. Open all windows during the daytime. Wait until later in the day to set the tent up. Use an Air-conditioner. Use light material sleeping bags. Make an Ice Pack to cool you down first. Use a well ventilated tent.

So that’s the eight ways to cool the tent down. But to get more specific about exactly what works the best keep reading…

Cool the Tent With the Use of a Sunshade

A lot of modern day tents come with a separate cover mostly for the rain. To protect you from the rain. But if the weather is such that it is not going to rain you can take that cover off.

This will remove a layer of unwanted material. And allow for more ventilation.

Then use a Sun Shade that is specifically made for reflecting the sun off. This will help keep the heat of the sun off of the tent. (Sun Shades are Easy to popup and keep the rays off). They are also light weight. Check them on Amazon.

The sunshade is very versatile. You can use the shade over a tent. When you go fishing, or if you want to take it to the beach. Guaranteed to keep the sun off you and specially made to protect you from the rays of the sun.

Setup the Tent Under a Canopy

Then there is the canopy. Great for keeping the sun off the tent. And the modern day canopy is easy to pop up. You can set it up in less than 10 minutes. I like using a canopy they work great in different weather related situations.

A Canopy will work great for shading the tent from the sun. But then also if the weather changes and it looks like there is going to be rain. Then you can put the rain cover on the tent.

And use the canopy to sit under with a table and chairs. So that you can stay dry and still be outside. And enjoy the sounds and smells of the rain.

This is awesome and much better than being stuck inside the tent. Just because it is raining. Take a look at this related article on the Best Canopy for Camping.

Setup The Tent Under the Shade of Trees

This is a great natural way to keep the tent cool. By simply using the surrounding area of tree’s. Which is great but sometimes not always dependable.

Most campgrounds have trees. But it is not always a sure thing that the trees are in the right location for the tent.

So I would not rely on simply using trees. Yes they make good shade. But when I go camping I try to have everything packed that I might need in any circumstance. So I don’t rely on the use of trees. I use a Canopy.

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Use a Portable Fan to Keep the Tent Cool

A lot of the time you just need a little air circulation. A portable fan will do just that, Not only will the fan circulate the air. But it will push the hot air out of the tent. Through the windows, door, and the floor vents.

There are several different fan options. But primarily it comes down to this:

  • Portable Electric
  • Battery operated
  • Solar Generated

When you go camping it is not a shore thing that you will have shore power. So you may need an alternative power source for camping.

Using the suns resources can be very valuable when you are camping. You can power lights, use a Solar Generator as a source to power a portable fan. And it is also great for powering radio’s phones and things you need when you are camping without electricity.

Open All Windows During the Daytime

After setting up the tent if it is extremely hot. The heat will get trapped inside the tent causing an extreme temperature build up. As the air simply expands. The best way to alleviate this, is by opening all the windows. Open the door flap. And a nice breeze will help get the trapped hot air out of the tent.

But like I said before if you have a way to circulate the air. This will get rid of the stagnant air in the tent.

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Wait Until Later in the Day to Set the Tent Up

Instead of getting to the campsite and rushing to set the tent up Wait! Don’t allow the heat of the sun to burn steady on your tent.

This will Make the temperature of the air in the tent rise. Take a different approach.

Wait until later in the day before the sun goes down. Leave yourself time to pitch the tent. But wait as long as you can so the sun doesn’t have time to heat the tent up.

Another approach is dissembling your tent during the day. source I don’t like this idea. Reason being is I would rather be out doing something fun. Like fishing, hiking, or swimming. Rather than disassembling and assembling the tent.

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Use an Air-Conditioner in the Tent

Why not take the comforts of home with you? And hears how you can stay cool in the hottest of temperatures. That’s right a small window unit A/C. Air conditioner.

You can DIY it and it is very cost effective. For about ……

With a small A/C unit and a crate you can stay cool while camping in a tent.

Here is what it will take to stay cool in a tent:

  • 2 Tarps
  • Crate
  • A/C Unit

This sounds weird that in the summer time you would cover the tent with large tarps. But when your using an Air conditioner to cool the tent. Then you don’t want the air to escape.

So after setting up the tent. Place the tarps over the top of the tent. The amount of tarps you will need depends on the size of your tent. Measure this ahead of your camping trip and come prepared.

Once you have figure out how many tarps you need. You can pack them for all your camping trips.

After placing the tarps over the top of the tent. You want the tarp big enough to drape over the sides. Covering as much as the tent as possible. Then place the rain cover on the tent.

Place the crate on the ground near the opening of the tent. Where you are going to place the A/c Unit. Place the A/c unit on top of the crate. Running the Drain hose away from the tent.

The Window unit air conditioning comes with side panels that can be pulled out to adjust around the opening in the tent. Then use a towel to make the unit snug and to keep the bugs out.

I have found the perfect Tent A/C and Crate so that you can be comfortable in a tent on Amazon. Click to see the current price on A/C Unit.

Use Light Material Sleeping Bags

Keeping the Tent windows and doors open. Circulating the Air with a window unit or a portable fan. And use sleeping bags for warm weather. And the proper material to wick away any sweat or moisture to keep you comfortable. Take a look at my related article & Ultimate Guide on Sleeping Bags.

Make an Ice Pack to Cool You Down First

I have covered several ideas how to cool the tent down. But basically it’s you that is hot. You can use zip lock bags and the ice out of your ice chest. To use and place on different parts of your head and face.

Also make sure you are well hydrated this will help cool you down. Cold water and lots of it. Use cold water out of the ice chest and fill a water bottle with cold water. And sleep with the water bottle on your feet. This will cool you down.

These are simple yet effective ways to cool you down. So that you can be comfortable in the tent.

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