Can You Cook Scrambled Eggs on a Griddle

Can You Cook Scrambled Eggs on a Griddle? The Simple answer is Yes. But if you want a quick gourmet breakfast to cook on the griddle. I have just what your looking for and that also includes scrambled eggs.

Let’s face it if your like me not all of my hungry campers want the same breakfast. That’s where the Griddle comes in handy. Not only can you cook scrambled eggs on a griddle, but you can cook a healthy breakfast for a small army. In a short amount of time.

If You want to see a fast way to make a breakfast that can feed 5 people. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how.

Breakfast is the Best meal When Camping

I love waking up cozy in the morning, and refreshed from a goodnight sleep. And then sneaking out of the tent trying not to wake anyone else. So that I can enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee on a crisp morning. Before anyone else rises and wants breakfast. Call me crazy, but I need time to slowly wake up in the morning.

Then once everyone else is awake. It’s time to get busy figuring out what everyone want’s for breakfast.

What Order Should You Cook Breakfast on a Griddle?

Here is what I like to cook on the griddle. Eggs (Scrambled), French toast, and bacon. And enough for 5 people. If you do it right this should take about 30 – 45 min. Before the table is set, and surrounded with hungry campers. And plenty to eat.

To get this done quick you need to have some organization. Here is how I put this meal together. First I get everything I am going to be using and have it set up on the table. Next to the griddle. Be sure to check the list below for the items to make this Campers delight breakfast.

The first thing you are going to want to cook the bacon. Depending on the size of griddle you can cook a pound of bacon all at once. Just lay the bacon strips out in three or four rows.

After the bacon is finished cooking. You are going to want to clean off any excess grease left behind from the bacon. Then the next item or items, depending on how many people are eating. Your going to start cooking the French toast. French toast is also easy and quick to cook.

After You have completed cooking the French toast. Now it is time to make Scrambled eggs. What’s really cool about the scrambled eggs. You can use the remainder of the egg that is left over from making the French toast. This is a no waist no want breakfast. Zero leftovers!

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How to Make Scrambled Eggs on a Griddle?

Take a medium size bowl and break 10 eggs into the bowl. This is roughly 2 eggs per person. Season the eggs to your liking, with salt and pepper. I like to add a little milk and mix it in with the eggs. Although some people use water or half and half to make the eggs fluffy. I use roughly a 8th of a cup of milk.

Get the griddle hot to approximately 350 degrees. Then use butter to grease the griddle or Pam. Then pour the eggs onto the griddle slowly. Use the spatula to keep the eggs centered on the griddle. Scramble the eggs in the usual way. Serve with bacon and orange juice.

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Easy French Toast Recipe for A Griddle

This is what you need to make Eight slices of French toast. This will feed up to 5 people.

First off your going to need 10 eggs. This averages 2 eggs per person. Then your going to need eight slices of bread. And about 1/8th cup of milk, water or half and half.

Take a medium size bowl and break the eggs into the bowl. Add milk and mix into the eggs. Take a slice of bread and dunk into the bowl of eggs.

After heating the Griddle up to Approx.. 350 degrees. Dip one slice of bread into the bowl of eggs. Saturating both sides of the bread with egg.

Lay the slice of bread on the griddle. Repeat until you have all 8 slices of bread on the griddle. Watch the bread so that it doesn’t burn. Turn the sliced bread over once it is browned. So that the uncooked side of the bread is now laying on the griddle.

Once both sides of bread are browned. Remove and serve.

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Best Camping Griddle

There are a lot of ways to cook breakfast. But if you want the easy way to cook breakfast. And the fastest way with a lot of people or even just for two. Then your going to want to take a look at investing in a griddle. After some research I did the same. That is got a griddle. Take a look at which one is the best griddle.

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Best Griddle Breakfast: Fast With No Messy Clean Up

Who doesn’t want a quick and easy breakfast. That has little clean up. I know I do. Feed 5 hungry campers with this quick breakfast.

10 eggs, one pound of bacon, one spoonful of butter, 1/8 cup milk and 8 slices of bread. Serve with coffee or orange juice.

Using a medium bowl crack 10 eggs into the bowl. Add Milk and stir. Heat griddle to about 350 degrees. Place one pound of bacon in rows on the griddle. Cook until crisp. Remove cooked bacon and add to container lined with paper towel to absorb grease. Make layers of bacon. Once all strips are in container, cover bacon.

Next clean griddle surface removing bacon bits and grease. When most of that is gone, take a little butter and paper towel to finish cleaning griddle. (be careful not to burn yourself). The griddle is still hot.

Once the griddle is ready start dipping the slices of bread into the eggs. Laying the dipped slices onto the griddle. When one side of bread is browned it’s time to turn over the bread to brown the other side. Remove the French toast after they are cooked.

Almost done!

Season the remainder of the eggs with salt and pepper, to your liking. Pour the remainder of the Eggs slowly onto the griddle. Use the spatula to keep the egg in the center of the griddle. Move the eggs around and scramble them. Once the eggs are finished serve them to your happy campers.

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