Go Camping Tent Trailer: The Best Design for Camping & Gear

While I was in quest of a camping trailer one that I could carry gear with me and also use a camping tent trailer. I came across a lot of good, bad and ugly ones. So let me tell you what I found and what one is the best & most versatile camping tent trailer.

This way if you are wondering what is the best camping tent trailer is. The best camping tent trailer should be versatile to carry gear. Durable with coated material to ward off corrosion. Heavy duty and rugged and still be lite weight to tow with smaller vehicles. Also spacious and comfortable.

In this in-depth report, my goal is two fold. Explain my findings of camping tent trailers. And help save you time. After all why spend hours exploring all the nooks and crannies of the Web. When I all ready have done the hard work for you.

Small Popup Camper Trailer

Let’s face it there are tents, and then there are tents. I don’t know about you, but when I go camping I still want to have some of the luxuries of home life comfort.

Also I want as little aggravation as possible. When I am assembling the tent for example. Camping is for relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. Not struggling getting setup.

When I went on this adventure of trying to find the perfect popup tent camper. I had some criteria’s that I expected to find. And these are what I think would be normal for the average tent trailer shopper would expect from a product they want to purchase. Take a look at the list. They are not in any specific order.

  1. Comfortability
  2. Spaciousness
  3. Durable Materials
  4. Lite Weight
  5. Structurally Sound
  6. Versatile
  7. Ease of Use
  8. Practical

If you want to cut to the chase. There are 3 that steal the show. Which are practical and reliable.

  • Then the third which is the coolest camper ever. But comes with a steep price. It is very versatile which makes it very appealing the Go by Sylvan Sport. Some people might spend that kind of money. But honestly I couldn’t see myself spending that on a tent.

Camping Tent Trailer for Sale

Picture from Amazon

The picture above is an image of the Time Out camping tent trailer. Lets see if we can check off all the 8 product specific criteria. That you would expect from the perfect camping tent trailer.

Lite Weight

First off what’s cool about this trailer is it is lite enough to tow behind a motor bike or a small car. No need for a truck. Which makes this very appealing for people who don’t have a pickup truck.

Comfortable & Spacious

The next really cool thing is the tent. You might not be able to see how big the tent is from the picture. But the interior is spacious. The interior floor is a startling almost 15 feet long. The dimensions are 14.6 inches. X 5.4 inches. Which is plenty of room for gear, living and sleeping room.

Not only do you have a lot of room inside, but the tent comes with a queen size Air mattress. (Included)


This is a luxury camping tent. This camping tent trailer has the best of both worlds when it is closed up in a nice compact trailer. But when it is up and ready for sleeping there is a lot of space.


This tent trailer is equipped with an a/c attachment. That’s right take the comforts of home with you camping. And when the heat is to unbearable outside. You will be able to stay nice and cool inside the tent. Get a good nights rest sleeping in comfort.

Don’t worry about changing inside this tent. It has tinted windows for privacy and this will also help to keep the sun out of the tent. The windows of course are screened to keep the bugs on the outside of the tent.

Ease of Use

Who want’s to waste time setting things up? I know I don’t I want to spend hours on setup time. The Time out Tent trailer takes 3 minutes to setup. That’s incredible and the rest of the time you can spend relaxing and having fun.

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Durable Materials & Structurally Sound

The design of the tent is off the ground. So the inside of the tent is not going to get muddy. And the floor stays dry. The bed area hold up to 1000 pounds. The floor area holds 2000 pounds. Very sturdy and structurally sound. The tent is made of quality materials.

Time out campers were founded in 1974. source The first tent was built in a garage. Since then the tents are built in a factory with precision and quality parts.

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Camping Tent Trailer Accessories

Time Out campers offer accessories designed for their tents. The tents sleep 2, but if you have company there is a screen room that can be attached to extend the already large living area.

You can get a pedal stool table that can be attached to the floor mount. Which keeps the table standing sturdy.

Also available is an awning with built in tie downs to secure the awning against high winds and rain.

Also available is an air-conditioner stand.

Then for the trailer you can get spare tire carrier. Swivel attachments and jack stand that go on the trailer. You can also get different aluminum and chrome wheels from 8 – 14 inches. And a fiberglass cooler package for the front of the trailer.

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Millard Tri Folding Mattress

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Popup Camping Tent Trailer

Next tent trailer that is worth talking about is the GO camping tent trailer. It has it all and it is very expensive. Beyond my taste but some people may buy something at this price. It’s worth it and a great product.

First off the Go is very durable with a powder coated aluminum frame. And heavy duty tent material.

In the front of the GO there is a locking storage box. A pod on the top for the tent and a rack for taking kayaks or bicycles. There is also storage beneath the pod. Making this a really cool camping tent trailer.

Camping Kayak Trailer

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Lifetime Camping Trailer

Looking for a camping tent trailer that will give you a lifetime of camping fun? Take a look at what the Go camping trailer has to make it easy for you to take gear, watercrafts, bicycles and so much more. All in one versatile trailer.

Starting from the top of the Go trailer there is an equipment rack that is strong enough to load your bikes and Kayaks. The Go is specially designed with a lower profile to make it easy to put your equipment on the racks with ease.

Directly below the equipment rack is the tent pod. Which is a capsule that holds the tent and keeps it protected while your traveling down the road.

Below the pod is the diamond plated gear deck that is surrounded with a heavy duty frame. That is powdered coated aluminum. The gear deck can accommodate totes, gear and coolers.

Got some taller items to bring with you? No problem The interior height of the deck expands upward. From 17 inches to 48 inches.

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Camping Tent Trailer off Road

As you can see the Go camping trailer is a well built trailer and great for camping off road. The inside of the tent is spacious and off the ground, waterproof. It is easy setup and comfortable for living and sleeping. The inside can quickly be configured for dining or sleeping.

The dining table seats four. And the bed is one over sized king bed or two extra large twin beds.

Best Design Camping and Gear Trailer ever made.

Don’t forget to see the Camping Eseentials.


So I gave you the best two camping tent trailers. Showed you the pro’s and cons. Both are very good camping tent trailers. One is a bit more expensive. Which is not really a bad thing your really getting a lot more for your money. And some people would find this to be a reasonable price. Then if your just wanting an economical way to bike tent you can try the NSR.

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