How to Put Up a Tent In Less than 5 Minutes

If you have never been camping before you may wonder how to put up a tent. Back in the day it took a lot of work to put a tent up. And it always seemed to be sundown. But now a days with the right tent it is a lot easier. I have 2 examples of two easy pop up tents that take less than 5 minutes.

So if your wondering how to put up a tent? In this Article How to put up a tent: Find a flat area in campsite. Put tarp in place where tent will be set up. Open tent. Attach lanyards from the tent to the ground. Stake tent to the ground.

This is a general “how to.” But if your looking for more specific information. I’ve got two good tents to tell you about. That are easy to put up. So I encourage you to read on, so that your not spending hours messing with the tent. Instead of enjoying the outdoors.

How to Put Up a Canopy Tent?

This is so easy once you know how. First you need a Canopy. I like to use the straight leg canopy. I find that they are sturdier than slant leg. The slant leg has a tendency to gather water. But I have friends that use the angled leg canopy. The good news is there is a tent that will fit both the straight leg and the angle leg canopy.

First let me start off by explaining how to set up the canopy. As this will be the first step you will need to do. Before putting up the Canopy Tent. Check out the instructions below.

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What’s the Easiest Canopy to Set Up?

These instructions work with the EZ Up Canopy’s . Most canopy’s work this way too. After removing the canopy from the carrying case. Stand the canopy on it’s feet. Place the Canopy in the center of shelter area.

Next you want to extent the frame out. This works best with two people. One person on each side, across from each other. Using two hands grab the inner legs of the canopy. And pull while walking backwards. Be careful of your surroundings not to trip and fall. Stop walking when the frame has been pulled out to about 3/4 of the way. Set the Canopy Frame back on the ground.

Next Unfold the canopy and place it over the top of the frame. Align the Velcro strips that are on the top. At the corner of the fabric, with the Velcro on the corners of the frame. There is a strip on each corner. Pull the top down to secure it in place.

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Setting Up the Shelter

With the help of a friend grab the diamond part of the frame on the side of the Shelter. Where the sticker reads open. And open the canopy. This is a lot easier with two people. One on each side of the frame. But it can be done with one, it’s just not as much fun. To open the Shelter Lift the frame up slightly and walk backwards. Shaking the frame gently as you walk. This will extend the frame all the way out.

Then find the auto sliders. On each corner of the canopy has the Auto slider. To access the pin, pull the top up at the corner of the frame. You will see the pin. To move the auto slider, you want to place your hand under the auto slider and move it upward to lock the slider in place. This works a lot easier when you step on the little tab at the bottom of the leg. Holding it down and pushing the auto slider up. After its locked align the Velcro on the fabric and the corner and pull the fabric down, attaching it securely to the frame.

Locate the Velcro strips attached to the inside of the cloth top and secure them to the frame. This will secure the top to the frame pieces.

Next you want to extended the legs. So that the fame becomes taller. To do this one person takes one leg and the other person takes a leg adjacent from each other. Take the inner leg and pull them out. Go to the opposing side and pull those legs out. 3 easy steps and the Canopy is up.

There are several different canopy’s that will work with the Canopy Tent. See in this Article Large Family Tent.

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Canopy Shelter Take Down

  1. With a friend slightly lift two adjacent legs simultaneously.
  2. Depress the toggle button and lower the outer leg into the inner leg.
  3. Keep the Toggle button depressed while lowering legs. Make sure the legs are on the same side that are being lowered.
  4. With one hand slightly pull up on truss near the auto slider to relive pressure.
  5. Pull the ring and push down to release the auto slider from the pin. Repeat on remaining legs.
  6. Grab the frame at the diamond shape are where it says close hear. lift and walk towards your friend that is lifting the frame on the other side. Stop when the shelter is 3/4 closed.
  7. Grab the outer legs and push the frame closed. Once the canopy is closed lift into the roller bag to store it. Source

Some people take the canopy off the frame for storage. And some people leave it on the frame, folding it right into the carrying case. I prefer to remove it from the frame and store it separately.

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Pro’s & Con’s of Traditional Tent VS Modern Technology

Old Style Tent Canopy TentClam Quick Set
45 min – 1 Hour Set up timeSets Up in 5 MinutesPop Up in under 2 Minute
Have to figure out what pole goes whereEasy to set upPops Up
Tools are RequiredNo Tools RequiredNo Tools Required
30 Minute disassembly timeEasy DisassemblyTake down as fast as set up
Won’t fit back in the carrying bagFits easily back into carrying bagOversized carrying case
Bulky & HeavyLightweight Lightweight 37 lbs.

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Accessories for the Camping Cube

There are some cool accessories you can get with for the Camping Cube. Such as a gear shelf. This shelf hangs in the corner out of the way and has three shelves to let you get organized. You can also get a “GEAR Loft”. Which is a hammock made of mesh material. That hangs over head, for extra storage space. You can also get a foot print to protect the tent against sharp elements under the tent. See current price on Amazon.

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How to Set Up a EZ Up Tent

The EZ UP CUBE needs no tools to set up!

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Simple Instructions: How to Put Up a EZ Up Cube

First set up the canopy in the area of the campsite where you want to place the tent. After the canopy is erected. Then take the Cube out of the handy carrying bag. Lower the canopy so you can reach the center frame of the canopy. Attach the Cube at the center frame with the already attached frame hooks.

Next attach the four corners of the tent to the frame. Then pull the inner legs of the canopy out. This will pop the canopy up and the tent since it is attached. Take the tethered straps that are attached to the tent at the bottom. And clip it onto the leg. There is a strap for each leg.

Use the Velcro that is on the tent and secure it around the legs of the canopy. This is securing each corner and side of the tent to the legs of the canopy. Next secure the side of the tent to the top side of the frame. There is a tether from the side of the tent with a clip attach to secure it on the frame.

It’s as easy as that. Then using the heavy duty zipper on the over sized door, open up the tent. And start making the inside of the tent as cozy as home. See the different sizes of tents available here.

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Pros & Cons

Lets start with the Pros first – The tent is extremely ventilated with the vented ceiling and oversized windows. There are rain flaps around the windows and doors. A Big plus as they work well to keep the rain out of the tent. Keeping everything totally dry. The Tub style Bottom also helps keep the bottom dry. It too is water resistant. But I always recommend using a tarp under the tent for added protection. Related Article: Why Do You Use a Tarp Under a Tent.

The tent is spacious and you can easily fit a Queen and two twin mattresses. Even if you are tall you will have plenty of head room to stand naturally inside the tent. The Tent is made of a lite weight but rugged. the stitching is sown very well and there is clear tape over the stitching to protect against water intrusion. As mentioned before works very well keeping everything dry during ongoing rain. This is a well built tent. Easy to set up. And is very spacious.

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Now for the Cons! And there are very few. All the zippers worked fine except one on the front door. Which every time you zipped it up it would get tangled in the material. This is probably not on every tent. Although it eventually zipped up it became frustrating. But the zipper is a heavy duty zipper. This one I got was not sewn well. I’m sure it’s not the case of all the door zippers. This one must have been made on Monday.

Next which is not a negative if you are using the tent in the summer time. The ventilation works really well in the summer time. But in colder weather there is still ventilation there in the ceiling. Best use for warm weather camping. A con, but not really just a note from me. And that is the tent doesn’t come with the canopy. It is sold separate.

All in all this is a very easy set up tent and very spacious. The pros out weigh the cons for sure.

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Related Questions

What is the Easiest Canopy to Set Up?

Another versatile canopy that can be set up almost instantly is the Clam. The first time I had this on the campsite. I could not believe how simple it was. Easy as 1 2 3 to set up. It literally is as if you can throw it up in the air and when it lands on the ground it is ready to use. NOW that’s Easy! This canopy if very versatile and light weight. It can be used for camping, and if you want to use it for privacy to change in. Or it can be used at the beach. Heck you can even walk it over and set it over a picnic table so you can eat in peace without pesky bugs. To read more details on the clam check out the Clam Quick set Review. By Yours Truly.

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5 Easy Steps to Setting Up the First Up Canopy

  1. Remove Canopy from Bag & place in location you want.
  2. With a friend on the opposite side Pull out the Canopy 3/4 of the way.
  3. Attach top and sides to the frame using Velcro.
  4. Push all 4 Auto slides up and pull out legs.
  5. Tether the Canopy to the ground with a steak. For ultimate wind resistance.

Check out the current price of replacement tops on Amazon.


  • How Much Does the Canopy and Tent Weigh?
  • The canopy and tent are separate. The frame of the canopy affects the weight. The steel frame legs weigh more than if you get one with an aluminum frame. On Average the Canopy weighs roughly 40lbs. And the tent about 10lbs.
  • What keeps the bugs out of the top of the tent? Between the canopy and tent.
  • The tent is completely enclosed and separate from the canopy with it’s own ceiling and 4 walls and floor.
  • Would the Tent fit two Queen air mattresses?
  • The tent is 10X10, Yes it should fit. The Tent is very large and spacious.

For more details on the Cube tent and current price Link to Amazon.

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